GDBBM – Chapter 898

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Chapter 898 : “Assassination (4)”

The instant that the dark robed man’s sword was thrusting straight at Jun Wu Xie’s throat, the green coloured spirit glow around her body was suddenly replaced by a terrifying purple!

In a flash, the Purple Spirit glow spread throughout Jun Wu Xie’s body. She raised up a hand nonchalantly to grip onto the sword that was thrust directly towards her. With her spirit power wrapped around her hands, she was not afraid of the sharp edge around the sword. When the dark robed man saw the blinding Purple Spirit glow around Jun Xie, his eyes went wide with astonishment and disbelief. Before he could recover from the shock, Jun Wu Xie had given the sword a sharp tug backwards, pulling the dark robed man forcibly to come in close before her, a palm strike flew out, striking squarely right onto the dark robed man’s chest!

A howl tore out from the dark robed man’s mouth, his entire body struck to be sent flying through the air to smash right into a cupboard in the room, splintering the clothes cupboard into pieces. He then fell onto the ground in a twitching heap, unable to stand up anymore.

The bones in his body felt like they had all been crushed and the dark robed man lay sprawled on the ground as he struggled to lift his head up, looking on in utter shock at the brilliant Purple Spirit glow shining brightly from the entire body of the youth before him.

“Purple Spirit….. how can it be a Purple Spirit…..” Not in even his worst nightmares would he have thought that the assassination target for them today would actually turn out to become the Purple Spirit of legend!

[How can this be possible? This very youth had throughout the entire Spirit Battle Tournament, only shown his powers to be at the green spirit level!

A fifteen year old green spirit was already an unbelievable fact. And when you are talking raising the bar to have the spirit power level become the Purple Spirit…..

The dark robed man would never believe that such a heaven defying mortal existed.

But the Purple Spirit glow around Jun Xie’s body was that blindingly obvious, and it was a fact that he could not deny however much he wanted to.

Holding the power of the indigo spirit, he had thought that he would be able to take down the green spirit Jun Xie with just one strike. He had never thought that Jun Xie would suddenly have his powers raised up to the Purple Spirit level!

Although it was just a difference of one single level between the indigo spirit and the Purple Spirit, but that lone difference was a chasm that countless people had failed to bridge even after spending their entire lives trying!

Very soon, Ye Sha had silenced all the other dark robed men. Scattered cross the floor of the room haphazardly were none dead bodies. And on those dead bodies without a single exception, there wasn’t a single open wound. Although a fierce battle had just concluded in there and nine lives had just been taken, there wasn’t the slightest scent of blood that contaminated Jun Wu Xie’s room.

Ye Sha stood sternly at the side, his hands hanging down on his sides, to stand right next to Jun Wu Xie.

“Not bad.” Jun Wu Xie swept her eyes over the clean and untainted floor. Seems like Ye Sha had grown to know her well. Knowing that she doesn’t like the smell of blood, he had killed all the men without having them shed a single drop.

Ye Sha could have gotten rid of all of them in seconds, but in order not to taint Jun Wu Xie’s room, he had taken the extra effort to not let the men stink up the room with the nauseating stench of blood.

“It was Young Master Wu Yao’s orders and your subordinate doesn’t dare forget it.” Ye Sha said in a low voice. Even in a situation like that, he did not forget to help his Lord establish a sense of presence towards the Young Miss.

A strange look came into Jun Wu Xie’s eyes a moment but it was very brief before they quickly reverted to normal.

“Go get rid of the rest of them outside the door as well.” Jun Wu Xie said, her eyes looking at the dark robed man on the floor, unable to move anymore.

But Ye Sha replied: “For those men outside, I believe there is already no need for me to do anything.”

Ye Sha’s voice had just rang out when Jun Wu Xie’s door was pushed open from outside. With the door wide open, a thick stench of blood suddenly wafted into the room and Jun Wu Xie’s brows immediately creased up deeply.


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