GDBBM – Chapter 877

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Chapter 877 : “Face Slap – Ninth Form (7)”

Then she replied: “The matter has nothing to do with the Qi Kingdom at all. It was only because of the Crown Prince’s request that I lent a hand to save Qu Ling Yue. As this incident is a matter between the Yan Country and the Thousand Beast City, the Lin Palace has no intention of getting involved in it. The Qi Kingdom is not prepared to stand against an enemy like the Yan Country.”

Qing Yu then said: “I understand Miss Jun’s concerns about this and we are highly grateful of the Crown Prince’s help in this matter as well!”

Suddenly finding himself on the receiving end of their gratitude, Lei Chen was surprised. He had thought that after the matter had been revealed, the Thousand Beast City would undoubtedly harbour intense hatred against the Yan Country. But things seemed to have turned out slightly differently from what he had thought and he subconsciously turned to look at the side of Jun Wu Xie’s face before it finally dawned upon him.

He realised that Jun Wu Xie had agreed to continue to remain behind to tend to Qu Ling Yue’s condition had not been for any other reason than to claim the credit for this incident for him!

Her words had been peppered with claims that she had only been willing to lend a hand because of his request. That had covertly and overtly made the Thousand Beast City suddenly owe him a huge favour! No matter how much enmity these men from the Thousand Beast City might hold against the Yan Country, towards this Crown Prince, there would only be gratitude in their hearts!

To win the favour of the Thousand Beast City, Lei Chen had lost count of the amount of effort and thoughts he had put into it over the long years, and he couldn’t remember how much attention he had showered upon Qu Ling Yue in that same period, but the results had been highly insignificant. He had never thought, with just a few words from Jun Wu Xie today, she had won for him the aim that he had eluded him for so many years!

That moment, Lei Chen was suddenly almost moved to tears in endless gratitude towards the Young Miss Jun!

If Jun Wu Xie had not been born in the Qi Country’s Lin Palace, Lei Chen would have unhesitatingly asked for her to help him.

“There is no need for such thanks. Qu Ling Yue and me are fellow disciples and seeing her in this state had pained me greatly. The fact that her condition has improved is reward enough for me.” Lei Chen was no idiot and he knew that he had to grab at this opportunity.

“No matter how this matter turns out in the end, Your Highness will forever be a friend of our Thousand Beast City.” Xiong Ba said with a loud guffaw, thumping himself on his chest.

Lei Chen nodded his head vehemently.

After that, Feng Yue Yang and Jun Wu Xie carried out the nursing required for Qu Ling Yue. When Qu Ling Yue’s acupoint had been sealed, it had stirred up a great amount of chaos within her body. Although everything had been restored to fall back in order, the condition brought on by her repeated vomiting of blood before that resulted in a deficiency in her blood was still present. But with Divine Doctors like Feng Yue Yang and Jun Wu Xie, handling it, such a simple ailment was well within their skills to have it rectified. After several hours, Qu Ling Yue blood had already greatly recovered and it was expected she would regain consciousness that very night.

Jun Wu Xie and Lei Chen then prepared to bid their farewells to Xiong Ba and the others at that moment.

But just before they left, Lei Chen suddenly hesitated a moment and finally turned to walked towards Xiong Ba. “Hall Chief Xiong. My humble self has a request to make of you.”

Xiong Ba said: “Your Highness is too polite. If there is anything we can do for you, Your Highness need only say it.”

“Qu Ling Yue’s injury had surfaced in the finals of the district Spirit Battle Tournament, and the youth that had been her opponent is currently still imprisoned in the Imperial Capital’s prison. It has been revealed that Qu Ling Yue’s injury had nothing to do with that youth and I was hoping that Hall Chief Xiong would be able to go say a word in the youth’s defence, so they can quickly release him.” Lei Chen was still highly worried about Jun Xie who had been thrown in prison, not knowing that the subject of his worries was currently standing less than three steps away from him.

Xiong Ba was slightly surprised and he immediately replied: “I will naturally do that. It has been hard on that youth called Jun Xie to have to suffer such an uncalled for calamity. I will make a trip there first thing in the morning tomorrow. Rest assured Your Highness.”

Having gotten Xiong Ba’s word, Lei Chen was finally relieved and after bidding their farewells, he left with Jun Wu Xie.

“I would like to offer my utmost gratitude to Miss Jun for your help in this incident this time.” Within the horse carriage, Lei Chen was repeatedly offering his thanks to Jun Wu Xie.


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