Adorable Consort – Chapter 148

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Chapter 148 – Beautiful as a flower is nothing but dregs

Once the voice sounded, Fire Spirit and others immediately went on alert. One after another, they turned around and moved closer to the carriage and vigilantly looked at the person who approached.

This voice was somewhat familiar. Chu Qing-Yan frowned, immediately after, it seemed as if she recalled something. She lifted up the carriage curtain and looked towards the source of the voice, with a shallow smile she said. “So it turned out to be Miss Yao, haven’t seen you in a while, how have you been?”

The person that came was precisely Yao Ying-Ruo, at this moment, she was also sitting in a horse carriage. The servant girl lifted up the curtain for her, revealing her pretty facial features. Seeing the bodyguards that originally belonged to His Highness Prince Ying surround to protect Chu Qing-Yan, the hand at their waist that would strike over if she was disrespectful, the hate, envy and jealousy in Yao Ying Ruo’s heart immediately boiled over.

What virtue and ability does Chu Qing-Yan have to get such treatment!

She thought if she had taken Chu Qing-Yan’s place, then the person these people protected would be her!

As a result, Yao Ying-Ruo was more certain of her plan, she smiled conspicuously at Chu Qing-Yan while saying. “Indebted to Ninth Miss Chu for your concern, everything is satisfactory. Don’t know if Ninth Miss Chu has some time right now, Yao Ying-Ruo wants to invite Ninth Miss Chu to drink a cup of tea.”

Chu Qing-Yan originally wanted to decline, but after second thoughts, the road to imperial palace and Yao Manor are not in the same route. This person appearing here, afraid it’s not as simple as inviting her for tea ah!

“Then many thanks to Miss Yao, please lead the way.” Chu Qing-Yan agreed with a smile on her face.

Yao Ying-Ruo seeing her agree so straightforwardly, was pleased with herself in her heart. So she asked the coachman to turn the carriage around and advanced, preceding Chu Qing-Yan.

“Little consort, aren’t you afraid this person is going to try something?” Fire Spirit somewhat worriedly asked.

Air Spirit and the others had already returned to the manor first after visiting the prison. Right now, the only people at her side was Xi Ning and Fire Spirit.

“It’s nothing, I’m just going to meet with her!” Chu Qing-Yan wasn’t worried this person would use some tricks. Following at her side was one of the most awesome heads of Xiao Lie Cavalry under Big Block of Ice.

Seeing the little consort was determined, Fire Spirit nodded his head. In a short several days, the little consort’s conducts and deeds already made them sit up and take notice. Now she had already become their backbone. Although she was still somewhat young and tender, she was able to still barely prop up the situation. As a result, Fire Spirit turned the horse carriage around and followed after the other one.

They arrived in front of a teahouse and the carriage stopped. Yao Ying-Ruo got off the horse carriage and said to Chu Qing-Yan. “It’s this place.”

Chu Qing-Yan nodded, leaned against Xi Ning and slowly followed behind her.

Yao Ying-Ruo took note of her pair of legs, her lips hooked up and she turned around to walk up the stairs.

Xi Ning was just about to remind her that her family master’s legs had injuries and couldn’t go up the stairs but was stopped by her master.

Chu Qing-Yan shook her head at her. “It doesn’t matter.”

The people downstairs were basically just individual travelers and there was no stand alone rooms. This person wanted to stop and talk with her, then she wouldn’t do it in such a noisy place. She hoped this Yao Ying-Ruo wouldn’t disappoint her. Otherwise, the pain she had to endure from her legs when going up the stairs would be in vain!

The group of people entered a private room, Yao Ying-Ruo asked. “Don’t know what kind of tea Ninth Miss Chu wants to drink?”

“Anything is fine, this guest will comply with the host’s decision.” Chu Qing-Yan sat down and smiled faintly.

“Although it is already fall, the temperature is still dry. How about ordering some flower tea to decrease the body’s dryness?” Then Yao Ying-Ruo said towards the store’s waiter. “A pot of chrysanthemum tea and two plates of pastries.”

“Okay!” The waiter agreed and withdrew.

This teahouse’s speed of serving the tea was very fast, even the pastries were sent.

Chu Qing-Yan looked at the spirals of smoke coming from the tea and smiled shallowly. “Don’t know what matter Miss Yao wants to talk to Qing-Yan about?”

