GDBBM – Chapter 995

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Chapter 995: “Devious Wyvern (1)”

As it was to be gifted to that person, hence, it must see no one else as its owner, and they had to do it with an item instead.

“Find an unfamiliar face and have him bring the Devious Wyvern to go participate in the Spirit Beast Arena. Ten consecutive victories must be achieved today and then issue a challenge to Jun Xie and his Spirit Beast. By this time tomorrow, I do not want to hear news that the kid’s Spirit Beast is still alive.” He was not able to make a move on Jun Xie directly at that moment, so he would just kill his Spirit Beast first!

A chilling and malicious glint filled up Lin Feng’s eyes.


A new storm shook the Spirit Beast Arena. A never before seen Spirit Beast blew through the Spirit Beast Arena’s matches and took down ten opponents quickly on the same day. Very soon after that, Jun Xie received a challenge issued to her.

When the people from the Spirit Beast Arena sent the challenge to her, Jun Wu Xie was not surprised at all and she calmly accepted it.

But Qing Yu was instead feeling that it seemed there was more to it than meets the eye and after questioning the man from the Spirit Beast Arena, his mood had suddenly taken a turn for the worst where he immediately went to see Jun Xie.

“Young Master Jun! For tomorrow’s match, you must not go.” Qing Yu said, looking sternly at Jun Xie, his voice solemn.

“Why?” Jun Xie asked, looking at Qing Yu.

Qing Yu’s bit on his lip worriedly and said: “I asked the people from the Spirit Beast Arena earlier more about the opponent’s Spirit Beast. They told me that it was brought in by a youth they have never met before. The Spirit Beast’s body is like that of a serpent but has a pair of horns on its head, and its body is fully covered with green scale armour. If my guess is not wrong, that Spirit Beast is not just any ordinary low grade Spirit Beast. It is highly possible that it is the Spirit Beast the Clan Chief of the Icy Frost Clan, Lin Que, had captured from out in the wilds, the Devious Wyvern.”

“Devious Wyvern?” Jun Wu Xie asked, an eyebrow lifting up. She had never heard of such a Spirit Beast.

Qing Yu continued: “The Devious Wyvern is a high grade Spirit Beast, but it is just barely one step away from becoming a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast and we have only heard that such Spirit Beasts exist only through rumours. According to those rumours, the Devious Wyvern possesses extremely high healing powers and it can molt its scales three times. After it shed its scales for the third time, it turns into a real Guardian Grade Spirit Beast. That person had once mentioned about the Devious Wyvern to the Grand Chieftain and asked the Grand Chieftain to search for it, but the Grand Chieftain had not agreed. Instead, Lin Que had privately mobilised a high number of people and spent close to ten years before he managed to find the Devious Wyvern. It is said, in order to capture that Devious Wyvern, almost a hundred of Lin Que’s men had lost their lives and that even three of their tamed high grade Spirit Beasts had been sacrificed.”

News about the Devious Wyvern’s capture had been kept a secret within the Thousand Beast City and few people were made aware of it. Qing Yu was one of the rare few who had been fortunate enough to lay eyes upon the magnificent Devious Wyvern. The first time he saw the Devious Wyvern, it had just been captured and brought back. Although close to a hundred lives were lost then, the Devious Wyvern had not seemed to have sustained any heavy injuries at all. It had been highly violent when it was trapped in its cage and a ordinary cage was not able to contain it. Hence, Lin Que had to use darksteel to forge into a cage just to keep it in.

“Devious Wyverns are naturally born with an unquenchable thirst for blood and it loves to swallow live animals whole. Its body possesses an extremely strong self healing ability and as long as the wound is not mortal, it is able to heal and recover from them very quickly. I know that your Spirit Beast has rather extraordinary abilities as well, but that Devious Wyvern has already molted its scales twice and its just shy of one more time before it is be promoted to become a full Guardian Grade Spirit Beast, which in turn, is a Spirit Beast that no other Spirit Beast will be able to stand against.” Qing Yu said, highly concerned about Jun Xie, as he could see that Jun Xie treasured Lord Meh Meh very much.

And the challenge this time, had come directly targeted straight at Jun Xie!

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