GDBBM – Chapter 652

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Chapter 652: “Nobody Messes With My Patient (4)”

The man looked at Jun Wu Xie as his entire body trembled visibly. Even though the young youth before his eyes looked to be so scrawny and weak, he did not dare underestimate the youth in the slightest.

For someone to be able to command a legendary Guardian Grade Spirit Beast, there was no way he would be just a simple common youth.

Even with so many of them, before the might of the Guardian Grade Spirit Beast, not a single one among them had been able to escape and they were all captured. Even when they had split up and hid themselves among the dense trees in the woods, none of them had still been lucky enough to escape.

After realising the unbelievable might of the Guardian Grade Spirit Beast, they had completely given up on any thoughts of escape.

“I….. I…..” The man conspicuously froze a moment and his eyes appeared shifty as he glanced around him.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed slightly. Lord Meh Meh quickly and intelligently detected its “feedstress’” annoyance and it surreptitiously flicked out one of its tails and smacked the shifty eyed man straight onto the ground!

A Guardian Grade Spirit Beast’s careless flick, was to the average human, a force one would not be able to withstand!

“ARRGH! !” A ear piercing scream erupted from the man and when Lord Meh Meh moved its tail away, the man’s entire body had been driven into the earth. He was broken in several places and blood gushed out from his body, staining the ground a deep red!

The man let out a few weak moans and his body gave a violent twitch before he completely stopped moving.

“…..” Lord Meh Meh stared at the man it had just smashed into the ground and it blinked its eyes several times before it turned to Jun Wu Xie. When it saw Jun Wu Xie’s eyes slowly turning frosty, a chill ran up its spine and it hastened to dig the man out from the ground before laying the body gently on the ground, lightly shaking and prodding it for a long while…..

The result was…..
The body was dead through and through! No doubt about it!

Even his nose had been smashed, plastered flat upon his face. His broken ribs stuck out the front of his chest and there was no way that he could be resuscitated.

“…..” Lord Meh Meh froze, and its pointed ears flatten against its head in remorse. It hung its head forlornly and did not dare look into Jun Wu Xie’s eyes.
[How was it to know that the man would be so hopelessly fragile! ? It had just “stroked” the man with its tail lightly and it had suddenly turned over and died!] [He broke too easily!]

Jun Wu Xie glanced at the man’s corpse and turned her eyes upon the frozen and petrified group of men.

The men were not aware of the “conversation” that Jun Wu Xie had with Lord Meh Meh with their eyes. They only saw that their Boss had with just a moment’s hesitation, been mercilessly executed! Not the slightest mercy was shown at all!

At that moment, although they were grateful they were still alive, they were already scared completely out of their wits and they did not even dare turn their eyes to look once at the corpse beside them.

“You, come here.” Jun Wu Xie raised a hand, pointing her finger at the man holding a bow in his hand.

The man wailed and was about to plead when he found himself kicked from behind by his companions, causing him to fall forward, landing right before Jun Wu Xie’s feet. Others in the band were fearful of being implicated and none of them made any moves to help.

Panicked, the archer fell into a kneeling position and he struck his head hard upon the ground before Jun Wu Xie. He was so terrified he did not even dare raise his head the slightest as he knelt there trembling.

“You tell me.” Jun Wu Xie’s frosty voice sounded above the man’s head.

To him, that voice sounded just like the solemn gong of death’s knell.

“It….. it wasn’t….. my idea….. to kill him….. It was him….. He made….. me do it…..” The archer prostrated himself on the ground, wishing he could sink lower down in plea, as he stammered out his reply.

“Reason.” Jun Wu Xie did not want to hear such nonsense.

The archer remembered how his Boss had died and he did not hesitate in the slightest as he said: “He….. he accidentally overheard our conversation. Boss was afraid that it would be leaked out and he ordered us to kill him off.”

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