Adorable Consort – Chapter 77

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Chapter 77 – Playing with scallion in high spirits

Looking at the childlike expression of the person in front of him, Xiao Xu subconsciously wanted to turn around and leave, but when he moved, Daddy Chu also immediately moved!

Daddy Chu blocked him, his earlier expression of joy had already turned to being wronged, “Son-in-law, do you dislike daddy? You clearly didn’t before! You obediently let me carry you home! You also agreed to help me weave a fishnet and accompany me to play——”

Daddy Chu still hadn’t finished talking when Xiao Xu interrupted him. “At that time, this king could not talk, when did I ever promise you?”

Daddy Chu’s expression was that of terror as if Xiao Xu was planning to go back on his promise. “At that time you also didn’t disapprove ah! Don’t you know, silence means tacit approval? Even Cai Cai understands this principle ah. And you still consider yourself a prince!”

Xiao Xu’s impulse was to want to burn with rage. However, when he saw the cautious and solemn expression Daddy Chu used to look at him, his anger all of a sudden was extinguished. In the end, he compromised.

“This king still has matters to attend to now and can’t accompany you to play. This king will leave Fire Spirit behind, if you have any matter, just go look for him.” Not wanting to argue with him again, Xiao Xu recalled the matter of investigating the case and he immediately had thoughts of leaving.

“Master, by all means you can’t ah! This subordinate still has, still has to help you deal with matters, how could I remain behind here?” Fire Spirit didn’t think that the laugh he sneaked in was caught by master and that the punishment would fall down so quickly. His face immediately had a bitter expression.

Daddy Chu shot a glare at Fire Spirit. “You are contemptuous of me, I’m even more contemptuous of you!” He turned around to face Xiao Xu and his expression became affable again. “No matter, you just have to accompany daddy to play for a hour and it will be fine. It won’t delay your matters.”

To play?

These two words were how far away from him ah! As if starting from when he was born, childhood joy and naivete never belonged to him.

Xiao Xu silently looked at the person before him. In the end, he didn’t say a word and tacitly agreed.

Fire Spirit had both hands over his eyes, not daring to believe that master would actually agree to this outrageous request.

But he couldn’t feel outrageous after what happened next.


Daddy Chu pointed to the pond and said to Xiao Xu. “Son-in-law, I want the lotus leaves!”

Xiao Xu said to Fire Spirit. “Go then!”

Fire Spirit accepted the order and flew over. He picked one lotus leaf, flew back and then gave it to Daddy Chu.

Daddy Chu pointed to the pond and said to Xiao Xu. “Son-in-law, I want that pebble!”

Xiao Xu said to Fire Spirit. “Heard that?”

Fire Spirit face had a wailing expression but immediately dashed over. He fished up a pebble, then handed it over to Daddy Chu.

Daddy Chu pointed to the pond and said to Xiao Xu. “Son-in-law, I want that fish!”

Without waiting for master to turn his head and give the orders, Fire Spirit’s ears already drooped down and he flew over in resignation. In passing, he grabbed his long sword, wanting to pierce that mobile fish with one strike.

How could he have foreseen that Daddy Chu would suddenly call out. “Wait, I want a live one!”

Fire Spirit couldn’t retract his strength in time and his inner force leaked, causing his whole body to fall straight into the pond.

Daddy Chu covered his eyes, not daring to look. Finally he heard that splash of water before opening his fingers. He only saw Fire Spirit drenched from head to toe, standing up with a lotus leaf on his head, and on top of the lotus leaf was a small fish actively jumping about.

To say how comical it was, was just that comical.

Not only did Daddy Chu not give him face by laughing uproariously, even the silent and poker-faced Xiao Xu’s lips also bent slightly.

Fire Spirit wanted to cry but lacked tears.

Was it because he schemed against Chu Qing-Yan before, exposing Chu Qing-Yan’s escape plan, that this Daddy Chu planned to demand repayment from the start!

Fire Spirit dared to be angry but dared not speak. He took down the lotus leaf on his head and handed the little fish over to Daddy Chu.

Daddy Chu accepted the little fish, then extended his hand to pat Fire Spirit on the shoulder, saying. “It’s been hard on you, little Luo Luo (1)! From now on, I can bestow the title of expert fish catcher on you!”

