GDBBM – Chapter 552

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Chapter 552: “Mysterious Black Stone (9)”

Mu Qian Fan stared in shock and nodded his head after a moment’s hesitation.

“All of us are residents of Chan Lin Town and I will naturally still be here. If you need to locate me in the near future, you can go to the last house at the end of South Street, but…..” Mu Qian Fan looked at the bandages all over his body and said with a bitter laugh: “If you still want to hear anything else from me, you will have to hurry, my body might not last much longer.”

“Your injuries are grave?” Hearing the implied meaning behind Mu Qian Fan’s words, Hua Yao asked, his brow furrowed.

Mu Qian Fan nodded. “It’s already a miracle that I am still living.” Among the brothers who had gone with him, two of them had breathed their last hours after being afflicted with the poison. The fact that Mu Qian Fan could last till this moment greatly surprised himself.

“Let me see?” Jun Wu Xie said suddenly.

Mu Qian Fan hesitated. He looked at Jun Wu Xie, deeply concerned. “It’s rather gory, you really want to see?”

He was afraid that his disgusting wounds would frighten the young youth.

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

Mu Qian Fan sighed, and began to slowly remove the bandage on his left hand.

Flesh stuck to the bandage as it was slowly peeled off, displaying to them a bloody and gory sight as the covered wounds on his hand was once again exposed to the air.

Just one look had made all the others in the room suck in a deep breath.

The whole of Mu Qian Fan’s hand looked as if it had been splattered with boiling oil and not a single part of the flesh was whole. The red blistering flesh was filled with yellow pus and looked just like a badly rotted piece of meat. Half the tip of his little finger had already rotted off and the white finger bone was visible under the gory mess.

The overpowering stench of blood and rot suddenly spread within the room.

Qiao Chu and the others suddenly turned pale.

Mu Qian Fan was suddenly very conscious of himself and he was thinking of wrapping his bandages back over his wounds in a hurry when a fair and tiny hand held down the other end of the bandage that had fallen onto the table.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed as she stared at the cankerous and festering sores on Mu Qian Fan’s hand. The condition that the hand was in, showed effects that was rather similar to one of the poisons she had previously concocted but in terms of the speed that the rot, it was relatively shorter and did not seem like new flesh would grow back like hers.

Seemingly completely oblivious to what a revolting sight the rotting hand was, Jun Wu Xie instead stood up and carefully inspected the hand up close.

Mu Qian Fan was shocked by Jun Wu Xie’s action. Why was such a young youth not showing any signs of fear at all? He had not only not shrunk back in fear but had instead come up close to inspect his condition carefully. The Heavens know even he himself had been badly disgusted by the rotting flesh all over his body.

But the youth had not batted an eyelid and seemed perfectly calm.

Mu Qian Fan had just wanted to say something when Qiao Chu, who had been sitting directly opposite him suddenly gave him a sign, gesturing him to remain quiet, and even giving him a friendly and knowing smile after.

Mu Qian Fan did not know what Jun Wu Xie wanted from him. But as a man about to die, he was not too concerned about it. If Jun Wu Xie was not afraid, and wanted to take a close look, he had no qualms about showing them his revolting wounds.

After a while, Jun Wu Xie went back to her seat. Her eyes were cold as she looked at Mu Qian Fan and said: “I want to cut out some flesh.”

When Jun Wu Xie’s words came out of her mouth, not just Mu Qian Fan, but even Qiao Chu and Fei Yan had expressions of utter shock on them.

Cut some flesh?

What flesh?

She really wanted to cut out a piece of flesh from Mu Qian Fan’s hand!?

Mu Qian Fan’s eyes opened up wide, seriously doubting what he had just heard.

“You….. want my flesh?” Even if he had accepted that his death was imminent, Mu Qian Fan was nevertheless still badly traumatised by Jun Wu Xie’s words.

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