GDBBM – Chapter 553

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Chapter 553: “Mysterious Black Stone (10)”

However, Jun Wu Xie was completely unaware of how fiendishly demented her request had sounded and just nodded calmly.

“A little bit will do.”

Mu Qian Fan froze in place for a while, not understanding how such a tiny sized little youth would be so gutsy. He had not flinched in the slightest from the grotesque wounds on his hand and had now even wanted to cut out a piece of his flesh…..

Didn’t he find it disgusting?

“I’ll pay you.” Jun Wu Xie added.

Mu Qian Fan waved his hands before him quickly, “No need, no need. I will not live long anyway. If you….. really want to…..” Mu Qian Fan clenched his jaw and took out a short dagger. He was doomed anyway, and the wounds were giving him so much pain that he had problems eating and sleeping, so cutting out a tiny bit of his flesh would not hurt him any much more than that. Since Jun Wu Xie had bought the black rock from him, he was already a great benefactor to him, and he did not deem it proper to collect anymore money from his benefactor.

As he spoke, Mu Qian Fan was going to cut out a piece of his flesh when Jun Wu Xie raised a hand to stop him.

“I’ll do it.” Jun Wu Xie said.

Mu Qian Fan was speechless, and he woodenly turned the dagger around and handed it over to Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie held the dagger skillfully, having held a scalpel countless times in her previous life.

Staring at Jun Wu Xie’s inverted way of holding the dagger, Mu Qian Fan chose to remain silent.

Jun Wu Xie inspected Mu Qian Fan’s wounds carefully a moment and just when Mu Qian Fan thought that the youth did not dare to do it, Jun Wu Xie suddenly quickly and skillfully cut into the side of his palm and carved out a thin slice of flesh about the size of his thumbnail.

The dagger was handled with such quick precision that he did not feel the pain till a little while later.

Cutting off sliver of his flesh with a single slice, Jun Wu Xie had not even blinked. She held the dagger horizontally with the sliver of flesh on top. She retrieved an empty bottle from within her robes with her other hand and emptied the piece of flesh into it.

“……..” Mu Qian Fan could not find the words to describe the youth before his eyes.

The youth had cut out a piece of his rotting flesh. But did he really just keep it in a bottle!?

Did he intend to keep it as a souvenir?

After keeping the bottle containing the rotted piece of flesh carefully, Jun Wu Xie dug out another bottle from within her robes. The palm sized bottle placed right before Mu Qian Fan.

“Three times a day, one pill each time. Take with warm water.” was Jun Wu Xie’s curt and simple instructions.

Mu Qian Fan did not understand what was happening at that moment and only stared blankly at Jun Wu Xie, and turned his eyes to stare at the bottle of medicine before him.

Having gotten used to Jun Wu Xie’s abnormal miserliness with spoken words, Qiao Chu consciously cleared his throat and generously explained it for Mu Qian Fan: “The medicine will help you with your injuries. Just do as you are told and it will be fine.”

Mu Qian Fan suddenly recovered his senses and shook his head in a hurry: “No need, the medicine will be wasted on my condition anyway. The fact that you purchased the black rock is more than enough and I am deeply grateful for it.”

He tried to refuse and wanted to return the medicine to Jun Wu Xie.

However, Jun Wu Xie only gave the medicine bottle a glance and raised the little bronze bell in the room and shook it gently. The attendant outside the room quickly shuffled in.

“Warm water.” Jun Wu Xie said.

The attendant was rather quick to realise what Jun Wu Xie was asking for and slipped out of the room quickly and returned with a pot of warm water before he quickly stepped out through the door once again.

“Dumb Qiao.”


“Pry his mouth open.”


Mu Qian Fan’s face paled in shock. Qiao Chu hesitated just a moment before he jumped onto Mu Qian Fan and immediately pried his mouth open. Fei Yan stood on one side and swiftly removed a single elixir from the bottle, quickly throwing it into Mu Qian Fan’s mouth while Rong Ruo followed up by pouring the warm water directly into Mu Qian Fan’s mouth!

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