GDBBM – Chapter 809

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Chapter 809: “Serendipity (2)”

Qiao Chu and the others looked quizzically at Lei Chen. If not for Lei Chen’s completely expressionless face and his unfocused eyes, they would have really thought that Lei Chen was intentionally not telling them the truth.

“What is happening here? The map is not in Lei Chen’s hands? Was he really telling the truth?” Qiao Chu immediately asked as he turned to Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie was silent a moment before she proclaimed: “He is telling the truth.”

She had earlier felt that Lei Chen’s reaction had been rather strange as it was impossible that he could have received any training which would mean he should not have any resistance against the hypnosis drug. But, when she had interrogated him on his relationship with the Middle Realm, he had exhibited obvious signs of struggle and such circumstances would only occur when one had undergone specific training and only when the questions had been extremely important to the person under hypnosis. But there was one more instance that the same situation might occur…..

If the one being interrogated had completely no information about the question source, or he had never ever heard of it before, then the brain of the person hypnotised would result in helpless confusion and he would be unable to answer.

Jun Wu Xie had just been guessing earlier, but she was certain now.

That piece of map, had never been in Lei Chen’s hands!

“No wonder Little Black did not find anyone from the Middle Realm in the Crown Prince’s Residence the last time.” Jun Wu Xie mumbled to herself softly.

“Do you have any copies of the map?”

Lei Chen replied: “That was the only one. I was afraid of being discovered and hence I did not make any copies.”

Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes. “How did you get that map?” Although the map wasn’t in Lei Chen’s possession, they had nevertheless gotten more information that the map could very well be intricately linked to the Emperor of the Yan Country and if that turned out to be true, it would be much more difficult to get their hands on the map than when they had thought it was with Lei Chen.

As the ruler of the biggest and mightiest country, the Emperor of the Yan Country had no lack of powerful and highly skilled exponents by his side, nothing like what the previous dumb Emperor of the tiny Qi Kingdom could compare to.

Lei Chen answered unhurriedly, his eyes never moving throughout. “That day, I went to offer my greetings to Mother and my fourth brother was also in Mother’s palace. I did not want to see him and so I avoided him thinking to enter only after he leaves. Hence, I roamed aimlessly in the Imperial Palace and I happened to see my Father’s trusted aide handing a letter to a guard from a hidden corner. Although I could not hear what they said, I could however see that they were exchanging suspicious glances. I proceeded to secretly follow the guard out of the Imperial Palace and subsequently killed him without anyone knowing to snatch the letter from his hands. The map was what I found in that letter.”

Lei Chen’s tone was flat and completely monotonous. But what he was saying revealed bigger issues at hand.

“Wasn’t the Fourth Prince said to be in very good terms with Lei Chen? Why did….. Lei Chen not even want to see him?” Fei Yan rubbed at his chin as he contemplated what he had heard. Lei Chen’s words had directly revealed two other issues. One of them was that Lei Chen’s relationship with the Fourth Prince was not as amicable as outsiders had thought it was. And the other was even more interesting….. Lei Chen was actually so concerned of the Emperor’s matters that he was even willing to commit murder to get that letter. For a Crown Prince whose position and title seemed unshakeable, Lei Chen’s actions and methods seemed rather implausible and strange.

“Why am I getting the feeling that Lei Chen’s position as the Crown Prince is a little different from what I have imagined?” Rong Ruo asked, with her brows lifted.

Jun Wu Xie looked at Lei Chen. The things Lei Chen said had subsequently revealed some rather startling things and Jun Wu Xie had to completely reassess the guesses she had conjured up within her mind before.

“In that letter, besides the map, was there anything else?”


“Why had you then sent people to go to the Heaven’s End Cliff?”

“I wanted to know, just what Father was seeking to find over there.”

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