GDBBM – Chapter 793

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Chapter 793 : “Zephyr Rises Once More”

By the time Jun Wu Xie stepped out of her room, the Immortals’ Loft was already jam packed with loads of people. Hua Yao and the others were surrounded and squished in the middle by the mass of people, their faces looking highly impatient.

“To the distinguished lady and all the gentlemen! I am from the Blue West City, may I ask if any of you has any requests or wishes you would like fulfilled? The Blue West City will provide you with the best terms!” A strong and burly built man asked, his hand opened wide, putting forth a welcoming gesture to the companions.

“I am from the Green Flower Castle! If any of you gentlemen are interested in joining…..”

“I am…..”


The sea of people pushed and surged, blocking off all avenues of escape for the five companions, rows upon rows of people fighting to get their attention.

Fan Jin who had just taken up the position of Headmaster recently was also being endlessly hounded. The invitations flying in from the many powers all over the lands were like falling raindrops in a storm. The previously bare and quiet Immortals’ Loft had on the night after the first round of the Spirit Battle Tournament suddenly become the most popular spot to visit in the entire Imperial Capital of the Yan Country, and the steps before the doors were almost crumbling from innumerable steps from the people coming in.

“Not interested! Can all of you let us pass! ?” Qiao Chu’s face was one filled with displeasure. They had waited the whole day before getting their first battle over and done with and were happily looking forward to coming back to the Immortals’ Loft to get some welcome rest and grumble and complain together with their companions a little. Who knew that they had just stepped into the Immortals’ Loft when this had happened. They did not even have time to reach their rooms and they had suddenly found themselves blockaded by all these people and the way forward was impassable, where they wasn’t even space for them to put their foot down anywhere else to move.

If not for the fact that they were thinking that this was exactly what the reputation of the Zephyr Academy needed at that moment, they would have all summoned their powers and driven everyone out of there immediately.

Jun Wu Xie was highly surprised by the sudden sea of people before her eyes. She had not known how big a ruckus Hua Yao and the others had kicked up when they showed their powers at the Spirit Battle Tournament. As her eyes saw that the crowd surrounding Hua Yao and the others was growing bigger by the minute, Jun Wu Xie wisely took two quiet steps backwards. She was already small in size and the people’s attention were all focused on Qiao Chu and the others, so naturally, nobody had noticed that there was one more “escapee”.

Jun Wu Xie retreated back into a slightly more quiet corner, her arms clasped across her chest, staring calmly and unaffectedly at Qiao Chu and gang looking highly frustrated within the crowd.

“Everyone! Our academy disciples had just finished with their first round of the tournament and they need to rest! If there is anything you need to say, you can tell it to me, but I would ask that you do not disrupt our disciples rest.” With no other choice out of the situation, Fan Jin could only try to divert all that attention upon himself.

Once those words were spoken, the anxious crowd immediately settled down somewhat as they all turned their eyes towards Fan Jin. Their minds were all quickly trying to decide whether it would be better to present their terms directly to the disciples, or would it be more appropriate to discuss them with Fan Jin.

At the moment that everyone were all still trying to decide on which choice to make, Qiao Chu managed to spot the completely unaffected Jun Wu Xie in the corner. When he saw Jun Wu Xie give him a slight nod, he immediately released his spirit powers in a bright blue flare!

In an instant, the people surrounding the companions immediately fell back, none of them daring to enrage a blue spirit.

When they saw Qiao Chu and his companions exhibiting strong looks of impatience on their faces, the group of people quickly turned and flocked towards Fan Jin.

“Headmaster Fan Jin, can we talk?”

Fan Jin smiled bitterly and nodded helplessly, while he waved forlornly at Qiao Chu and the others who had been spared the drudgery as he lead the mass of people to the main hall on the first level, fully accepting his fate.

“Sweet Heavens! I almost lost my life there for a moment.” As the crowd dispersed, Qiao Chu plopped back wearily onto a chair at the side. Thinking back to earlier when he had been surrounded and seen as a prized catch really caused the goosebumps to crawl over his body.

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