GDBBM – Chapter 665

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Chapter 665: “At the Bottom of the Cliff (3)”

After everyone swallowed the elixirs, Jun Wu Xie did not take any other immediate action.

“Little Black.”

Jun Wu Xie suddenly summoned the little black cat. The very moment the little black cat appeared, it morphed into the massive black beast. The little black cat immediately leaned its furry body against Jun Wu Xie and curled its tail around her, wrapping its comforting warm body around the slightly chilled Jun Wu Xie.

“You guys come here as well.” The moment she came into contact with the black beast, Jun Wu Xie was finally able to shake off the freezing chill. Under the black beast reassuring warmth, her limbs gradually regained their full functions.

Qiao Chu and the others immediately understood what Jun Wu Xie wanted and they quickly huddled close to the black beast for warmth. Qiao Chu summoned Rolly as well, and the thick furred Rolly stretched out both its arms, enclosing everyone within a warm embrace together with the black beast.

Caught within the freezing cold, they were all unable to recover their strength as they needed to constantly use their spirit powers to ward off the cold. The clothes they were wearing were already covered with a layer of frost and were no longer able to retain their body heat.

With the black beast and Rolly around them, the companions were finally able to release the layer of spirit power they covered over themselves and enjoy a moment of rest within the soft and comforting warm fur, recovering some of their lost strength and spirit powers.

“Meh?” Carried in Ye Sha’s arms, Lord Meh Meh jumped off onto the ground. It shook itself to fling off the water droplets from its body and suddenly transformed itself into its gigantic nine tailed form. Almost half of its enormous body was hidden from their view, lost behind the mist as it obediently laid down on the ground. Its nine gigantic very fluffy tails curled and wrapped the black beast, Rolly, and everyone else close onto its belly, where it was warmest, driving out the chill in all their bodies.

Jun Wu Xie raised her eyes up, to look into Lord Meh Meh’s incredibly earnest eyes. Jun Wu Xie’s eyes softened a little and raised a hand to pat Lord Meh Meh on one of its tails, before she closed her eyes to enjoy the sweet and much needed warmth around her, and concentrated on recovery.

[Does this mean its “feedstress” has forgiven it?]

Lord Meh Meh blinked its eyes happily. Ever since the last incident, it had been eaten with endless guilt and now that an opportunity was presented before it to make its “feedstress” forgive it, Lord Meh Meh was very diligent. It raised its body temperature a little bit more, bringing the warmth within the furry “enclosure” up a notch!

The might of a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast shone brightly at that moment. Lord Meh Meh’s warmth was heaven sent and it almost made everyone forget just how bone chillingly cold it was just moments ago.

Although it was undeniably tempting, Jun Wu Xie and her companions did not dare dally and indulge too long. They had just reached the bottom of the cliff and the exploration of the area was just about to begin. Their supply of water and rations were limited and they would not be able to remain here too long.

They took half a day to recover their strength and spirit powers, and their clothes were dried by the heat, courtesy of Lord Meh Meh’s warm embrace.

“Are you able to ascertain at which point are we on the map?” Jun Wu Xie asked, turning to Fei Yan. Fei Yan was more astute and had a keener eye towards terrains than anyone of them there.

Fei Yan shook her head and said: “Visibility is too low here and I am not able to match the area to the map. It is rather strange though, if the visibility here had always been like this, even with a full map, it would still be difficult to ascertain the direction. Unless, one of the pieces of the maps shows the point where people descending from the Heaven’s End Cliff would land, which would enable us to accurately pinpoint all the landmarks on the map.”

Without an accurate point of reference, they were not able to know where they were on the map, which would make the map useless to them.

“We’ll take a look around, and understand the place a little first. Whatever we see here will definitely help us in the future.”

Fei Yan nodded to agree.

All of them then decided to move out, and carry on with the exploration.

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