Adorable Consort – Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 – Open the sunroof to speak clear words

No one had foreseen that in this kind of situation, there actually was someone who dared to be openly disobedient to the parents, the head of Chu family.

However, even if it wasn’t anticipated, there wasn’t anyone who would take this action seriously.

And the person that did it wasn’t any other person. It was done precisely by that young country bumpkin that had just been invited back to Chu family not long ago.

Therefore, everyone was all startled on the spot.

Chu Qing-Yan slowly stood up, the fearful and timid expression on her face was already put away. What appeared on her face was a calm expression beyond her age, and a faint smiling expression.

Elder Madam Chu firmly slapped the chair’s armrest, “Evil creature, what did you just say?”

Evil creature?

Chu Qing-Yan’s mouth lifted up a few time, really thought she was Tang Seng (1)? That everyone would worship her?

“Great Aunt, Qing-Yun respects you as her elder, so these days, has show consideration by yielding to some degree. After all, ‘respect the old and cherish the young’ is a virtue passed down since time immemorial. A pity, why did these three words ‘cherish the young’ not appear on your body? Is it possible that the Confucian code of ethics is only abided by the younger generation, and the older generation can willfully overlook and ignore it?” Chu Qing-Yan stopped concealing her own sharpness, naturally and unrestrainedly, she stood in the center of the hall. Her spine was no longer bent, now, if they once again wouldn’t accept a compromise, then what awaited them was an even more severe penalty.

“You, you, you——” Maybe it was because she had lived for so long and hadn’t seen the younger generation in Chu family contradict her, Elder Madam Chu was immediately angered to the point she couldn’t even speak clearly.

Madam Xing, seeing this, immediately stood out to say in a cold, strict tone, “Chu Qing-Yan, what nonsense are you saying? Elder Madam dearly loves your family of three, otherwise, she wouldn’t have sent people to bring you guys back to Chu family. Rather she could have let you guys endure a desperate life of poverty. Chu Qing-Yun, you guys shouldn’t ignore other’s good intentions, really is ill reward for a person’s kindness!”

Once Madam Xing finished speaking, Madam Wang also echoed to say, “That’s right, Chu Qing-Yan, why haven’t you hurried to apologize to Elder Madam? If it’s not for Elder Madam, how could you guys live the life of great wealth and high position?”

“Dearly loves? A life of great wealth and high position?” Chu Qing-Yan used an extremely slow manner of speaking, as if chewing over these words, with a strong ‘failing to understand’ implication. This made the eyebrows of everyone from Chu family wrinkle up. Then, Chu Qing-Yan softly expelled a breath, eyes looking straight at everyone present at the scene. That clear gaze was like a mirror, everyone in Chu family, for a moment, felt they had nowhere to hide.

“Rather than saying don’t know a person’s kindness, it’s better to say you guys are ‘suspicious people bearing gifts, sure to have ill-intentions!”

“Chu Qing-Yan, what did you say?” Elder Chu, who was sitting on top observing, also couldn’t remain calm.

Chu Qing-Yan’s eyes slanted over, her gaze was clearly full of a faint mocking meaning, “Missing our family of three is fake. Deceiving us to come back to set up a wedding is the real intent, right, my dear Great Uncle and Great Aunt!”


Everyone was once again caught off guard by Chu Qing-Yan’s words, and stayed fixed in place, staring blankly.

“You, you, what nonsense are you saying? Don’t listen to servants’ talks of nonsense!” Clearly, they knew the other party already knew, but Elder Madam Chu still wanted to use her status as the elder generation to suppress it. A pity that reality wouldn’t follow her desires.

A voice that was strong in appearance but weak in reality simply couldn’t reverse the situation. Chu Qing-Yan’s brows moved up and down, and swept a glance a the people present. She only saw everyone was looking at each other, trying to pass the buck on who actually leaked out the truth in Chu Manor. Chu Qing-Yan’s heart became twitchy for a period, she really didn’t want to waste more time with these people, to continue dragging this on ambiguously.

“Elder Madam Chu, let us open the sunroof and speak clear words. This marriage was given by the Emperor to Chu family. As early as ten years ago, you had already driven out my family of three from Chu family. Moreover, you had my father’s name crossed off from Chu family’s genealogical record. According to principle, we already are not part of Chu family. Therefore, even if you want us to go take the rap for this, doesn’t that mean you guys are guilty of the crime of deceiving the emperor?”

