GDBBM – Chapter 952

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Chapter 952: “The Fifth Map (8)”

“How many people does the enemy have?” Hua Yao asked cautiously. This was not the first time that they had still insisted to make their way towards a location even when they knew that there were people of the Twelve Palaces present.

“Qu Ling Yue wasn’t too clear about that. Besides that Great Grandaunt, there were roughly about three others permanently stationed there in the Thousand Beast City, and whether there are any others there, is uncertain.” Jun Wu Xie said.

“Openly, there are already four of them.” Fei Yan quipped, rubbing at his chin, trying to gauge how much danger they will be walking into, into the mission this time.

“It is not as bad as we might have thought. The people from the Twelve Palaces, are not just our enemies this time. They are also the enemies of the people in the Thousand Beast City. As long as we can ensure the safety of the people that have been abducted, everyone in the Thousand Beast City will be glad to lend us a hand.” Jun Wu Xie said as her eyes narrowed. The hatred the people of the Thousand Beast City held against the Twelve Palaces might not be any less than the companions. As their family members were in the hands of the enemy, they had no other choice but to follow their orders.

But once their family members were freed, why would they allow themselves to continue to be subjugated?

“Looks like this time, we will still have to depend on your little head as well.” Once Qiao Chu heard Jun Wu Xie said that, he immediately remembered all that had happened right here in the Fire Country. Although they knew that all their powers were still incomparable to the people from the Twelve Palaces, but they have the both well skilled and highly resourceful Jun Wu Xie on their side!

“Then let us give it a try this time, and use these few people from the Twelve Palaces as a trial for us. We are bound to have to face them sooner or later anyway.” Fan Zhuo said with a smile. Back at the Zephyr Academy, they had already had a taste of what it was like, and they did not fear giving it another shot!

“Heh heh, but there is one thing that I would like to ask Little Xie about.” Qiao Chu said suddenly, an utterly shameless and despicable smile coming onto his face.

Jun Wu Xie glanced at him and said: “Speak.”

“Err….. That Big Brother Wu Yao….. when is he coming back?” Qiao Chu asked, blinking his eyes innocently. In actuality, towards Jun Wu Yao, Qiao Chu held so much admiration for him that it bothered on worship. If Jun Wu Yao was able to join them, then those few people from the Twelve Palaces wouldn’t be a worry. Even if their numbers doubled, they wouldn’t be able to even pose a threat to them.

Sometimes, they would really become very curious, just where had Jun Wu Yao really come from, that he became so powerful that even people from the Twelve Palaces would be put in a situation that they would not stand a chance of surviving under his hands.

Jun Wu Xie stiffened, never expecting that Qiao Chu would suddenly mention Jun Wu Yao.

Since Jun Wu Yao last departure, quite a long period had passed. She had thought that he would return after a few days but as time pushed on, she began to realise that he must have gone missing once again.

“Certain things, require us to do it ourselves.” Jun Wu Xie said, lowering her eyes. Not knowing the reason why, when Qiao Chu had just mentioned Jun Wu Yao, an indescribable feeling had come into her chest, which made her feel some discomfort in her heart.

“Cough. I was just saying that. Do not take it to heart. I know that. To exact the vengeance we seek, we will finally have to do it ourselves. Only like this, would it be considered a proper and satisfying revenge.” Qiao Chu immediately said. It wasn’t that he wanted to ride on his coattails, but it was just that Jun Wu Yao had become a person he deeply admired.

Sensing that Jun Wu Xie’s mood suddenly didn’t feel right, Hua Yao and the others did not continue to say anything much else about it but split up to go make their own preparations, to change their next destination to the Thousand Beast City!

Jun Wu Xie had remained behind in Fan Zhuo’s room while Hua Yao went to discuss it with Qu Ling Yue and Xiong Ba.

Fan Jin was happy seeing that they were about to return to the Zephyr Academy but he was suddenly informed by Fan Zhuo that they would be not able to go back together with him. Fan Jin merely smiled and did not say much but only to remind Fan Zhuo to take good care of himself.


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