Adorable Consort – Chapter 147

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Chapter 147 – To end up empty handed and once again search for another way

“Your Majesty, eliminate some of your anger, don’t lower yourself to Ninth Miss Chu’s level.” Eunuch Cao brought up some fresh tea and very cautiously waited upon him.

The broken pieces on the floor had already been cleaned up by people.

Western Xuan Emperor was still angry as he accepted the offered tea. After drinking a mouthful, he faintly breathed out a mouthful of air.

“Cao Zhi, do you also think I the emperor is wrong?”

Eunuch Cao hearing this was so scared he immediately kneeled down. “Your Majesty, how could this slave think this? Your Majesty is wise, how could you make a mistake?”

Western Xuan Emperor sighed and waved his hand to let him get up. The people at his side always flattered him and tried to figure out his wishes. There never was anyone that would tell him the truth!

That silly little girl said one sentence correctly, ‘the palm and the back of the hand are both meat’.

But there are things to give up. There will always be things he must choose to give up.

Eunuch Cao saw his Majesty frown from dark thoughts, and thought of that little Miss who just now dared to contradict His Majesty. He couldn’t help but somewhat admire her. It was rare to see a person dare to say such things to His Majesty. Even the ministers would rarely be so disobedient and not mince words. Don’t know if it was from being a young calf and not afraid of a tiger or because you can’t judge a book by its cover.

He thought if some day in the future His Highness Prince Ying could free himself from this matter, then this little future consort of his could not be measured!

Chu Qing-Yan exited the imperial study, at her side followed the little eunuch that was leading the way before.

Chu Qing-Yan asked the little eunuch to bring her to Bright Dawn Palace. Although that little eunuch didn’t know why she wanted to go to Bright Dawn Palace, she was after all a master so it was difficult for him to refuse. Thus, he brought her towards the Bright Dawn Palace.

Chu Qing-Yan took a glance at the color of the sky. The sun was about to set. She had to take advantage before the imperial gates lock down for the night to quickly complete these matters.

Right now her legs were still numb, but she didn’t have time to pay attention to this, because she sensed an omen that there wasn’t enough time. In another three days, the court will open to hear this case. Even Water and Fire Spirit couldn’t find the truth, so one doesn’t even have to mention those officials in the Justice of Peace Department. In order to report the mission being complete, afraid that they would comply with Western Xuan Emperor’s thoughts. They would give evidence that Big Block of Ice was the mastermind behind the scenes. So before this happens, she must fight for Big Block of Ice’s innocence.

What she wanted was to see Xiao Ran.

She felt Xiao Ran will definitely be a place to break through.

Once she arrived at Bright Dawn Palace, Chu Qing-Yan was stopped. Chu Qing-Yan looked at the two sturdy Nannies in front of her, her mouth parted into a smile. “I am Chu family’s Qing-Yan come to visit Fourth Prince. Don’t know if it is possible for the two to pass this on?”

One Nanny smiled coldly to say. “My family’s Niang Niang has said, no matter who came, all the same can not get close to our family’s Fourth Prince. Therefore Miss, still ask you to please return!”

So it turned out to be Concubine Yue’s orders. Chu Qing-Yan blinked her eyes and smiled. “I and your family’s Fourth Prince are close friends. If he knew I came to look for him, he certainly will be very happy. So I ask the two of you to facilitate things, otherwise if your family’s Fourth Prince is to know, I’m afraid he’ll deal with you two.”

The two Nannies mutually glanced at each other. Although Niang Niang told them to stop people and not let them enter, but this person said she was a close friend of Fourth Prince. If Fourth Prince was to assign blame, then they won’t be able to defend their position.

Seeing the two people were swayed, Chu Qing-Yan was just about to persist and say more when she heard a clear praising but secretly disparaging tone come from her side. “Such a clever and eloquent mouth. Ninth Miss Chu, haven’t seen you in a day is like three years. You really make people sit up and take notice ah!”

“Qing-Yan pays respect to Concubine Yue, Niang Niang need not praise…” Chu Qing-Yan bowed in the direction the person came from.

The person that came was precisely Concubine Yue.

Those two Nannies also hurriedly saluted. One Nanny felt guilty and cried theft. “Niang Niang, this slave had tried to persuade but she insisted on not leaving. This servant tried her best.”

