GDBBM – Chapter 795

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Chapter 795 : “Zephyr Rises Once More (4)”

The existence of her plant series ring spirit had forced Jun Wu Xie to have to stand up to the Twelve Palaces’ persecution, and this one point alone would be enough to make people wish that they had never possessed such an unusual ring spirit.

“After today’s battles in the different arenas, the reputation of the Zephyr Academy would once again shoot up to reach another pinnacle. I’m afraid the situation today will be recurring on a rather regular basis, and if we do not wish to continue having to deal with those people, we will need to find a suitable way to defuse the situation.” Rong Ruo said looking at her companions.

The main reason that they had taken part in the Spirit Battle Tournament was to once again raise up the Zephyr Academy’s reputation, but as all of them would not be returning to the Zephyr Academy after the Spirit Battle Tournament concludes, they were not able to accept any of the invitations and offers from the various powers. But as long as they continued to remain in the Imperial Capital, and were still taking part in the tournament, their reputations would only continue to grow, and the number of people that would approach them with invitations and offers in attempts to poach them would also continue to increase.

“The easiest way to do that would be to attach ourselves to a certain power.” Fan Zhuo said as he tapped his finger rhythmically on the table’s surface.

As long as they were seen to have pledged their loyalty to a certain power, the others would then give up on their attempts on them and seek out other targets.

“Lei Chen?” Hua Yao asked with a brow raised. He still remembered that in the two times that they had met Lei Chen, he had displayed high “interest” towards the Zephyr Academy.

“Lei Chen might have seemingly expressed strong interest towards the Zephyr Academy, but instead of saying that he is interested in the Zephyr Academy as a whole, I would say his focus is more on Little Xie in particular.” Fan Zhuo said as his gaze turned to fall on Jun Wu Xie. “Although on both of those occasions he had tried very hard to hide his interest in Little Xie, his intentional endearing form of address used had however exposed his underlying target. If my guess is correct, Little Xie’s identity in the Zephyr Academy has already been leaked to him.”

“Leaked? Why do you mean?” Qiao Chu asked, scratching at his head, his mind hopelessly befuddled.

Fan Zhuo continued to explain: “As a disciple of the Spirit Healer faculty, the one and only disciple personally acknowledged by Gu Li Sheng, and the one disciple who reconstructed the Spirit Healing Technique.”

“How would Lei Chen know all that?” Qiao Chu asked.

“Although the Zephyr Academy is rather far away from the Zephyr Academy from the Yan Country and Lei Chen would not be able to receive news about the academy directly within a short period of time, do not forget that a large part of the Zephyr Academy’s disciples had left and many of them would have been scattered in many academies across the lands. And if Lei Chen had developed an interest in the Zephyr Academy, he would have sent his men to look into all our identities. Brother Hua, Qiao Chu, Little Yan, Little Ruo and my identities would be clear and easy to understand, at least on the surface. You guys were promoted into the main division from the branch selections and I’m the second son of the Fan Family. But Little Xie’s identity would be the most outstanding one among all of us.” Fan Zhuo said and paused a moment, as a faint smile came onto his face.

“I think, as long as Lei Chen is not a moron, he would realise the implications behind the existence of Little Xie. It would be impossible to poach Gu Li Sheng from the Zephyr Academy and against Gu Li Sheng’s unique identity, even Lei Chen would have to weigh and consider his options carefully with his schemes. But with such a prize like Little Xie who was although still at such a young age, nevertheless possessed knowledge of the Spirit Healing Technique that rivaled Gu Li Sheng before his eyes, how could Lei Chen resist it and let the prized opportunity slip by?

“After all that’s been said, the reason that Lei Chen had come all the way here the last time was just because he wanted to recruit Little Xie then?” It all suddenly dawned on Qiao Chu. He had wondered why Lei Chen had been so enthusiastic towards Little Xie then and thought that Lei Chen had discovered Jun Wu Xie’s true gender. In the end….. He had just thought too much into it!

“Based on what we seek to find here, attaching ourselves to Lei Chen might be the best choice to make.” Fan Zhou concluded.

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