GDBBM – Chapter 508

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Chapter 508:”Consecutive Slaps – Fourth Form (8)”

Lu Wei Jie’s reaction had given him the answer and no more words were needed.

“The Zephyr Academy is reputed to be among the famed top three academies but it seems that they are not above employing underhanded methods just the same! Their disciples plot murder in order to rob, and their teachers bully the weak and invalids. What kind of disgrace are they bringing to their name, aren’t you guys ashamed of yourselves?” Rong Heng spat those words out, holding nothing but utter contempt for the Zephyr Academy. He had once belonged to the mightiest and most revered Qing Yun Clan afterall, and before the Qing Yun Clan had been obliterated, they had not cared to be bothered much even when the Zephyr Academy’s Headmaster himself had come right to their gates asking for an audience.

Moreover to a mere Nangong Xu?

So what if he was an indigo spirit exponent?

Their invited resident mercenaries then had no lack of indigo spirit experts as well!

Although the Qing Yun Clan no longer existed, his Master Mu Chen was the only remaining Elder of the Qing Yun Clan still alive. With a single word from Mu Chen, countless highly skilled exponents would move mountains just to gain his favour.

When the soldiers of the Rui Lin Army had gotten themselves injured trying to protect him and his fellow disciples from harm, Rong Heng had already been boiling with anger. And now, when even the teachers were exhibiting such tyranny without even listening to reason made him absolutely seethe in rage!

Nangong Xu’s flushed red. Hearing the Zephyr Academy’s prestigious name so thoroughly insulted and put down, he could not help but feel indignant.

“Who are you? How dare you smear the name of my Zephyr Academy so lightly! ?”

Rong Heng snorted and laughed coldly to say: “I’m from the Cloud Treading Peak, a disciple of Elder Mu Chen, Rong Heng!”

The indignation faded completely from Nangong Xu’s face at that moment. And in its place, was an expression of utter shock!

Cloud Treading Peak!

It wasn’t too long ago that the Cloud Treading Peak had not enjoyed such fame. But after the whole Qing Yun Clan suddenly disappeared, those three words had in tandem with Mu Chen’s name, suddenly rang shrilly and loudly, reaching every corner throughout the lands! The Qing Yun Clan’s only surviving Elder, and the last bunch of disciples of his!

Presently, after the Qing Yun Clan ceased to exist, Mu Chen had in turn become the Qing Yun Clan!

The true meaning behind those two words, had exceeded anyone’s expectations!

Nangong Xu would never have dreamed, that Lu Wei Jie and his team would get tangled up with the Cloud Treading Peak!

Not just Nangong Xu, but even Lu Wei Jie had not ever thought of it…..

He had thought that Long Qi and his men were the most important people within the group of people. Little did he know, it would be the unremarkable Rong Heng and his fellow disciples…..

It’s the Cloud Treading Peak!

After the Qing Yun Clan vanished, they were replaced by Mu Chen and his disciples…..

Lu Wei Jie wished he would just die at that moment. He finally realised that he had provoked a group of people whom he must never ever provoke!

With Mu Chen current exalted status and prestigious position, a single word from him would draw countless exponents to him! Whoever harmed his disciples, needless to mention Lu Wei Jie, as even the Headmaster of the Zephyr Academy himself would not be able to stop Mu Chen’s might!

Lu Wei Jie’s trembling grew even worse at that moment.

Even Nangong Xu’s countenance was showing a tinge of green.

“My fellow disciples and I came to the Battle Spirits Forest with General Long and his men from the Rui Lin Army, and we chanced upon these disciples of the Zephyr Academy. They claimed to possess a map of the Battle Spirits Forest and made a deal with us for leading us here. But they had finally schemed to rob and murder us all. They had attempted to get us killed here in the forest, and steal the loot from our bodies thereafter!” Rong Heng said with disdain.

Upon hearing that, Nangong Xu’s body swayed heavily.

Rui Lin Army!

That was the widely known, and reputed to be the most ferocious strike force!

He had not truly believed Rong Heng’s words in the beginning, but after hearing of the Rui Lin Army, Nangong Xu was completely convinced. The Rui Lin Army were famed not for their battle strength and power, but they earned their reputation due to the fearlessness and ferocity on the battlefield. Determined and impartial, righteous and unyielding. They were a force that everyone held a deep respect for. Soldiers from that a force like that, would never spout any accusations with intentional inaccuracies!

Nangong Xu was losing his mind, just what had given Lu Wei Jie and his teammates the guts to scheme against such a group of people. Disciples from the Cloud Treading Peak, and a general from the Rui Lin Army…..

They must have been seeking their own deaths!

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