GDBBM – Chapter 537

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Chapter 537: “Seeking Torment, In a Pair (5)”

“That arrogant scoundrel! If he did not have those purple spirit exponents behind him, he would be nothing before me!”

Ning Xin was on the verge of exploding in rage, if she had not seen with her own eyes that had the support of those purple spirit leveled exponents, she would never condescended herself to come try to win the favour of such a nobody like Jun Xie. And what infuriated her further was that Jun Xie was not only not showing humble gratitude, but was not even reciprocating the generous gesture. She had not once, but twice rebuffed her, totally embarrassing and humiliating her. It had left the highly arrogant Ning Xin, visibly trembling with rage.

Yin Yan was surprised to see it and he hurried forward to appease her. “Senior Ning, you need not be bothered by such an imbecile who doesn’t know what’s good for him. I see him as a weirdo and he acts peculiarly, making people extremely uncomfortable around him. Since he doesn’t know a good thing when he sees it, Senior Ning shouldn’t go look him up anymore.”

To be honest, Yin Yan was afraid of Jun Xie. Whenever he thought back to the scene in the Battle Spirits Forest, he would still shiver in fright.

If Ning Xin had not asked, he would never want to associate himself with Jun Xie ever again.

Now that Jun Xie had embarrassed Ning Xin repeatedly, Yin Yan jumped at the chance to attempt to kill any other intentions Ning Xin might still be holding against Jun Xie and distance himself from the cold and callous Jun Xie.

Ning Xin clenched her jaw. “You think I like doing it? It was all for my father! If we leave Jun Xie alone, he would only be further entrenched in his support for Fan Jin. And at this moment, the slander against me within the academy is still increasing! If it is allowed to go on, Fan Jin would not have to lift a finger and everyone will begin to despise me and forget everything about him in the past. His reputation will once again rise to become the Senior Fan that everyone respects and adores! All the efforts that we have put in will have been in vain!”

The hatred in her heart made her wish she could crush Jun Xie’s bones and scatter his ashes but she knew she had no choice but to swallow all the humiliation thrown upon her.

If not for those purple spirit exponents, she wouldn’t have to bother herself with such trash, like Jun Xie.  

Yin Yan gulped. When Fan Jin’s name was brought up, the hatred that had been forgotten with his fear suddenly rushed back up to the surface.

Ning Xin drew in a deep breath, trying to diffuse the malice showing on her face.

“If he chose to reject the olive branch offered to him, he must be prepared to suffer my wrath. Since Jun Xie does not know what’s good for him, I will soon make him realise how advantageous it would be for him to have me, Ning Xin, as a friend! At that time, he will finally know the right choice to make when choosing friends.”

Winning Jun Xie over was a mission that she must complete. No matter how much Ning Xin hated him, she had no choice but to put up with it. And after she has established a link with the purple spirit exponents through Jun Xie, she did not believe, with her respected identity and intelligent mind, she would not be able to win the exponents over.

If Jun Xie, with his unlikable personality was able to win the support of that group of exponents, she would naturally be able to do better!

“Senior Ning, what do you plan to do?” Yin Yan asked cautiously.

Ning Xin gave him a cold laugh. “Recently, because of Lu Wei Jie and his band, the Zephyr Academy was caught up in another storm, making everyone forget about Jun Xie’s misdeeds. People are always so forgetful, and it is time someone reminded all the disciples of Jun Xie’s various past misdeeds. If I am not wrong, Li Zi Mu had lost his life in the Battle Spirits Forest in the recent Spirit Hunt, and the senior that had accompanied him had said that before Li Zi Mu died, he had defected to Fan Jin’s team. You tell me, Fan Jin had been able to protect Jun Xie and even those disciples from the branch division so well, why had Li Zi Mu been the only one to lose his life? I fear that Jun Xie had acted on his hatred and it had resulted in such a tragedy….. Don’t you think so? Hahaha…..”

Ning Xin shared her scheme with her hand over her mouth, and she broke out into malicious laughter as her eyes narrowed, shining in sinister conspiracy.

“When he is overwhelmed and crushed down by the mountain of curses and insults, that will be the time I reach out my hand, offering to save him from the inescapable predicament. Won’t he be eternally grateful to me then?”

Jun Xie, since you have so bluntly snubbed me, do not blame me for the harsh treatment then!

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    How feeble her scheme seems to be. Due to the fact that Jun Xie is a genius in both spirit healing and in medicine. Ning Xin is in way over her head when she realizes that her schemes would not effect Jun Xie. Does Ning Xin even realize that the first round of rumors had no effect on Jun Xie? Why is she still using the same scheme. So boring this minor villain. Not enought to even reach cultivation lvl of the apex.

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