GDBBM – Chapter 954

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Chapter 954: “Run Away Emperor”

Jun Wu Xie sat by the window on the second floor of the Immortals’ Loft as she watched the crowd of people pass by below. While Lei Fan stared at her, she merely looked at him calmly, just like all of this had nothing to do with her in the least.

Good and evil, retribution catches up.

If the Heavens has not yet dealt out retribution, then she did not mind lending a hand on its behalf!

Lei Fan was dead. At the front of the Imperial Capital, together with the Empress and Prime Minister, the heads of those three people had after being cut off, been hung high up suspended over the city gates. The Empress Dowager had issued a decree that the bodies of the three criminals was to be thrown into an unmarked grave and no one was to retrieve or gather their remains while their heads would hang over the city gates for ten years, to be exposed to the harsh beatings from the elements of the weather, to suffer the punishment meted out by the heavens.

Although the Empress Dowager did not interfere with the affairs of the Court, she was filled with hatred right down to the bones by the actions of these three criminals.

As night fell, the people within the Imperial City found it hard to fall asleep. Too many things had happened that day and every incident more shocking than the other. They did not know who would rule the Fire Country and they could do nothing but to wait silently and patiently.

Early the next day, the Empress Dowager ordered for men to bring the Imperial Edict for the ascension to the throne and the Dragon robe to the Immortals’ Loft, and to announce the First Emperor’s Imperial Decree to the masses, to tell all the people of the Fire Country that the Emperor’s abdication was in accordance to the wishes of the First Emperor of the current line.

That they were just returning the Fire Country’s throne to its original owner.

When the Imperial Guards who escorted Lei Chen, who brought the Imperial Jade Seal, the Dragon robe and the Imperial Decree came to the Immortals’ Loft, the place was already filled up with a big mass of people from within the city.

Through the reading of the First Emperor’s decree, they came to realize that the position of the ruling Emperor of Fire Country was to be held by the possessor of the Ring of Imperial Fire, and the identity of the possessor of the Ring of Imperial Fire had thrown all the people into shock.

It was actually the very same person who had throughout the previous Spirit Battle Tournament, whose name had rocked the Imperial Capital repeatedly, Jun Xie!

Upon hearing such a result, the people were overcome with curiosity and they all rushed over here to catch a glimpse of the action.

However, after Lei Chen and the Imperial Guards stood outside the Immortals’ Loft, with Lei Chen personally reading out the decree for Jun Xie’s ascension to the throne, not a peep came out from within the Immortals’ Loft.

Lei Chen could not help but begin to feel anxious. He had been afraid that Jun Xie would refuse to become the Emperor and he had come with this idea last night with the Empress Dowager, to speedily dump the rulership unilaterally onto Jun Xie, just like forcefully chasing ducks onto a perch, while Jun Xie was still in the Imperial Capital. In the manner where he had made the announcement completely public, Jun Xie would have to take on the rulership, whether he liked it or not.

But even after waiting for a long while, Lei Chen still did not see the figure of Jun Wu Xie appear.

Only after he read out the Imperial Edict for the third time, then did the innkeeper of the Immortals’ Loft, stumble out from within the inn running, and with a loud thud, fell to his knees before Lei Chen to say: “Your Highness! The new Emperor….. The new Emperor has already left from here with his companions a long while ago!”

Lei Chen gasped in horror, his eyes opening so wide they seemed like they would pop out anytime, unable to believe what he had heard.

[Jun Xie….. has run away just like that? ! !]

“Your Highness! Your Highness, are you alright! ? Guards! His Highness has fainted!”


As the Imperial Capital erupted into a chaotic mess, Jun Wu Xie and her companions were already seated within the horse carriages, following Qu Ling Yue and the others on their journey towards the Thousand Beast City.

Seated within the carriage, Jun Wu Xie already could no longer see any trace of the Imperial Capital over the horizon behind.

Not knowing that she had been driven up like a duck onto the perch, that she had already been made to become the new ruling Emperor of the Fire Country, and the venerable and revered title of the Fire Country’s Emperor, was now intricately linked to her. Neither did she know, on a day in the future, she would be leading the massive armies of the Fire Country, to tread upon and flatten every square inch of the land, igniting the fearsome flames of war everywhere throughout!

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