GDBBM – Chapter 574

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Chapter 574: “Murder of a Fellow Disciple (2)”

During the Spirit Hunt, the complications that came with the believe that Jun Xie had invited Li Zi Mu to join his team made people think that Jun Xie’s intentions were not as simple as it seemed.

And not long after Li Zi Mu had joined them, he had died in the Battle Spirits Forest. And among all the members in Jun Xie’s team, only Li Zi Mu, who had joined the team halfway had died when even all the disciples from the branch division had come out unscathed. The unusual situation had made all the other disciples deeply suspicious.

Li Zi Mu must surely have been killed by Jun Xie!

Jun Xie had obviously intended to kill him right from the start!

Fan Jin looked anxiously at Jun Wu Xie. Those rumours had spread like wildfire across the plains throughout the academy and Jun Wu Xie had coincidentally not been in the academy. Fan Jin had tried his best to suppress those malicious rumours but he had failed miserably. The rumours had spread faster and more fiercely instead and everyone strongly believed that Jun Xie had killed Li Zi Mu due to jealousy and hatred.

The damage and repercussions from being rumoured to have killed a fellow disciple had huge implications just like when Lu Wei Jie had left, he had only accused Ning Xin of having plotted to kill a fellow disciple. Although she had not succeeded, but Ning Xin’s reputation had been completely torn to pieces. And now that Jun Xie had been truly branded as a murderer who had undeniably killed his fellow disciple, coupled with the fact that Li Zi Mu had indeed died, the repercussions were a whole lot worse!

If a disciple had been perceived as despicable and lacked in morals, he would most definitely suffer certain setbacks. But if someone was discovered to harbour intentions to kill a fellow disciple, and the disciple had truly died, the gravity of the matter was on a completely different matter!

In recent days, there had been much talk going around that Jun Xie must be driven out of the Zephyr Academy and the whispers had already reached all the way up to Fan Qi’s ears.

Jun Wu Xie listened in silence, and there wasn’t a single trace of anxiety on her face.

“Little Xie, what should we do about this?” Fan Jin knew Jun Wu Xie would have her own ideas and he prayed that she would be able to turn things around.

Instead, Jun Wu Xie looked slowly at Fan Jin and replied in an unhurried tone: “What they are saying is right. I did kill him.”

Although the rumour had been twisted and exaggerated, but in truth, it wasn’t that fa from what really happened.

But the truth that had been successfully covered up had been manipulated by hidden hands and it had stirred up the whole academy by adding a little spice to the story to portray her as a despicable scoundrel who had harboured hatred when she had failed in the attempt to steal the position.

Although Jun Wu Xie had indeed killed Li Zi Mu, the real reason behind it was not as shameful as what was being said in those rumours.

Fan Jin found himself unable to find any words to say to Jun Wu Xie’s reply.

Yes, Li Zi Mu was killed by Jun Wu Xie, but the real reason was not because she harboured hatred for him!

“But the truth is not like what everyone’s saying, don’t you want to explain yourself to them? The implications are too grave this time. Although my father had been able to suppress what is being said a little, but if this goes on…..” Fan Jin scratched his head furiously in frustration. He could not understand how Jun Wu Xie could still be so calm.

Doesn’t she care about her reputation at all?

All the disciples of the Zephyr Academy had esteemed backgrounds and were from significantly established families. If this rumour was leaked out and spread further, it would most definitely cause irrecoverable harm to her future prospects.

Fan Jin was feeling terribly anxious and worried but the victim herself in this whole episode was instead portraying absolute calm.

“If they want to blow it up further, let them. I had dared to do it, and I would naturally know how to handle it. But the time is still not ripe. I would like to see, who the hidden hands behind this rumours belong to.” Jun Wu Xie’s eyebrow raised slightly at the corner. She had never allowed herself to be affected by rumours.

After being reborn, while she was in the Imperial City of the Qi Kingdom, she had had her fair share of vicious rumours spread about her then.

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