“That day when I first encountered you on the street, Ying-Ruo felt that Ninth Miss Chu really is a clever and witty little sister. I have been looking for an opportunity to get to know Ninth Miss Chu.” Yao Ying-Ruo was full of smiles as she said this to Chu Qing-Yan.

Chu Qing-Yan smiled and said. “Too polite.”

“Then we two sisters should talk about more private matters, is it possible to let…” Yao Ying-Ruo took a glance at Fire Spirit and Xi Ning behind her and wanted to say something but hesitated.

Chu Qing-Yan knew her meaning and let Fire Spirit and Xi Ning withdraw.

Fire Spirit said, somewhat not assured. “Little consort, this subordinate is just outside, if you need something just call this subordinate.”

Chu Qing-Yan nodded before the two people left.

Yao Ying-Ruo with a ghost of a smile said. “His Highness Prince Ying’s subordinate is really loyal to younger sister. Makes Yao Ying-Ruo’s heart feel envy ah.”

Chu Qing-Yan felt hearing these two words of ‘younger sister’ was strange? Were all ancient people so familiar? Moreover, she felt ever since this Yao Ying-Ruo entered the teahouse, her speech seemed mystifying, making people listening feel it sounded ear-piercing.

Chu Qing-Yan avoided her words, not willing to tangle up with her over this. She got right to the point and said. “Miss Yao, don’t know what matters made you look for me? Might as well say it.”

With regards to Chu Qing-Yan getting directly to the subject, Yao Ying-Ruo was somewhat surprised. Looks like this person may be young but is not stupid and knows she looked for her over a matter. As a result, she personally poured tea for both of them calmly before slowly saying. “Fourth Highness being attacked by assassins, His Highness Prince Ying in prison, the courtiers in court feeling anxious. Inside the capital, the rumors have sprung up everywhere, it may be assumed that younger sister is certainly very worried. Don’t know if Prince Ying manor has thought of countermeasures to rescue His Highness Prince Ying?”

Chu Qing-Yan somewhat understood a bit, last time on the street when she struck up a conversation with Big Block of Ice, it may be assumed that it was because she admired Big Block of Ice. She faintly said. “Miss Yao, my family’s Highness has been wrongly accused. His Majesty will certainly give back my family’s Highness’ innocent verdict.”

Yao Ying-Ruo kept hearing her say my family, made it seem as if her heart was stabbed with thorns. She put on a fake smile to say. “Younger sister ought to be clear in her heart that this matter won’t be so easily resolved right?”

Chu Qing-Yan frowned. “What is your meaning?”

“His Highness Prince Ying not being favored is already an open secret, how could the person in that position let this opportunity slip by?” Yao Ying-Ruo didn’t name who that person was, but Chu Qing-Yan had just seen him today so her heart sunk down.

Yao Ying-Ruo saw her complexion turn pale and complacently smiled. “But it’s not like His Highness Prince Ying can’t wash away the suspicions.”

This sentence successfully attracted Chu Qing-Yan’s attention. She lifted her head to look at her. “I’d like to hear the details.”

“My grandfather is the current Imperial Tutor. He has had countless number of students under him. As long as they jointly write a petition, His Majesty will be afraid of the consequences. After all right now, talented people is a scarce resource in Western Xuan. Therefore, His Majesty probably won’t brave the dangers from the people to frame His Highness Prince Ying with this crime!” Yao Ying-Ruo looked at her own fingernail and unhurriedly said.

Chu Qing-Yan raised an eyebrow. “Your conditions?”

Beware of suspicious people bearing gifts, they never have good intentions.

She didn’t believe Yao Ying-Ruo would offer this assistance for free.

Yao Ying-Ruo lifted her eyes to look at her very clear expression and suddenly felt it offended her eyes. Why does the way her mouth hook up even have the shadow of His Highness Prince Ying?

“Younger sister is really smart, when you do things, you naturally will succeed in your endeavors.”

“If you have words, just say it directly.” Chu Qing-Yan interrupted her praises and looked at her with cold eyes.

Yao Ying-Ruo gave a cold sneer. “Since you want to bring it to the open, then I’ll say it directly. I can ask my grandfather to save His Highness Prince Ying, but the condition is that I want you to leave His Highness Prince Ying’s side.”

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