GDBBM – Chapter 861

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Chapter 861 : “Unwarranted Torture (4)”

The jailer was smashed violently against the wall and he could only give out one single groan before he felt his head swim in a groggy daze as he fell hard onto the floor and went immediately into a dead faint.

“Roar!” The massive black beast stood between Jun Wu Xie and the next jailer, biting through the whip with a mighty snap of his jaws.

When the other jailer saw the size of the black beast, the strength in his legs immediately drained out of him and he fell with a thud to sit upon the ground in horror.

“I have already told you. You will regret it.” Accompanying two clicks that sounded, the metal plate and shackles on Jun Wu Xie’s hands and legs clattered to the ground. She turned slowly to look over to the man sitting upon the prison floor in a corner, the other jailer whose face was at that moment deathly pale.

“Ar…..” That jailer was just about to open his mouth and scream when Jun Wu Xie opened his mouth to say: “You dare make one more sound out of that mouth and I’ll ask the kitty to rip out your throat.”

The black beast flashed its sharp fangs and under the dim candlelight, the glint reflecting off those fangs sent chills down his spine.

The jailer was so terrified he almost peed in his pants. He could not do anything but remained hiding in the corner to tremble in terror, staring at Jun Xie through eyes filled with shock. The two jailers had been so highly arrogant because they were so certain that Jun Xie would not be able to break out of those strong shackles. A green spirit who was unable to move an inch would not be able to pose a threat to them, and they had nothing to worry about. But they had forgotten one important point. And that was besides Jun Xie’s overwhelming spirit power, his ring spirit had never once appeared before anyone of them become!

The powerful and massive black beast had descended upon them like the God of Death, immediately terrifying the two vicious and scheming jailers into paralyzing shock and horror.

The new set of chain and shackles that the jailers had solely relied upon turned out to be simple child’s play in the hands of Jun Xie. He had seemed to have used only a short period of time before he freed himself from all those constraints.

Staring at the ferocious black beast, and then turning to stare at the completely freed Jun Xie, the jailer who was still conscious could not longer move, his entire body shaking like a terrified puppy, showing no sign of the earlier arrogance from before.

“Was it Lei Fan who ordered you to commence torture upon me?” Jun Wu Xie asked, her gaze sweeping over the terrified jailer.

The jailer was so frightened his teeth were chattering and his face remained in shock.

“Little black.” Jun Wu Xie called out in impatience.

The black beast at the side suddenly raised up its thick and heavy paw, and struck at the jailer’s chest violently!

The was so heavy that the jailer almost vomited out a mouthful of blood. The black beast’s sharp claws had dug into jailer’s chest as the paw swiped deeply through the clothes and flesh tearing out a good sizeable chunk!

A pitiful wail suddenly shrieked out from the jailer’s mouth as blood streamed out from the wounds. His trembling hands hung before his chest but he did not dare touch the deep gashes but just held them a distance away from his chest as he crawled  over the ground as his body was suddenly hit by spasms.

“Little black knows where to draw the line. I guarantee that after a change of clothes, no one will see the wounds on you.” Jun Wu Xie said, staring coldly at the jailer whose face was now white as a sheet, throwing back the same words the jailers had said to her earlier.

“If you continue to hold back the truth, there is no need for you to tell it after.” Jun Wu Xie’s voice suddenly took a colder tone.

The jailer didn’t dare to hold back in the slightest anymore. He had merely hesitated just a slight moment earlier and the youth had made his ring spirit strike so heavily at him. If he still did not tell everything he knew, the youth will surely kill him!

“It’s the Fourth Prince! The Fourth Prince ordered us! He asked us to take good care of you. Young Master Jun….. We really had no intentions of making things difficult for you today but it had been the orders of the Fourth Prince and we have no choice but to obey!” In order to save himself, the jailer had no choice but to tell on Lei Fan.

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