GDBBM – Chapter 859

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Chapter 859 : “Unwarranted Torture (2)”

Jun Wu Xie’s gaze fell onto the set of locks and chain. Compared to the current set on her hands and feet, the new one further restricted one’s movements harshly. The handcuffs and leg shackles were reinforced with metal plates and once secured, a person would not be able to move. Cold laughter glinted within Jun Wu Xie’s eyes and she glanced surreptitiously over the area that Qiao Chu was hidden out of the corner of her eyes but did not say anything before sticking her hands out, to show that she was willing to cooperate.

The two jailers secretly exchanged a glance between themselves, their faces still showing wide smiles as they removed the old set of shackles on Jun Xie and saying: “Has Young Master Jun been comfortable enough these past days? The jail cell is crude and sorely lacking and it must have been hard on Young Master Jun. But rest assured Young Master Jun, we will definitely not be doing anything harsh to Young Master Jun as Young Master Jun is afterall a friend of His Highness the Crown Prince, and we would not dare to slack off in neglect.”

“That’s right. Young Master Jun would just have to bear with it for a few more days and once the matter has died down after awhile, Young Master Jun will then be able to get out of here.”

The two jailers were echoing one another, seemingly trying very hard to reassure Jun Xie. They went on to put on the new set of chain shackles onto Jun Xie quietly, careful and meticulous with every single action, while both of the jailers would from time to time discreetly cast a glance at Jun Xie. When they saw they Jun Xie did not seem to suspect anything, they still silently heaved sighs of relief.

Two crisp sounding clicks cut through the air as the lock for the metal plate that held both of Jun Wu Xie’s hands snapped in place. The chains around her feet also tied her feet tightly together. For Jun Wu Xie to even half an inch now, it had now become a highly difficult task.

Hidden within the darkness, Qiao Chu observed the actions of the two jailers with a frown on his face. Although he wasn’t too familiar with the locks and shackles used in jails, but just by seeing the new set of locks and chain on Jun Wu Xie was enough for him to realise that something did not seem right.

All four of Jun Wu Xie’s limbs were tightly restrained and not to mention walking with them, even sitting down upon the ground would be a challenge. However one looked at it, those shackles did not look like they would be used on common prisoners.

After the two jailers snapped the locks into place, they tugged hard at the metal plate and chains to check. After making sure they were solidly secured, they suddenly took a step back away. The smilies on both their faces faded off and were replaced by a sort of glee that took delight in the misfortune of others.

“Jun Xie, having stayed so long in this jail, I’m sure you have become familiar with this place. Are you aware that anybody who is thrown behind bars here will all be treated to receive a little of our “tender loving care”?” One of the jailers said, narrowing his eyes, pulling out a two finger thick whip hanging from his hip.

“Young Master Jun must have been getting rather comfortable with your stay here these past few days. But good days are bound to come to an end and bad things happen. Although we have no intentions of making life difficult for Young Master Jun ourselves, but the rules in this jail cannot be changed as we wish. Young Master Jun, look at this whip for instance. For all prisoners that comes in here, none have ever escaped being treated with a serving from it. This whip is extraordinarily tough and hooks are embedded into it. With a single lash, not just the clothes will be damaged, but even the flesh would be ripped out with a light snap of the wrist. With Young Master Jun’s smooth and fair flesh, I wonder how many lashes can you withstand?” The jailer said, his face suddenly changed as he stared at Jun Xie viciously, the black whip gripped in his hand intentionally being swung before Jun Wu Xie’s eyes, the protruding hooks embedded in the whip clear to see, looking more terrifying than normal in the dim flickering candlelight.

“The night is still young and Young Master Jun need not be hasty. Tonight, the two of us here will let you properly familiarize yourself with the torture equipment we have in this jail, and we guarantee Young Master Jun will find it to be an unforgettable experience!”

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