GDBBM – Chapter 955

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Chapter 955: “Thousand Beast City (1)”

The Thousand Beast City, as a city by itself, encompassed a very large area. Around the entire city, was a towering high wall surrounding it. Where the Thousand Beast City sat, the place was encircled by green mountains and crystal clear water, where at first glance, the city looked every inch just like a secret hidden paradise suddenly uncovered. Hidden within those dense greenery and the deep forests, were countless Spirit Beasts, who had lived in close proximity with the Thousand Beast City for a long time. Being able to sense the Spirit Tamer Bone Flute within the Thousand Beast City, the Spirit Beasts here very seldom attacked any humans.

Besides the main Thousand Beast City itself, several villages surrounded it. Those villages were usually provided to guests who came to the Thousand Beast City as a place to reside and rest, as any outsiders who wanted to enter the Thousand Beast City, were not allowed without the approval from the Grand Chieftain or the Clan Hall Chiefs.

The entire Thousand Beast City was separated into five regions. The central region was helmed by the Grand Chieftain himself, while the other four regions were divided into the four directions of North, East, South and West, where each region was accessible only through a very large door, where the respective Clan Hall Chiefs exercised jurisdiction over.

Xiong Ba was from the Fiery Blaze Hall which sat on the Eastern side of the Thousand Beast City, and hence, the returning Xiong Ba and the others, entered the city from the Eastern entrance.

Within the horse carriage, Jun Wu Xie looked out through the window and saw the scene within the Thousand Beast City. At the top of the Thousand Beast City’s gates, it was filled with well prominent displays of lifelike Spirit Beasts carved into it.

And within the Thousand Beast City, what was most commonly seen by the eyes, were Spirit Beasts.

Elsewhere in the world, Spirit Beasts were wild and untamable, but once within the Thousand Beast City, that rule that all abided by, did not stand.

Throughout the generations of Grand Chieftains in the Thousand Beast City, the Spirit Tamer Bone Flute they held had opened up an avenue between humans and Spirit Beasts, and the Spirit Tamer Bone Flute was one of a kind in the world. Influenced and inspired by the Spirit Tamer Bone Flute, all its citizens were exposed and highly familiar with Spirit Beasts from a very young age. Before their ring spirits awoke, they would already attempt to tame a young Spirit Beast, by keeping them close from young, to gradually allow those Spirit Beasts to familiarise themselves and to assimilate into the human environment.

Throughout the streets and alleys of the Thousand Beast City, tamed Spirit Beasts could be seen following behind people everywhere the eyes looked.

The size of the Spirit Beasts they led were not considered to be big, and judging from the way the Spirit Beasts looked, majority of them were seen to be mostly low grade Spirit Beasts.

“You guys are able to tame Spirit Beasts?” Jun Wu Xie asked as she stared at the people bringing Spirit Beasts of various sizes walking aimlessly through the street. The others in the horse carriage were so used to such a scene and they did not find it to be anything strange in the slightest.

Xiong Ba smiled and nodded his head, his tone sounding rather proud as he said: “Our Thousand Beast City, is famous for its Spirit Beasts. Although there is only one Spirit Tamer Bone Flute, we have attempted to try to tame Spirit Beasts. But without a Spirit Tamer Bracelet, one would only basically be able to tame the lowest grade Spirit Beast.”

Jun Wu Xie’s eyebrow raised up. Before they reached the Thousand Beast City, she had parted ways with Qiao Chu and the others. Fan Zhuo and the others had individually gone to the various villages just outside the four different city gates to stay, making it easier for them as they tried to gather any information they could that would help them with their mission.

In order to fulfil Qu Ling Yue’s wishes, the only way was to rescue the people who had been abducted. And finding a way to ascertain the location of those prisoners, was what Jun Wu Xie needed to do first. Moreover, if Xiong Ba brought in so many unfamiliar faces at one time into the Thousand Beast City, people would surely find it suspicious, but if it was Jun Xie alone, it would be much easier for them no matter whether they had to hide him or to explain his presence.

Before they parted, Fan Zhuo had come up to her privately, and the reason Fan Zhuo had seeked her out was exactly about the Thousand Beast City’s Spirit Tamer Bracelet.

The Spirit Tamer Bracelet was the product from the blood, sweat and tears shed by past generations of the Thousand Beast City’s Grand Chieftains, which was like a replica of the original Spirit Tamer Bone Flute, an item crafted to tame Spirit Beasts.


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