GDBBM – Chapter 875

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Chapter 875 : “Face Slap – Ninth Form (5)”

“Oh?” Jun Wu Xie lifted an eyebrow, the corners of her mouth curling up chillingly. “When I released the sealed meridians for Qu Ling Yue the last time, her symptoms had completely disappeared. But interestingly, after just one night, she suddenly suffered a relapse of her injuries. Unless someone had sealed her meridians once again that very night, such a situation would not occur.”

“I am very curious about one thing. The entire group of physicians here had taken full charge of Qu Ling Yue’s treatment the past few days and in the night, all of you had even arranged a rotating shift to watch over her. So who was the one who secretly inflicted it on her? Wouldn’t Imperial Physician Li have anything to say about that?” Jun Wu Xie asked smilingly, her eyes clearly sparkling.

She had not thought that she would be able to fully treat Qu Ling Yue’s condition the first time but had come with the intention of probing out the culprit. But now that she had a clear picture of what exactly transpired, she didn’t mind giving the culprit a taste of his own medicine!

“How….. How would I know who did it? There were more than ten of us on a rotating shift every night and the person would be watching over Miss Qu alone. There is no way we will know who the culprit was.” Imperial Physician Li said, trying to bluff his way out.

“Is that so? Then we will have to ask Hall Chief Xiong to investigate into this matter properly, to find out who the culprit is. Who would have the audacity to make use of Qu Ling Yue to falsely incriminate someone? Qu Ling Yue is the esteemed Young Miss of the Thousand Beast City and her identity is unique, and highly different from common people. Just who would want to make use of Qu Ling Yue’s injuries to incite the rage of the Thousand Beast City?”

Jun Wu Xie did not speak everything on her mind. She knew that what she said was already enough.

Xiong Ba’s brows immediately creased up as expected and said: “I thank Miss Jun for the reminder. I will personally look deeply into the matter, and will not allow the person who had intentionally harmed our Young Miss to get away scot free.”

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

The Emperor and the Fourth Prince wanted to use Qu Ling Yue’s injuries to anger the Thousand Beast City and frame it upon her while discrediting the Crown Prince’s name at the same time. So, she had merely made a slight adjustment to the incident so that when the truth behind Qu Ling Yue’s injuries was revealed, the person the Thousand Beast City would like to question would no longer be the Crown Prince Lei Chen, but….. the Yan Country’s Emperor himself!

This bitter fruit, will be her gift for the Emperor and the Fourth Prince to swallow.

“Imperial Physician Li. This matter calls for a thorough investigation and I will have to trouble all of the physicians who had had a hand in treating our Young Miss to cooperate with the Thousand Beast City. Before the incident is all cleared up, I will have to ask for all you gentlemen to not leave the premises.” Xiong Ba’s face was dark and threatening, as he forcibly took all the physicians into custody.

Imperial Physician Li was suddenly in a panic and he said to Xiong Ba in a fluster: “What is the meaning of this, Hall Chief Xiong? Even if an investigation is needed, since the incident had occurred in our Yan Country’s Imperial Capital, it would naturally be investigated by the Yan Country. Hall Chief Xiong is our esteemed guest who had come such a long way and you should just leave the matter to the constabulary in the Imperial Capital to handle it for you.”

Xiong Ba snorted derisively and said: “Leave it to the Yan Country? The incident happened to our Young Miss right here in your Yan Country’s Imperial Capital and the culprit who dreamt up this scheme who harmed her might very well be someone from the Yan Country as well. Why would I want to leave it to the Yan Country to handle its investigations! ?”

Xiong Ba’s blunt words spat forth without restraint almost caused Imperial Physician Li to vomit out blood, unable to find words in rebuttal. His panicked eyes quickly turned to Lei Chen standing at the side, suddenly thinking that the only person who would be able to stop Xiong Ba from taking them into custody for interrogations at that moment was only the Crown Prince of the Yan Country!

“Your Highness Crown Prince! You are the heir to the Yan Country’s throne. I implore for you to speak up for us in regards to this incident. If the matters of the Yan Country are instead handed over to the Thousand Beast City to deal with, and word of it leaks out, the Yan Country’s name will be shamed.” Imperial Physician Li voice was tinged with panic and his demeanor towards Lei Chen had suddenly improved dramatically, without the arrogance and disrespect from before.


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