GDBBM – Chapter 945

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Chapter 945: “The Fifth Map (1)”

“Guards, lock these three people in the dungeon and have them dealt with.” The Empress Dowager was already tired. She cast a glance over at the Empress, Prime Minister and Lei Fan in the main hall. Although she had complied with and executed the First Emperor’s decree by making the Emperor abdicate his throne, but she could not find it within herself to forgive these three thankless ingrates who betrayed the Emperor’s benevolence!

The Empress Dowager brought Lei Xi and the Emperor back together with him and made preparations for the Emperor to abdicate.

Within the Imperial main hall, Qu Ling Yue stood staring blankly in her spot with his eyes slightly widened, staring at the wide open doors leading outside, her gaze seemingly having never moved from the direction that Jun Xie left from.

“Miss Qu?” Wen Yu asked, looking at Qu Ling Yue’s dazed little face.

Qu Ling Yue quickly snapped back to her senses. Yesterday, Lei Chen had brought her to the Grand Adviser’s Mansion and requested for the Grand Adviser to secretly sneak her into the Imperial Palace, and to invite the Empress Dowager to come to the main hall. Although all those words had been said by Lei Chen, but Lei Chen had already stated that all of it had been Jun Xie’s idea.

“Lord Grand Adviser, where is Uncle Xiong and the others now?” Qu Ling Yue’s eyes suddenly sparkled as she asked anxiously.

The Grand Adviser smiled and brought her to the place Xiong Ba and the others were resting at. The Fire Country’s ruling regime underwent a complete change that day.

When Xiong Ba and the others saw the real Qu Ling Yue, their faces immediately beamed widely, and they quickly bid their farewells to the Grand Adviser, before leaving the Imperial Palace.

When they got back to the inn, Qu Ling Yue was feeling a little restless. She then rather anxiously invited Xiong Ba and the rest to come to her room.

“Uncle Xiong, in the Imperial main hall today, I saw some incredible things.”

“What is it? Is it something that Jun Xie stirred up again? I have said we shouldn’t have agreed to that kid’s request. Don’t just think that that brat is just a little kid, that mind of his is capable of much mischief.” Xiong Ba said as he recalled what he had had to go through when they went to the Imperial Palace that day, deciding that they had better keep their distance far away from Jin Xie in future.

He could see that Qu Ling Yue did not dislike Jun Wu Xie. And it was because of that that he had to speak up about the things that happened between Jun Xie and Lei Fan in the Imperial Garden.

Qu Ling Yue listened to it in rapture. In the Imperial main hall today, she had already gotten a rather clear picture of all that had happened today, and she knew very clearly that this perfectly executed plot, was all laid out by that delicately attractive youth.

She was rather sure that when Lei Chen had first invited them to the Crown Prince’s Residence, the youth had already planned it all out.

“Uncle Xiong! With Jun Xie’s extraordinary intelligence, do you think he can help father…..” Qu Ling Yue’s eyes were sparkling brightly with a glimmer of hope.

When Xiong Ba heard those words from her, he immediately understood what she meant, and his expression immediately changed, his voice grew stern.

“Young Miss, the Chieftain’s issue is no child’s play. Though Jun Xie is devilishly intelligent, but people like that are highly dangerous before they are ascertained to be friend or foe.”

Qu Ling Yue retorted: “But….. He shouldn’t be counted as an enemy to us, should it?”

Xiong Ba frowned and said: “He cooperated with us this time because our goals aligned. We wanted to seek redress for injustice done upon us against the Fire Country and he wanted to achieve his own aims. With it being beneficial to both sides, we can’t be sure of our relationship with him.”

“But….. if there is something that can make him align his goals to ours?” Qu Ling Yue asked, her heart jumping slightly, her mind thinking back to the scene when Jun Xie had asked for the brocade box from the Emperor earlier.

“Uncle Xiong, the Fire Country’s Emperor had in his hands, a map just like the one we have. Jun Xie needs them. If I told him that the Thousand Beast City has one as well, would that mean that he will…..” Qu Ling Yue asked, almost too anxiously.

Xiong Ba’s eyes widened suddenly.


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