Adorable Consort – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – People coming from Chu family with unclear intentions

When Daddy Chu placed the ‘inserted in backwards scallion’ on the bed, he immediately ran out. Saying he was going to find a fishing net for the ‘inserted in backwards scallion’, in a while, he would be able to help him catch fish.

Chu Qing-Yan found it funny and let him go. It would be best as long as Daddy didn’t go out to provoke other people.

Soon after, she went to light a fire to prepare some hot water to wash that man’s face. Only, it was just after the spring rain, so the firewood that they picked up was somewhat damp. She tried starting it for quite a while before it caught fire. Chu Qing-Yan did not have time to attend to her face full of black ash. She carried the hot water and entered the room.

She put down the hot water and turned around to look at the male on the straw bed. This person had long arms and legs, although he wasn’t the tall and sturdy type, he was healthy and lean. He would definitely be considered Mr. Perfect in build among her female friends. However, Chu Qing-Yan had just crossed over to this world, she had many things to worry about. Therefore, she hadn’t had time to discover how attractive this guy’s figure was, to the point of making a person’s nose bleed.

She only felt that such a large person, being stuffed on her family’s little bed, seemed to really wronged him.

Chu Qing-Yan didn’t have time to attend to other matters, she twisted the cloth to get rid of excess water and wiped the man’s dark reddish purple face, as if trying to clean off the color on his face. However, no matter how she wiped at it, there was no indication that the color on his face was fading. Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but frown, could it be that he was born this way?

It’s a pity she didn’t have a person to consult with right now, Chu Qing-Yan vexedly slapped her own forehead “Seems like I picked up a troublesome thing.” Then she said to herself, “The person is alive but just can’t move, seems like a person in the vegetative state.”

Although her tone was vexed, she still carefully wiped clean his face and hands. And, just at this moment, a sound came from outside the door. Chu Qing-Yan’s eyes lit up, Mother had returned! As a result, she carried the water basin and went out.

Once Chu Qing-Yan left, that pair of tightly closed eyes slowly opened. In an instant, a faint light flashed through his eyes, exposing a glimmer of light like those at dawn.

He wanted to lift a hand but discovered that his entire body lacked the strength. In his mind, thinking that the effect of the drug still hadn’t worn off, he couldn’t help but frown. Soon after, his eyes moved to seize up his current situation. In front of him was only a yellow mud wall that was falling apart, as well as a roof stacked with sogon grass that weren’t tightly sealed. Occasionally, the naughty spring wind would drill in to circle around the room before leaving.

This was really a humble room.

Just now, on the mountain, he had heard everything very clearly from this pair of father and daughter’s endless dialog. If his body wasn’t poisoned with Fiery Underworld Incense and he couldn’t move within twenty-four hours, how could he allow people to get near his body.

Fortunately. he was picked up by this pair of father and daughter, and not his enemies. Otherwise, based on his current condition, very likely, it would have been bleak.

And, at this moment, the conversation between mother and daughter also drifted into the room.

“Mom, why is it that you came home so early today?” Chu Qing-Yan accepted the rice Mother had bought, pulled Mother Chu to a chair and helped her sit down. Then, she extended her hands to help massage her mom’s shoulder.

Mother Chu softly smiled, “Today a guest came to Li Manor, therefore, the supervisor allowed us to return earlier. That’s right, just now, I heard your dad at the doorway, say he picked up a bunch of scallions (1). What’s this all about?”

A black line immediately appeared on Chu Qing-Yan’s forehead, Daddy’s description was too far from reality. How could this be a bunch of scallions, this was simply a bundle of firewood! This person was tall and strong.

However, she still told the entire matter to her mom. After all, nowadays, her father was like a child, the only one who could make the decisions in this family was Mother. Even though her mental age was not young, but here, she was still a little girl that just turned ten years old.

“Cai Cai, this matter, you are too daring!” Having heard what was said, Mother Chu’s face changed. Even though she still seemed delicate, but she had a faint, strict imposing manner of a mother.

Chu Qing-Yan immediately spit out her tongue but obediently admitted to her mistake, “Mother I was wrong.”

Soon after, she stole a glance at Mother, blinked her eyes and said, “At the time, seeing him lying there seemed so pitiful, moreover, Daddy just so happened to be present, so we brought him back.”

Mother Chu thought that her child did this out of her kind heart, although she didn’t approve, but she also didn’t want to strike a blow to her good intentions. She couldn’t help but extend her hand to tap her daughter’s nose, “Just this once!”

“Yes!” Immediately, Chu Qing-Yan was all smiles.

“Take Mother to see this person.” Mother Chu said, and Chu Qing-Yan immediately led her into the room.

A certain someone at the corner heard that this mother and daughter was about to come in, and he once again closed his eyes.

Seeing the person on the bed, Mother Chu almost jumped in fright, “His face?”

