GDBBM – Chapter 915

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Chapter 915 : “Intricate Plot (6)”

Lei Chen then laughed bitterly and shook his head. “It is not that I am unwilling to do it, but because Father suspects that I have hidden little brother Jun from him and before Jun Xie is found, even if I am to go into the Imperial Palace, I will not be allowed to bring anyone in with me. But it is a completely different case for Hall Chief Xiong and your people. Trust me, you just have to carry out that simple task and the debt that my Father still owes to you will naturally be repaid to you through someone’s actions.”

Xiong Ba’s face creased up in a deep frown in thought. If it didn’t involve pitting them against the Fire Country, he would be very glad to help Jun Xie.

Qu Ling Yue could not hold herself back any longer. She ignored Xiong Ba’s repeated attempts stopping her from speaking and she blurted out quickly: “What Senior is trying to say is that Young Master Jun is within the Crown Prince’s Residence at this moment?”

Lei Chen nodded.

Qu Ling Yue immediately replied: “We can agree to Senior’s suggestion!”

Xiong Ba’s eyes widened up in shock. “Young Miss! You!”

Qu Ling Yue looked pleadingly at Xiong Ba. “Uncle Xiong, the entire incident had begun all because of me. Moreover, didn’t Uncle Xiong say it before? The Fire Country has really gone too far this time and it is only because the Fire Country holds such overwhelming might that it is preventing us from being openly hostile to them. But now, we are presented with an opportunity to help Young Master Jun and at the same time seek redress for the injustice I suffered, why should we reject that? Unless….. Uncle Xiong can really bear to see the injustice Ling Yue suffered go unaddressed?”

As she spoke, Qu Ling Yue’s eyes welled up with tears.

Xiong Ba’s heart wrenched when he saw that and he immediately tried to comfort the girl. Finally, under Qu Ling Yue’s tearful wheedling and coaxing, Xiong Ba found himself completely defenceless and could do nothing but agree to it.

“I hope that Your Highness will think the matter through thoroughly. Although our Young Miss is willing to help, but we still will not wish for this matter to cause any problems.” Xiong Ba reiterated his stand, serving both as a warning and a reminder.

Lei Chen nodded instantly.

“Then….. Do we need to bring Young Master Jun away from here first?” Qu Ling Yue asked.

Lei Chen nodded and immediately turned, staring at a certain spot at the back.

Qu Ling Yue and Xiong Ba followed his gaze and at that moment, they froze in place!

About two hours after Xiong Ba and Qu Ling Yue entered the Crown Prince’s Residence, the two people finally came back out. The Imperial Guards who were secretly watching checked carefully to see whether there were any additional person with them. All they saw was Qu Ling Yue carrying a little sheep in her arms but they did not see anything else out of place.

After the two people climbed up into the horse carriage, Qu Ling Yue leaned back against the seat and her small hand slowly stroked Lord Meh Meh who was in her arms.

Xiong Ba’s eyes were still filled with shock as he sat opposite “Qu Ling Yue”.

“Young Master Jun…..” Xiong Ba’s voice was trembling slightly as he uttered out that strange form of address.

“Qu Ling Yue” who had her eyes and head lowered lifted up her head at that moment, the pair of clear eyes glinting with a cold chill.

“Thank you Hall Chief Xiong.” The slightly cold voice said, the words coming out from “Qu Ling Yue’s” mouth.

Xiong Ba gulped, trying his very hardest to get himself more accustomed to the unfamiliar “Qu Ling Yue”.

And within the Crown Prince’s Residence, Qu Ling Yue had changed into a maid’s uniform and was seated at the table with Lei Chen enjoying tea, her gaze involuntarily turning to look outside the window.

“I really hope Young Master Jun’s plan can be carried out smoothly.” Qu Ling Yue said softly. When Xiong Ba and her saw Jun Xie having changed his looks to looked exactly like her, the two of them had been stunned. They had not expected that all of it had been Jun Xie’s plan to pose as her in a complete substitution.

Qu Ling Yue had changed out of her clothes original clothes and let Jun Xie wear them, and Jun Xie had left the Crown Prince’s Residence with Xiong Ba impersonating as her.

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