The corner of Fire spirit’s mouth couldn’t help but want to twitch, when saying your thanks, could you please try to hold back your laughter okay? Also, if you want to pat my shoulder, please don’t look at me with eyes of dislike alright? I’ll declare once again, I’m not some little Luo Luo, I am a first class expert under His Highness’s hand! Also, what kind of a ghost was a fishing expert?!

Seldom does Xiao Xu see his own subordinate eat a loss, so at this moment, he was full of interest, standing on the side in appreciation, as if this matter was of no concern to him, ignoring his own subordinate’s cry for help expression.

After a short period of time, Xiao Xu felt that it had gotten late and was just about to say so when he heard footsteps from afar coming closer, accompanied by shouts.

“Official Yuan——”

“Master parent-in-law——”

Xiao Xu frowned, don’t know how it suddenly started to get noisy. Just at this moment, he saw that the face of Daddy Chu in front of him changed. It changed into panic and he started to get serious. He foisted off the lotus leaf with the fish to his son-in-law. “Inserted-in-backwards scallion, you help me raise this little treasure, the leaf is for it to use as a blanket. The pebble is for it to play with, treat it well. I’ll often come back to look at it. I’ll also come back to visit you frequently, you don’t need to be jealous. Today, you accompanied me to play and I had a great time. So I won’t tell Cai Cai you were being lazy and not doing work, muah!”

Finished speaking, Daddy Chu ran off, disappearing like a wisp of smoke.

Fire Spirit clicked his tongue. Look here, this unreasonable person when running was faster than a hare! Also, since when did this fish have a name?! Who could tell him, where did this name come from?

However! Say what? Master had to accompany Eldest master Chu to play, when it was clearly he who was being played by Eldest Master Chu alright?

Eldest Master Chu moved his mouth, then his master moved his eyes, he must go immediately to carry it out. This was simply bullying people ah, can there still be trust and value between people ah?!

Xiao Xu heard the voices of the Chu couple vaguely floating over, then he slowly lowered his head to look at the fish and leaf that Daddy Chu had foisted onto him. He stayed silent for half a moment before throwing it to Fire Spirit.

Fire Spirit caught it in a flustered manner and asked in puzzlement. “Master, this is?”

“Raise it!” Xiao Xu left these words behind and left in large strides.

Fire Spirit heard this, then lowered his head, his big eyes stared at the small eyes of the little fish in the lotus leaf. He couldn’t help but want to cry, who did he provoke or stir up ah?! How come the one getting injured was always him?!

Daddy Chu who was found by Mother Chu obediently returned to the main courtyard.

“Daddy, what did you go to do at the pond?” Chu Qing-Yan worriedly asked.

Daddy Chu deadly earnestly said. “I went to catch a fish!”

Chu Qing-Yan suspiciously looked at her father’s dry and clean clothes, it was just as good as a while ago. She thought to herself, as long as he didn’t get into trouble, then good.

Chu family’s couple sat down for a while before leaving. Chu Qing-Yan had originally wanted them to stay to have a meal together. Sadly, Daddy Chu was worried about that little patterned cat in the manor and hurriedly rushed home.

“Master, Madam parent-in-law is really good-natured and amiable, much better than those madams outside!” After sending off the Chu couple, Xi Ning smiled and said.

Chu Qing-Yan laughed and rolled her eyes at her. “My mom bought you over just like that?”

“Young Miss, do you think this servant is so easy to bribe?” Xi Ning put on a stern face, showing her innocence.

Chu Qing-Yan, smiling, lightly poked her forehead, and said. “Alright, alright, alright, you’re the hardest to bribe!”

Xi Ning laughed mischievously. She recalled the matter from before and said. “Just now, when this servant went to find Master parent-in-law, I seemed to have seen His Highness also at the side of the pond. Don’t know if Master parent-in-law bumped into him or not!”

Chu Qing-Yan shook her head, she also didn’t know.

“Bumped into what?” Speak of the devil and he doth appear, Xiao Xu entered the room and walked towards her.


1) Little Luo Luo: I think this is a play on phonics (I could be wrong). The Luo Chinese character when pronounced sounds like to land or fall. So Daddy Chu is making fun of Fire Spirit landing in the pond. Or Luo could be translated as colander so Daddy Chu is calling him colander (something that could be used to catch a fish).

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