Chu Qing-Yan helplessly said, “Daughter has already tried to help him wash it off, but couldn’t wash it off. Daughter thought that if after tonight, he still hasn’t woken up, tomorrow, I’ll go invite Grandpa Yao over to examine him.”

Grandpa Yao was the only doctor in the village, although his medical expertise wasn’t high, he was still very respected by the people in the village. Only she heard that today, he was making a house call and hadn’t returned. As a result, she give up the idea of looking for him today.

“That’s also good!” Mother Chu slapped her hand and said, Soon after, she sighed, “My family’s Cai Cai is kindhearted. I hope in the future, you can get Buddha’s blessing and protection.”

The daughter in front of her had a quick, elegant and refined oval face. Under slender eyebrows, a pair of jet black eyes shone. Although she was young, there were already gradual signs of a beauty. Only, long-term lack of nutrition had caused her complexion to be yellow and thin. Her heart was endlessly distressed by this, if back then, that matter hadn’t occurred, her daughter would also be a young lady of a government official’s family. She would be more noble and beautiful than the young lady from Li Manor.

She felt mother’s self-blame expression, and Chu Qing-Yan guessed what she was thinking about. Indeed, she must improve this family’s financial circumstances as soon as possible! However, she turned around to pull at mother’s hand, leading her towards the kitchen, “Mom, although daughter is kindhearted, with looks as beautiful as a blooming flower, such that the grass would worship when they see this flower, however, I still can’t stand hunger ah, let us first go to prepare a meal!”

When a daughter cried she’s hungry, Mother Chu’s heart tightened. She walked even more hurriedly than her daughter, “Today, the supervisor rewarded us a bag of rice. I’ll cook a bowl of white rice for you!”

Watching mother’s figure moving fast off to the distance, Chu Qing-Yan’s eyes curved up.

Mother was busy in the kitchen that was build from several slabs of wooden planks and mud, whereas the ‘scallion’ on the bed showed no changes. Consequently, Chu Qing-Yan’s footsteps, with a turn, went out the door to go find her daddy.

She searched for quite a while before finding her daddy sitting at the gate to the village. He had a rope in his hand. She was not sure what he was making and couldn’t help but to move closer.

Daddy Chu, seeing his own unmarried daughter, immediately waved his hand to beckon her, saying in a manner of showing off a treasure, “Cai Cai, come here. You see here, I’m threading a fishnet.”

Chu Qing-Yan looked and thought that this rope used for the handmade fishnet seemed familiar, “Daddy, where did you get this rope?”

“Oh, it’s used to tie up Liu Da-Jia’s cow.” Daddy Chu fiddled with the rope full of interest, completely missing his own daughter’s expression like seeing the chaos in the midst of the wind.

Chu Qing-Yan had her hand on her forehead, forget it, this Liu Da-Jia always made fun of daddy being an idiot. Just consider this a lesson to him, later, when daddy had enough playing with it, then she would secretly return it.

Just at this time, a group of people driving two horse carriages slowly came towards them. That sound of horse’s hooves striking the ground echoed, as if afraid that other people didn’t know that they had arrived.

However, Chu family’s father and daughter played extremely happily, completely didn’t notice them.

The group of people arrived at the village gate. Seeing the two people in coarse clothing crouched down in the intersection, a thin tall guy riding on a horse’s back, with his eyes and nose in the air, rode over. With his chin held up high, said in a contemptuous manner to Chu family’s father and daughter, “Hey, you guys, is this Mao Village or not?”

Chu Qing-Yan only lifted her head when she heard the voice and saw a tall person on a large horse. Even though his face was clearly full of disdain, but she still nodded her head.

Seeing that person’s face change to gladness, he immediately asked again, “Little beggar, does your village have a family with the last name of Chu?”

Little beggar?

Chu Qing-Yan lowered her head to glance at her clothes, although it was plain, it could still be considered neat and clean. This man putting on airs had put on too big of an air okay!

However. Chu Qing-Yan did not bicker with him over this, “There are at least three families in Mao village with the last name of Chu. May I ask, who are you, and who did you come to look for?”

Perhaps, he never thought that in such a small village, there were actually so many families with the last name of Chu. That person’s expression became annoyed, however, his tone was still extremely arrogant as he said, “We came from the Chu family in the Capital, the government manor of Ding Yan county. If I say the name, it would scare you to death. However, seeing that you are still young, I won’t frighten you with the name. As long as you tell me whether the family of Chu Huai-Yuan lives in this village or not. I, your grandpa, will give you a huge reward!”

Chu Huai-Yuan?

Chu Qing-Yan subconsciously looked towards her own father who had raised his head in bewilderment after hearing his name.

Daddy, they were looking for you?


1) Scallions – This term is like a Chinese slang for skinny, slender, even delicate when describing female. So in this case describing the body type of a male would be lanky or tall and thin but not too thin.

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