GDBBM – Chapter 948

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Chapter 948: “The Fifth Map (4)”

Faced with Jun Xie’s refusal, Xiong Ba wasn’t the least bit surprised. He knew the relationship they shared with Jun Xie couldn’t be considered as close but they had just cooperated once. But the only person they wanted to gain assistance from was only that one youth!

“Jun Xie, do not be to quick to refuse us yet and hear me out first. I saw the map that you got from the Emperor’s hands today. Is that map very important to you?” Qu Ling Yue was still young and green afterall, and her temperament was not as steady as Xiong Ba. When she heard Jun Xie reject them, she immediately began to panic.

Hearing Qu Ling Yue mention the map, Jun Wu Xie’s eyebrow came up.

There were only a total of eight pieces of the human skin maps which were intricately linked to the Dark Emperor’s tomb’s exact location. Among those eight maps, seven of the pieces had been in the hands of the Twelve Palaces and the matter about the Twelve Palaces secretly searching for the Dark Emperor’s tomb had been carried out covertly all this time. Other people were completely unaware of what those maps were for and she had not guarded against the others in the Imperial main hall then.

But Qu Ling Yue seemed to have noticed the unique difference of that map.

“Yes.” Jun Wu Xie replied coldly, her gaze calm as still water, without a single ripple in her eyes. There was only a faint chill in them as she looked at Xiong Ba and Qu Ling Yue, when a faint trace of probing appeared thereafter.

Xiong Ba quickly detected that Jun Xie had raised his guard up and deeply afraid that Jun Xie would misunderstand them, he quickly added: “Young Master Jun must not misunderstand. My Young Miss did not mean anything else with her words, but just that our invitation for you to come to the Thousand Beast City is directly linked to that map my Young Miss mentioned.”

Jun Wu Xie’s eyebrow lifted up questioningly.

“In fact, that same kind of map, we have a piece of it within the Thousand Beast City as well.” Xiong Ba said suddenly.

With that revelation, the calm that was in Jun Wu Xie’s eyes wavered as she asked: “The Thousand Beast City has one as well?”

Xiong Ba nodded.

“That map in currently held by our Grand Chieftain and it is exactly because of that map that our Thousand Beast City is unable to fend for themselves entirely.” Xiong Ba said, as a bitter smile came onto his face.

“Young Master Jun must have been aware that the reason that the Thousand Beast City is able to enjoy our current status today, is the fact that we possess the unique Spirit Tamer Bone Flute. But besides that, it is also because the Thousand Beast City had previously produced two Purple Spirits before and those two people had soon after achieving a breakthrough to the Purple Spirit, departed from our city. But about ten years ago, one of those two Purple Spirit users, had suddenly returned to the Thousand Beast City, and had brought back a human skin map just like yours. The Purple Spirit user had then asked the Grand Chieftain to employ the power of the Thousand Beast City to help her discover the secret behind the map….. Initially, the Grand Chieftain had followed and carried out her instructions as she was a revered Senior in the Thousand Beast City. But with every exploration mission, the Thousand Beast City would suffer great losses of its people. It could be said that every single man sent out, had not returned back alive.”

When Xiong Ba spoke about that last point, he could not help but gritted his teeth, and a tinge of hatred grew in his eyes.

“The Grand Chieftain saw that the brothers in our city were taking heavy losses and he was unwilling to continue. But the Purple Spirit Senior refused to give in and insisted that the Grand Chieftain continue. Although our Grand Chieftain held a high level of spirit power as well, but he was still not a match for a Purple Spirit. Moreover, that person had brought back with her several other mysterious people who possessed similar spirit powers with her, which forced our Grand Chieftain to have no choice but to submit to their wishes. Over the years, every time the Grand Chieftain sent out a team, his heart bleeds. We can no longer remember how many of our brothers we had lost out there because of this.”

“Seeing that Young Master Jun is so tremendously resourceful, and holds such great interest in that human skin map, Xiong Ba here is sincerely pleading with Young Master Jun to help us resolve the Thousand Beast City’s crisis. After the deed is done, the Thousand Beast City will make sure that we offer up the map to you will both hands!” Xiong Ba suddenly stood up after saying that, and then bowing formally in all seriousness before Jun Xie, his back bent at a ninety degree angle.


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