Adorable Consort – Chapter 87

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Chapter 87 – A wish within reasonable limit

Chu Qing-Yan didn’t know if it was her own misconception, she felt that for the past several days, Xiao Xu seemed to be moody, as if he was worried about something.

She couldn’t say how she was able to feel it and if one was to ask her in detail, then she could only answer that it was a woman’s sixth sense.

It couldn’t help but be said that Chu Qing-Yan’s sixth sense was fairly accurate.

Xiao Xu was indeed worried about a matter.

And this matter had something to do with Chu Qing-Yan.

Inside the study, Xiao Xu flipped through the examination papers that the military officials and strategists had handed in that day but he was not satisfied with any of them. He immediately set down the thick stack of papers and leaned against the back of the chair with somewhat of a headache.

In fact, he didn’t need to be so serious in handling Chu Qing-Yan’s birthday, he could have just given out orders and let Hong Yi take charge, she would definitely be able to carry out a birthday feast.

However, he didn’t want to do it this way.

It seemed that because of Daddy Chu’s words, that the most important birthday in a girl’s life was when she turned 10, he definitely didn’t want to handle it half-heartedly.

Since he treated her as a child to be raised, then he wanted to give her the world’s best things.

He had never treated his own people unfairly.

However, as the days passed and that date approached day by day, he still completely lacked any idea. When he had to face the enemy troops’ strange formations, he was always able to figure out ways to break through. But now, he was actually defeated in the face of a little birthday and he couldn’t help but feel somewhat helpless.

He got up and left the study heading towards his room. But when he passed by Chu Qing-Yan’s room, he heard this conversation between her and Xi Ning.

At this moment, Xi Ning asked her in confusion. “Why would that girl dislike that guy?”

Chu Qing-Yan leaned against the wall of the bed and laughingly said. “Because the girl likes bananas but the guy gave the girl a cart of fruits. The guy said that he himself was touched and then asked why the girl wasn’t. The girl was speechless, after that, the guy told the entire world, ‘I spent all my money to buy a cart of fruits for this girl, yet she wasn’t even the little bit touched, this girl must be a person with a heart of stone! There must be something wrong with the girl’s character!’ But the girl clearly only likes bananas and nothing more ah. You can’t just blindly believe and follow. Don’t just believe whatever you think is true, you must consider a lot of the other party’s feelings.”

Chu Qing-Yan paused for a moment before continuing. “The principle is just this simple.”

She felt that the children from the ancient times matured earlier, they had already gotten married and given birth whereas teenagers in the modern society were just starting their freshman year of high school. So as she was idle with nothing to do, she wanted to instill some modern thinking into Xi Ning.

However after Xi Ning finished listening, she asked in confusion. “That boy gave fruits because he wanted to give what he thought was the best to the girl. Only, what the girl wanted was bananas. If the girl never said it out loud, who would understand what she wanted, don’t you think so?”

Chu Qing-Yan was dumbfounded by her words, indeed Xi Ning’s way of thinking wasn’t wrong. She couldn’t help but laugh and pat Xi Ning’s head. “Worthy of being the student I taught, able to draw many conclusions from one case. Sure enough, a fine student trained by this excellent teacher.”

Although master was somewhat shameless, but Xi Ning still felt very happy from being praised. Even her tail was about to stand straight up.

And nobody noticed a certain person standing beside the window sill, his eyes looking pensive.

This day, Xiao Xu and Chu Qing-Yan were both in the room having their meal.

Chu Qing-Yan felt that the atmosphere was somewhat heavy. She bit her chopsticks thinking of how to lighten up the mood, but before she could come up with anything, the other person across from her had already started to talk.

“Your father said that tomorrow is your birthday, how do you want to pass it?” His tone was light as if he brought it up inadvertently.

Chu Qing-Yan’s chopsticks stopped in mid-motion. She then looked at the person in front with astonishment.

Daddy actually told Xiao Xu this matter?

Tomorrow was actually her birthday?

Xiao Xu actually asked her how she wanted to hold it?

Chu Qing-Yan recollected her thoughts from being shocked and saw that the person in front was waiting for her reply. She couldn’t help but rub her nose. In the past life when she was at home, she would always spend her birthday by herself. If daddy wasn’t out managing business affairs, then mom would be out on a business trips, they almost never met up on her birthday. Besides making a telephone call to wish her well, they would wire money for her to invite her good friends to spend her birthday together with her. They didn’t take any other actions. And she was used to buying a cake for herself and going karaoking with her best friend, being lively by themselves.

This was the first time that someone had seriously asked her how she wanted to spend her birthday.

She really didn’t know.

“Whatever you want.” She could only answer with these three words.

“It can’t be whatever.”Xiao Xu heard this and frowned. “A tenth birthday is a major event, you need to treat it seriously.”

Chu Qing-Yan was somewhat stunned that Xiao Xu would attach such importance to her birthday. Then, just now when she said “whatever you want” was really too casual. She thought for a moment before opening her mouth to say. “How about Huang Yi make a tableful of good food and have a small celebration?”

Xiao Xu felt that with her little mind she could only come up with this. After he contemplated deeply, he then said. “This is possible to have.”

Chu Qing-Yan released a breath of relief, discussing this kind of matter with big block of ice was really too stressful.

Xiao Xu’s finger lightly tapped on the table, and he continued to speak in a cold tone. “Then do you have anything you want?”

Was Xiao Xu asking her what she wanted as a birthday present? Was it possible he was going to give her a gift?

Chu Qing-Yan stared blankly on the spot, she originally thought that him planning a birthday feast for her had already exceeded her expectations. How was she to know that the real heavyweight matter was behind, waiting for her?

She suddenly snapped back to her senses and held her chin in her hand. She tilted her head to look at him and asked in a probing tone. “Anything is okay?”

Xiao Xu raised a brow. “Within reasonable limits.”

Chu Qing-Yan heard this and smiled. “It is definitely within reasonable limit.”

“Then what do you want the most?” Xiao Xu noncommittally waited for her answer.

There were many things Chu Qing-Yan wanted, but humans have always been animals that are not easily satisfied. So what she really wanted wasn’t something materialistic. Her gaze fell on the mask that everyday never left his body, and she smiled craftly. “I want to take off your mask.”

She suspected that his face wasn’t disfigured. Because in the novels, people who wear masks generally wear it because they had to cover their complexion and not necessarily because they were ugly.

“Except for this.” Xiao Xu never expected that what she wanted was this. He immediately vetoed it.

Chu Qing-Yan sighed, this person was really annoying, and he even said anything that was within reasonable limits. This request of hers was very reasonable ah.

Alright then, she’ll change to another one.

“I want my Daddy’s illness to be cured.”

Daddy’s illness had always been the matter that her heart was unable to let go. She knew that Air Spirit’s medical abilities were amazing, as long as Xiao Xu ordered it, no matter how much Air Spirit disliked her, he would still obey the orders to help diagnose and treat her Daddy.

“Something that concerns yourself.” Xiao Xu said somewhat impatiently.

This won’t do, that won’t do, then in the end what really was within reasonable limits ah!

“Then I want the stars from the sky!” Chu Qing-Yan, in a fit of pique proposed an even more unreasonable request.

“This is possible.” Xiao Xu answered without hesitation.

This time Chu Qing-Yan was flabbergasted. She looked at the person in front of her blankly, did he really hear what she wanted clearly?

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