GDBBM – Chapter 507

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Chapter 507:”Consecutive Slaps – Fourth Form (7)”

Fan Jin was following Long Qi and the rest as they returned and when they got back, he saw that the teachers from the Zephyr Academy were engaged in battle with the soldiers from the Rui Lin Army! The high strung nerves that had plagued him endlessly which he had just managed to relax a little immediately tensed up once again at that moment.

“Grandpa Xu! Make them stop! You must not fight them! They have to stop!” Fan Jin was on the verge of tears as he pleaded with Nangong Xu.

What was really happening here!

“Stop!” Nangong Xu said suddenly. The teachers from the Zephyr Academy stopped their attacks, and withdrew immediately.

Rong Heng and the other two disciples of the Cloud Treading Peak immediately rushed over to treat the wounds of the injured Rui Lin Army soldiers.

“What is going on here? Fan Jin, where do those people behind you come from? Why are they holding the disciples from my Zephyr Academy hostage!? Do they really think that people from our Zephyr Academy can be bullied so easily? If I do not get a good explanation here today, even if you are here, I will not let the matter rest that easily.” Nangong Xu’s face was creased in a deep frown. He had always been in charge of safety during the Zephyr Academy’s Spirit Hunts, and today, he had suddenly found that the disciples of the Zephyr Academy were actually captured and held hostage by external forces. He had deemed it to be an undeniable affront to the Zephyr Academy’s prestigious name.  

Fan Jin hurriedly tried to explain: “This is not what it seems, Grandpa Xu. You are misunderstanding…..”

“Misunderstanding? The facts are before my eyes. Do you think I am blind?” Nangong Xu said coldly.

Long Qi’s stalwart face boiled with a silent rage beneath. He gave Jun Wu Xie a discreet glance and when he saw Jun Wu Xie gave him a slight nod, he allowed his rage to show and released it without suppression.

“I would assume you to be blind. You chose only to see the Zephyr Academy’s disciples held here, but did you ever bother to think why they are held?” Long Qi replied with a cold laugh, his impression of the Zephyr Academy growing from bad to worse.

“Why?” Nangong Xu challenged.

“Let them tell you that themselves!” Long Qi retorted.

Nangong Xu turned to stare at the disciples. Lu Wei Jie who had been the first to speak up to stop the teachers now shivered as Nangong Xu’s stern gaze fell upon them. They all knew that although Nangong Xu was highly protective of the Zephyr Academy, but he possessed a very straightforward personality. He was a man of his word, always righteous and impartial. If any of the disciples committed a wrong, he would mete out the same punishment even if it was Fan Jin or Ning Xin.   

“Lu Wei Jie, speak. What really happened?” Nangong Xu’s voice was cold. “Just speak your mind. If anybody dares to bully any disciples from my Zephyr Academy, I will fight for your justice even if it costs me this old set of bones.”

Thinking that Lu Wei Jie might be holding back due to his fear of Long Qi, Nangong Xu prodded him on encouragingly.

Upon hearing Nangong Xu’s words, Lu Wei Jie started to tremble even more.

“It….. It’s not what you see….. Teacher Nangong….. Actually….. Actually we….. we attempted to plot….. against General Long and his men, and they….. caught us…..” Lu Wei Jie finally managed with a badly shaking voice, stuttering as he went on.

With that confession of guilt, Nangong Xu suddenly found himself at a loss for words for a moment. His air of arrogance dissipated into the air, disappearing into the wind.

“What….. What did you say?”

“Plot against them? How lightly you are putting it!” He was still tending to the wounds on the soldiers of the Rui Lin Army when Rong Heng suddenly could not hold himself back and spat out these words: “Why didn’t you tell your teachers that you intentionally provoked and led a Guardian grade Spirit Beast to us with the intention to get us all killed! If we had not fortunately managed to escape, we would already be homeless souls within this dark forest now! With no way to redress the injustice!”

“WHAT!?” Nangong Xu was outraged! Rong Heng’s words were like cold hard stones, every one struck him upon his heart as those words fell into his ears. He turned his head anxiously to look at Lu Wei Jie. When he saw Lu Wei Jie lower his head guiltily, his face was suddenly overcome with panic.

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