The hall became quiet, because these words from Chu Qing-Yan had stirred up a thousand layers of waves. Because she pointed out a fact, moreover, this fact was one that everyone overlooked. It was also a fact that could bring about the calamity to wipe out Chu family.

Elder Madam Chu and Elder Chu, who were still in the state of angrily speaking rudely to Chu Qing-Yan, immediately quivered. The two people looked at each other in dismay and saw the alarm in each other’s eyes. What Chu Qing-Yan said wasn’t wrong. Their family of three was no longer in the family’s genealogical records. And this time, when the marriage was bestowed, they had reported Chu Qing-Yan’s name to the emperor. If the emperor investigated, certainly, the truth would be found out. This was a crime that resulted in a family’s home and all possessions confiscated, and then the extermination of the entire family ah!

Seeing everyone from Chu family lose their mind from fear, Chu Qing-Yan shook her head. Really was a group of people solely focused on acting arrogant and looking for small benefits, while ignoring the people in the rear.

Elder Madam Chu tightly pinched the handkerchief in her hand, her heart had become a complete mess. However, when her eyes turned and saw Chu Qing-Yan standing in the middle of the hall with a cold and indifferent expression, suddenly, a plan came out from inside, “Qing-Yan, you also know, if Chu family is blamed for this, your family of three would also have difficulty escaping this crime that leads to beheading. After all, your name has already been reported up. Since it is already like this, it would be better if we compromise and think of a way. Your father also wants to return to the family’s register. If you nod your head and agree, your great aunt and I will ask your uncle to go find the head of Chu family, and once again add your father’s name to the family genealogical records, what do you think of this?”

The corner of Chu Qing-Yan’s mouth bent a little, these words from Elder Madam Chu hit upon her thoughts. Just now, when she openly said this matter, one of her goals was to let daddy return to the family genealogical records. However, what she wanted to demand back for her parents wasn’t just this.

Seeing that Chu Qing-Yan didn’t respond, Elder Madam Chu gave Madam Xing, who was sitting below, a meaningful glance. Madam Xing got her hint and immediately understood, and smilingly said to Chu Qing-Yan, “Qing-Yan, you see, not only did your parents return to Chu family, moreover, Chu family has also set up a top rate marriage for you. Who doesn’t know that Prince Ying is brave and good at fighting, his position, thus, is rightfully high. Married to him, you will enjoy supreme respect and honor. Such a good thing, how many young ladies from Western Xuan hope for and long for, yet couldn’t get it.”

“Second Aunt, it’s not false that Qing-Yan is only ten years old, but I’m also not really that foolish. Prince Ying’s evil reputation outside, if he was really as good as you guys said he was, then this matter would have nothing to do with Qing-Yan. Therefore, even if my parents don’t return to Chu family for the rest of their lives, they wouldn’t have the heart to push Qing-Yan into a living hell. Aunt, to get daddy to return to the family genealogical records, it’s not only this road that you pointed out for us to walk on. Therefore, Uncle and Aunt, you guys, should think of other methods! Forgive Qing-Yan who can’t accompany you guys.” Chu Qing-Yan smilingly looked towards Madam Xing, her eyes were bright and clear, watching Madam Xing until she couldn’t help but turn her gaze away. Her heart was secretly shocked, was this still a ten-year-old child’s eyes?

“Chu Qing-Yan, Buddha said to sacrifice self will complete the whole. How could you abandon Chu family regardless of everything?” At this time, a group of young males and females walked in, and standing in front, was a youngster who disapprovingly looked at her.

Chu Qing-Yan slanted a glance at the youngster that just spoke, once she heard him speak, then she knew who this person was. This was her second cousin, Chu An-Cun.

With a ghost of a smile, she responded to him, “Second Cousin, Buddha said, if I don’t enter hell, who will enter hell. Then, why don’t you go to hell, why don’t you let your biological younger sister enter hell oh?”

Not waiting for Chu An-Cun’s pale face to finish changing colors, Chu Qing-Yan turned around and grabbed her parents’ hands, as if she was about to walk out.

“Chu Qing-Yan, you think you can walk out of this door?” Elder Chu heavily set down the teacup, his fury spread out.


1) Tang Seng: A character in the book Journey to the West written during the Ming dynasty. The character was based on a real monk who traveled to India to get the teaching of Buddha around the years 629 – 645 during the Tang dynasty. I remember him best from the famous TV series adaptation in China in 1986. The best monkey king will always be Liu Xiao Ling Tong from that TV series. There were three guys that played the role of Tang Seng from that TV series. — sorry for the excessive information but I’m still obsessed with this series. 

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