GDBBM – Chapter 84

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Chapter 84 : Ill Intent (2)”

Mo Xuan Fei would never admit that his heart had such a thought!

“Thank you for your concern, dear brother.” Mo Qian Yuan replied in a lukewarm manner. “May I know to what honour renders a visit from you?”

“Hahaha, I’m so happy to hear that you’ve been glowing lately and your whole body had improved recently, so I’m here to present you this Jade Dew Pill which was personally refined by Yun Xian. This can nourish the body, hope Imperial Brother can enjoy its benefits.”

Mo Xuan Fei politely replied with Bai Yun Xian sitting by his side, as she placed the bottle of pills on the table.

Mo Xuan Fei said it articulately, but this ‘concern’ came a little late didn’t it?

Jun Wu Xie eyes were downcast all these while, she had not the slightest interest to waste her time with such a small character.

If it was in the past, perhaps Mo Qian Yuan might have felt a little moved to be able to get his hands on pills personally refined by Bai Yun Xian. However, with Jun Wu Xie personally overseeing his body’s conditioning, he could feel that his whole physique had been significantly improved in such a short time. The effectiveness was simply too astonishing! So now, if it was Bai Yun Xian’s pills, or even her Master’s personally refined pills, Mo Qian Yuan would not even waste his effort of giving a weak smile.

In Mo Qian Yuan’s heart, Jun Wu Xie was simply a saint! An unparalleled genius doctor!

“Then I’ll have to thank you.” Mo Qian Yuan however had not made any movement, as he just sat there with no intention of reaching out for the bottle.
Mo Xuan Fei’s face did not look good as he subconsciously looked to Bai Yun Xian, sure enough, his lack of interest in the pills had made Bai Yun Xian unhappy.

“Does his Highness despise this Jade Dew pill which I’ve refined?” Bai Yun Xian suddenly spoke coldly, although the identity of the other party was the Crown Prince, she did not have the slightest humility in her tone.

She is Qing Yun Clan Sovereign’s disciple. No matter where she went, people had always highly respected her and she had never given away anything so easily, usually it was others begging from her.  However once she was in Qi Kingdom’s Imperial City, again and again, she had been rebuffed a total of three times! The first time was at Lin Palace where she was rejected by Jun Wu Xie who had outrightly refused her offer to help. Second time was when they encountered  an ignorant old man in Ghost City where he showed disdain over her Master’s personally refined elixir and chose a nameless young boy’s medicine over hers! This series of events was as if a nail had struck her twice. This had also led to Bai Yun Xian’s haughty self-esteem to be very dissatisfied, and now even the Crown Prince was behaving so perfunctory, as if he completely despised her Jade Dew pill.

This was simply intolerable to Bai Yun Xian, she had high qualifications in medicine, otherwise she would not be received as a disciple of the Sovereign, whether if it was in Qing Yun Clan or elsewhere, everyone had always fawned over her and highly regarded whatever she said.

Now, Jun Wu Xie and Mo Qian Yuan had both hit her sore spot with nails, it made her proud heart feel as though its been stabbed twice.

“Miss Bai, why do you say so? My body presently has no serious issues, I simply do not want to waste this treasure for nothing.” Although Mo Qian Yuan mouth was saying so, but his face had not the slightest expression of sincerity.

Bai Yun Xian gritted her teeth, she was not stupid, how could she not see that Mo Qian Yuan was simply stating a perfunctory remark?

Seeing Bai Yun Xian’s face getting blacker by the minute, Mo Xuan Fei immediately changed the subject, “Imperial Brother’s mood has been very good the past few days, but it’s my duty as your younger brother to remind you that too close contact with someone is not a good thing. All that glitters is not gold, Imperial Brother must not be confused.” When he said that, his gaze naturally fell on Jun Wu Xie.

From the time he has stepped in till now, Jun Wu Xie did not even given him a glance, which made Mo Xuan Fei express his displeasure.

He did not want Jun Wu Xie was one thing, he could not tolerate that haughty attitude she was adopting towards him. That was another matter altogether.

This was something the wretched human heart was like, when Jun Wu Xie’s affection towards him was as deep as the sea, she was completely smitten with him to the point of obsession, he even felt disgusted at one point.

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