GDBBM – Chapter 946

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Chapter 946: “The Fifth Map (2)”

After Jun Wu Xie left the Imperial Palace, Lord Meh Meh changed back to its tiny sheep form and not long after that, Lei Chen came over.

Before Lei Chen could say anything, Jun Wu Xie said: “Dismiss the Imperial Guards around the Immortals’ Loft.”

Lei Chen was stunned a moment before he recalled that the Emperor had ordered for the Imperial Guards to keep watch over the Immortals’ Loft with Qiao Chu and the others still idling inside the Immortals’ Loft inn. In just a few days, the world had changed for people in the Fire Country and mere hours later, the Emperor’s Imperial Edict announcing his abdication was released.

“Sure. Little brother Jun, about the throne, can you think about it carefully once more?” Lei Chen agreed to Jun Xie’s demand immediately, but he had not forgotten to continue to persuade him to reconsider.

However, Jun Wu Xie did not even look at him but just walked off on her own.

Very soon, the Imperial Guards surrounding the Immortals’ Loft retreated. Qiao Chu and the others had not suffered much throughout those few days, but had only idled their time away inside the inn.

When they saw Jun Wu Xie return, Qiao Chu had immediately leapt to come right before her.

“How was it? Was it a success?”

Jun Wu Xie nodded and she handed the brocade box containing the human skin map to Hua Yao standing at the side.

With the addition of this map, they had a total of four in their possession. Towards the goal of eight maps, they were already halfway there!

With the addition of Jun Wu Xie to the companions, their speed at gathering the map had become very rapid. All of them firmly believed that it wouldn’t be too far in the future that they would be able to find the other four maps, and be able to finally open up the long sealed entrance to the tomb!

“With Little Xie carrying out the task, things get done quick and good as expected! So, what are you planning to do next?” Qiao Chu asked with a big smile on his face. The aim they had come to the Fire Country for had been achieved and they would be setting forth on a brand new journey from here. Fei Yan had not found any clues on the locations of the other maps and they do not have a clear destination next.

“Let’s return to the Zephyr Academy first.” Jun Wu Xie said expressionlessly.

Everyone smiled and nodded, immediately moving to pack their luggage, not wanting to stay at this place another minute longer.

None of them would ask her anything about the Ring of Imperial Fire. They all knew very well that Jun Wu Xie had absolutely no interest in the throne afterall.

Qiao Chu and the others were packing up and they were already all prepared to return to the Zephyr Academy.

Just then, the horse carriages of the Thousand Beast City suddenly came before the doors of the Immortals’ Loft and stopped outside.

Xiong Ba and Qu Ling Yue stepped out from the horse carriage and saw that Qiao Chu and the others were loading their luggage onto their own horse carriages. Anxiety immediately showed on Qu Ling Yue’s tiny face.

“Where are all of you headed off to?” Qu Ling Yue walked hurriedly over to Qiao Chu and asked.

“We are naturally returning to the academy.” Qiao Chu said with a laugh.

“Jun Xie….. Jun Xie, is he here?” Qu Ling Yue was taken aback, as she asked immediately.

“Still packing up inside.” Qiao Chu did not think much of it and just pointed upstairs easily.

However, just as his voice fell, Qu Ling Yue and Xiong Ba immediately moved like the wind as they rushed inside. They highly anxious expressions confused Qiao Chu a little.

Jun Wu Xie was still packing up. She did not have many things with her, hence she sorted them out quickly and put them all within the Cosmos Sack. She was just about to walk out the door when she suddenly saw Qu Ling Yue standing right before her door, panting heavily. And standing right behind her, was the towering figure of Xiong Ba.

“Something you need?” Jun Wu Xie lifted her eyes to look at Qu Ling Yue little face which was looking slightly flushed a slight pink from her loss of breath. She had been able to overthrow the Fire Country’s Emperor so smoothly this time had largely been due to Qu Ling Yue’s help. And as Jun Wu Xie did not hold any grudges against Qu Ling Yue, she had shown herself to be too cold.

“You are leaving?” Qu Ling Yue finally managed to ask.

“Mm.” Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly.


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