GDBBM – Chapter 847

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Chapter 847 : “Peerless Genius Doctor (3)”

The inn that the War Banner Academy occupied was rather crowded these few days. Because of Qu Ling Yue’s heavy injuries, the Yan Country’s Emperor had sent all the famous doctors in the entire Imperial Capital there to treat her. But even with more than twenty respected doctors busying themselves through the night, they were unable to devise any effective treatment for Qu Ling Yue’s condition. At that moment, they could only employ the most conservative methods to prolong Qu Ling Yue’s life.

Within the inn, Fu Xuan’s brows were furrowed as she looked at the group of old men standing before Qu Ling Yue’s door, gathered together to discuss fervently on a way for the treatment.

“Senior Fu….. Ling Yue….. will recover from this right?” A handsome youth asked as he looked worried towards the doors of Qu Ling Yue’s room, his eyes filled with anxious worry.

“I don’t know.” Fu Xuan said, shaking her head.

The youth drew in deep breath and said angrily: “It’s all because of that Jun Xie from the Zephyr Academy that this happened! The Spirit Battle Tournament’s practice had always been to just subdue your opponent, why must he strike such a heavy blow! ? So what if he is a green spirit? Does that give him the right to be that lawless and tyrannical? If anything happens to Qu Ling Yue, I will not let him get away!” The youth’s eyes flared with hatred.

Fu Xuan‘s face stiffened and she said placatingly: “Getting Qu Ling Yue treated now is the key, do not go think about anything else.”

The youth clenched his jaw and nodded his head.

Fu Xuan’s gaze looked out the window, and under that calm exterior, it was a chaos of conflicting thoughts. She had been close to Lei Chen for a long while and had naturally known that Lei Chen had gotten close to the Zephyr Academy recently, especially that youth named Jun Xie, whom Lei Chen was exceptionally fond of. Fu Xuan knew that because of this incident where Qu Ling Yue had gotten injured, the entire War Banner Academy had developed an enmity and hatred for the Zephyr Academy and those words that the youth had just uttered, was not the first time she had heard them from the people in the War Banner Academy.

“Your Highness had better think of a way fast, or the kid that you like so much would be in for a tough time.” Fu Xuan said to herself with a sigh, her gaze lowering to see the scenery outside the window. And with that one look, she just happened to see a horse carriage from the Crown Prince’s Residence stopping below. Her heart leapt and she immediately went downstairs.

Lei Chen had brought Jun Wu Xie with him to come to the inn where the people of the War Banner Academy were staying at. He had just taken the first step into the inn when he faltered and the steps slowed down. He was nervous and he repeatedly turned to look at Jun Wu Xie beside him. Even with Jun Xie’s acknowledgement, and the Lin Palace behind Jun Wu Xie as a guarantee, he was still feeling somewhat hollow inside.

He really could not make himself sincerely believe, that a young lady of such a tender age, could possibly possess any deep knowledge of the profound study of Medicine.

“Your Highness, you’ve come.” Fu Xuan glided down the stairs from above and when her eyes saw Jun Wu Xie beside Lei Chen, the beaming smile upon her face suddenly froze up.

“Mmm. How is Ling Yue’s condition?” Lei Chen had not noticed Fu Xuan’s unusual behaviour.

Fu Xuan quickly recomposed herself and the frozen smile on her face faded while she said softly: “Junior Qu’s condition had not seen any improvements.”

Lei Chen nodded and said to Jun Wu Xie beside him: “Will Miss Jun want to first go take a look at Qu Ling Yue’s condition?”

“Naturally.” Jun Wu Xie said.

“May I then ask that you follow me please.” Lei Chen said and drew in a deep breath. He had already come this far, he must not hesitate any longer!

Lei Chen led Jun Wu Xie up to the second level and Fu Xuan followed them at the side. Fu Xuan’s gaze was discreetly gauging Jun Wu Xie from head to toe a few times, seemingly looking for something.

When they came to the second floor, the youth who had been talking to Fu Xuan earlier bumped into Lei Chen and he was just about to say something when his eyes saw Jun Wu Xie beside Lei Chen and his eyes bulged like a goldfish.


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