GDBBM – Chapter 456

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Chapter 456: “Consecutive Slaps – First Form (3)”

Before Fan Jin could say a word, Jun Wu Xie suddenly said: “Bring him along.”

Jun Xie’s sudden words stunned everyone into silence.

Fan Jin could not believe his ears. Did Jun Xie just said to bring Li Zi Mu along? The same scoundrel, Li Zi Mu, who had caused Jun Xie’s days in the Zephyr Academy to become hell and Jun Xie was agreeing for him to join up with them ! ?

Li Zi Mu was just as shocked as he looked at Jun Xie. He had guessed that Fan Jin would accept him and Jun Xie would definitely object. Never would he have expected that Jun Xie would be the first one to agree!

Even the other youths in Li Zi Mu’s team were flabbergasted as they stared at Jun Xie in incredulity.

They knew very well the “grudges” between Jun Xie and Li Zi Mu. Jun Xie had resorted to hiding himself within the bamboo grove and not come out for a long time and Li Zi Mu had not stopped trying to gain sympathy borrowing on the prior incident with Jun Xie. They knew those two people were bitter enemies.

And Jun Xie was asking Fan Jin to accept Li Zi Mu just like that?

The other youths were deeply puzzled and confused.

Jun Wu Xie shot Fan Jin a glance and the rejection that had been on the tip of his tongue was hastily swallowed. Fan Jin recomposed himself and said to Li Zi Mu instead: “You can come with me, but you better pull your socks up! Or I will throw you to feed the Spirit Beasts!” Fan Jin was most unwilling to take in that ungrateful jerk but he could not stand up to the cold glance that Jun Xie gave him, and he had finally succumbed.

Li Zi Mu smiled happily at that moment and thanked Fan Jin profusely, and he totally ignored Jun Xie who had been the first one to say he could stay.

Jun Wu Xie only lowered her eyes and did not say a word.

The other youths who had been “betrayed” by Li Zi Mu were going to leave in rage but Jun Wu Xie suddenly spoke and threw a few medicine bottles to them.

“Treat your wounds.” Jun Wu Xie said without emotion.

The youths caught the bottles and looked at Jun Xie in confusion. They could not comprehend why Jun Xie would do that as they knew they had been party to cursing Jun Xie behind his back. And now that they were abandoned by one of their own, it was Jun Xie whom they had cursed at so vehemently that had extended his hand to help…..

“Li Zi Mu is not a simple guy, you….. watch your back.” The senior who had mentored Li Zi Mu gripped the medicine in his hand and stared at Jun Xie a moment to offer his friendly warning before turning to leave with his remaining teammates.

And that short interaction with Jun Wu Xie had planted a subtle seed in the hearts of all those youths.

“The wise bends according to changing circumstances, Senior Fan. You are so highly skilled and I thought of learning from the birds, where they find a stronger branch to perch from.” Li Zi Mu ignored the words of his former teammates completely and was only focused on sticking himself close to Fan Jin’s side.

Fan Jin’s expression got darker and darker and he still could not understand what Jun Xie really wanted to do.

“Sigh, what a dumb block.” A voice filled with sarcasm sounded suddenly with a laugh.

Li Zi Mu turned his head to look.

Fei Yan was smiling as he looked at Li Zi Mu with pity.

Li Zi Mu frowned. A disciple from the branch division dared to act so arrogantly before him !?

“Qiao Chu, Brother Hua.” After making sure that the other youths had completely left, Jun Wu Xie tilted her head and said to Hua Yao and Qiao Chu.

Hua Yao’s mouth curled sinisterly at the corners and Qiao Chu bumped his fists together and replied together: “Understood!”

Fan Jin was still trying to decipher what Jun Xie’s real intentions were when a pitiful scream sounded right beside him!

Li Zi Mu had been trying very hard to impress him and was standing by his side just a moment ago when in a blink, he saw that Hua Yao and Qiao Chu had both grabbed Li Zi Mu by a shoulder each and were holding him pressed down against the tree just behind him.



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