Concubine Yue’s cold gaze swept pass those two Nannies. The two couldn’t endure it and shivered. Finally Concubine Yue’s gaze landed on Chu Qing-Yan’s body, with a ghost of a smile she said. “Ninth Miss Chu, I heard you had greatly angered his Majesty in the imperial study, is it true?”

Chu Qing-Yan’s pair of eyes moved slightly. Her matter in the imperial study from just now happened only thirty minutes ago. She didn’t expect that Concubine Yue had already found out.

Sure enough, inside the royal palace it could be said that there are no secrets!

“Qing-Yan inadvertently offended his Majesty.” She lowered her head to reply.

“Doesn’t matter if you intended to or not, this palace will offer you a bit of advice. If you don’t have that ability, then don’t try in vain to stir up a big wave. Otherwise, one day you’ll tumble down. Don’t say this palace didn’t remind you.” Concubine Yue’s tone had a ridiculing meaning as she looked down at Chu Qing-Yan on the stairs. That time the punishment of being beaten by a wooden board didn’t land. Now she was seeing her rush about everywhere for Xiao Xu with a matchless carefree heart!

Chu Qing-Yan agreed without getting angry. “Many thanks for Concubine Yue’s instructions. Qing-Yan will definitely remember”

Concubine Yue coldly smiled. She was just about to turn around and leave when she was called to a stop by Qing-Yan.

“Niang Niang, is it possible for Qing-Yan to see Fourth Prince?” Chu Qing-Yan inquired.

Concubine Yue turned around and looked at her coldy. “You are not an imperial physician, what use is it that this palace should let you see Ran’er? Moreover, you are a family member of the prime suspect that tried to assassinate my Ran’er. Why would this palace take the risk and let you see Ran’er?”

Chu Qing-Yan stayed calm. “Concubine Yue, it is impossible that my family’s Highness would assassinate Fourth Prince. The two of them have such deep feelings, it’s impossible that they would take swords against each other. You also know in your heart that the mastermind behind the scene isn’t my family’s highness. Why would you let the real mastermind get away with this crime?”

A ruthless streak flashed through Concubine Yue’s eyes. Of course she knew Xiao Xu wasn’t the culprit and knew that the mastermind was someone else. She had already wanted to consign Xiao Xu down to a position where he had no hope of reprieve, so this time was a great opportunity, an opportunity to eliminate the stumbling block to Ran’er getting the title of Emperor. How could she let it slip by so easily?

“In the end what the truth is, this palace is unclear about. Everything has been handed over to the high officials in the department of the Justice of Peace to handle. This palace believes that His Majesty will give this palace and Ran’er an appropriate account of the matter. You should also do less useless things, instead, think of ways to free yourself from this mess.” Concubine Yue coldly smiled at Chu Qing-Yan. Afterwards, she instructed the palace people. “Fourth Prince is still unconscious, what are you guys doing standing around here? Why haven’t you quickly sent the people off? Just in case this agitates Fourth Prince’s time to recuperate, this palace will punish you guys.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” The two Nannies immediately stepped forward to say to Chu Qing-Yan with a displeased tone. “Go, Ninth Miss Chu.”

Chu Qing-Yan looked at Concubine Yue who walked far away, she had some thoughts. Looks like Fourth Prince still hasn’t woken up. Then she didn’t need to be here and continue to nag. It’s best that she first returns to the manor to discuss some stratagem with everyone.

As a result, Chu Qing-Yan used a cold gaze to sweep those two Nannies who were jabbering on. When the two met her gaze, they suddenly stayed stupefied in place. That not angry but still strong deterrence made them lose their ability to speak. When they returned to their senses, she had already walked far away. They couldn’t help but be secretly bewildered. Was that the kind of gaze a ten year old child should have? Too terrible!

When Chu Qing-Yan exited the palace gates, Fire spirit and others that had waited a long time for her went up to welcome her. But they discovered that her footsteps were somewhat strange, limping. Although everyone was stunned, they knew this was not a good place to ask questions. So they silently escorted her up the carriage.

And just at this moment, a sound came. “Ninth Miss Chu, is it possible to ask you to stay your step and talk?”

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