GDBBM – Chapter 536

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Chapter 536: “Seeking Torment, In a Pair (4)”

Jun Wu Xie stared at Fan Zhuo and she had to admit that Fan Zhuo had a brain that was much more intelligent than his blockhead of a brother’s. He had not needed any prompting to be able to see and understand the whole situation clearly.

“But she isn’t that dense either, after having been snubbed so unceremoniously two times in a row by you, I’m sure she would have understood by now that she would not be getting what she is seeking from you.” Fan Zhuo said as if talking to himself, but having gotten used to Jun Xie’s usual silence, he wasn’t feeling too bothered about it.

“She might just be a little intelligent, but do not forget that she still has a old and crafty father. If they are not able to gain what they seek from the target, they will plot to get rid of it altogether. Please be a bit more careful of everything around you.”

“I know.” Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly. She wasn’t fearful that Ning Rui would make his move, but she was afraid that he would hold back and that would make it a lot less fun.

“My body has been feeling much better recently and if Little Xie doesn’t have too much on his hands to do in the academy, would you accompany me out on a short trip?” Fan Zhuo asked, pushing the other issues away from his mind.


“Auction house.”

Jun Wu Xie raised an eyebrow. She had intended to make a trip to the auction house. When they had been in the Battle Spirits Forest, she had amassed quite a load of spirit stones with Qiao Chu and the others and had been looking for an opportunity to go to the auction house to sell them, but had not found a chance to do it. Fan Zhuo’s suggestion had suddenly reminded her about it.

“I have something I need to buy, would you accompany me? You should know, with my body in this condition, my father and brother would not readily allow me to go out alone. And if we allow them to arrange for escorts, they will surely be overprotective and make it meaningless for me by having a whole bunch of people to watch my every move. But if you are with me, Father and my brother would be a lot less worried.” Fan Zhuo gave Jun Xie an extremely gentle smile. Over this period, after seeing that he had shown great improvements in his recuperation, Fan Qi had been more left more assured or he would have arranged for another person to come look after Fan Zhuo after Ah Jing was driven away.

Because Fan Zhuo’s health had dramatically improved, Fan Qi had begun to trust in Jun Xie’s skills in Medicine a little and even though the two of them had never met, Fan Qi was full of praise for Jun Xie.

“For your trip, having me alone with you might not be adequate.” Jun Wu Xie did not immediately give Fan Zhuo a straight answer. Although the Fan father and son believed that Jun Xie could completely heal Fan Zhuo, they still would be allow him to bring Fan Zhuo out galavanting alone.

It might be easy to convince Fan Jin as he had witnessed Jun Wu Xie’s powers in the Battle Spirits Forest and might not be too worried, but Fan Qi would surely be a lot harder to convince.

Just as Fan Zhuo was thinking that Jun Xie was about to reject him, Jun Wu Xie suddenly said: “I have a few companions. If we invite them along, it should then be alright.”

The smile on Fan Zhuo’s face widened.

“Little Xie has companions here? If they are willing, it would naturally be for the best.”

Fan Zhuo was feeling a tad bit curious what kind of people the companions that Jun Xie was talking about were. Over this period where they had interacted with each other here in the bamboo grove, he knew Jun Xie had a very cold personality and seldom initiated contact with anyone. Jun Xie would only speak a little more to the two Fan brothers within the whole Zephyr Academy and for anyone else who might have tried, they would have ended up in a situation not too different from Ning Xin and Yin Yan.

“They will be willing.” Jun Wu Xie replied calmly.

If her memory served her correctly, Qiao Chu was the one who had pestered her to go to the auction house to net them some gold and this would seem like the perfect opportunity.

Fan Zhuo was discussing with Jun Wu Xie on their plan to go to the auction house here while on the other side, Ning Xin’s face was thunderously dark as she hurried out of the little bamboo grove and Yin Yan who was following obediently behind her was so frightened by the look on Ning Xin’s face that he did not dare utter a single sound.

When they reached a place where there was nobody around, Ning Xin could contain her rage no longer!

“That arrogant scoundrel! If he did not have those purple spirit exponents behind him, he would be nothing before me!”

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