GDBBM – Chapter 787

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Chapter 787: “Battle Begins (2)”

But there had been a fair share of unfortunate ones as well. Once any of them were made to face the disciples from the Dragon Slayers, War Banner, or the Zephyr Academy, almost all of the youths would choose to forfeit their matches and did not even compete!

That was the greatest display of the prodigious might and the high deterrent reputations of the top three elite academies!

But that situation that had carried on for a number of years had changed somewhat this year…..

The perceived overwhelming might of the Dragon Slayers and the War Banner remained the same, but the Zephyr Academy was looked on upon as yesterday’s news.

Many of the disciple’s gazes were subconsciously drawn to the lone one dressed in the uniform of the Zephyr Academy. The small sized little youth standing in the corner. The Zephyr Academy this year had not only reduced the number of their participants taking part in the Spirit Battle Tournament by almost half, it seemed that they had even been forced to include a pint sized brat within their contestants! That really made the contestants in the first district get incredibly excited!

No matter what anyone said, not a single one among them believed for a moment that they would lose to a puny twit like that in a match. They saw that he would at most be fourteen or fifteen years of age and it was assumed that his ring spirit should not have awakened for long. At that age, the best that he could have achieved would still merely put him at the red spirit level. In addition to his young age, the brat was skinny and frail looking and he did not look like he would be able to put up a fight. All these told them that they had one less strong opponent to compete with and they had gained another potential opportunity for them to shine out!

Although the Zephyr Academy had already fallen into decline, but their name and reputation were still widely known throughout the lands. If they were given a chance to be matched up to the puny brat from the Zephyr Academy here, they would have won themselves endless future bragging rights for having defeated an elite.

To have won out over a disciple of the Zephyr Academy in battle, would always be a badge of honour to their name no matter when it happened!

The drawing of lots had not even begun and many of the disciples were all secretly praying that they would be able to be matched up with Jun Wu Xie in the first round as they did not for a moment think that a diminutive midget like that would last to the second round. So, no matter whoever was matched up with the little brat in the first round, that person would have won himself a great advantage and that wasn’t a chance that came by every single year.

Standing silently in a corner, Jun Wu Xie was completely unaware she had been perceived to become a helpless lamb sent here for slaughter. She just remained in the corner quietly, with no one knowing what was going through her mind. All those sinister gazes with their malicious intentions had become to her, something she had gotten used to completely disregard and were non existent. But suddenly, she detected a strange gaze that was different from all the others on her but that gaze was one that did not make her feel the slightest discomfort.

Jun Wu Xie raised her head and looked into the direction of that gaze. From within the mass of people, she saw a pretty face of a young girl, adorned with a pair of almond shaped eyes.

The young girl was observing Jun Wu Xie when Jun Wu Xie suddenly raised her head, and their eyes met at that moment. It was just a brief moment and that little fair skinned face suddenly looked like it was on flame, immediately turning a full shade of scarlet. Those eyes were suddenly panic stricken and she hurriedly lowered her head, futilely trying to hide herself as she slightly shifted herself by shuffling a few tiny steps to the side.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes were tinged with puzzlement. She recalled having seen the girl before, back at the Crown Prince’s Residence, and the girl had also been dressed in the uniform of the War Banner Academy. If she was remembering it correctly, on that day back at the Crown Prince’s Residence, she had heard Lei Chen calling out the girl’s name a few times.

[Ling Yue? Seems to be those two words. It should be right.]

Jun Wu Xie’s mind began to churn quickly. Late last night, Fei Yan had gathered all of them and forcibly crammed into all of them information about all the disciples from the War Banner Academy and the Dragon Slayers Academy who were taking part in the Spirit Battle Tournament. And one of them had been about this young girl who had peeked at her, and immediately turned a bright red when she was caught.

Qu Ling Yue, the disciple who held the first rank in the War Banner Academy’s very own Spirit Battle Tournament!

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