GDBBM – Chapter 455

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Chapter 455: “Consecutive Slaps – First Form (2)”

Li Zi Mu still refused to answer his teammates when right at that moment, several figures fell from above, landing on the ground right before their eyes!

The sudden appearance of the those figures shocked the exhausted youths.

But when they managed to see them clearly in the next moment, their startled hearts calmed back to normal.

Those figures were dressed in uniforms that showed they belonged to the branch division of the Zephyr Academy and when all the others saw clearly that the figures were just the disciples from the inferior branch division, their faces creased into deep frowns immediately.

However, the two other figures that descended right after, greatly surprised the other youths

When Jun Wu Xie and Fan Jin landed on the ground, Li Zi Mu who had been sitting on the ground suddenly jumped up. He surveyed Jun Xie’s clean and spotless clothes and when he saw Fan Jin standing protectively next to Jun Xie, an inexplicable surge of jealousy came upon him.

He felt that he was obviously the one that really deserved protection and why would the last Spirit Tournament’s fourth ranked Fan Jin protect Jun Xie so much?

Before this, Li Zi Mu had not felt this way before. But he and his team were chased by a huge pack of jackals throughout the night and many of them were covered in wounds, and he had to still swallow his pride and resort to sucking up to his teammates after all this. And what about Jun Xie? He was still safe and sound under Fan Jin’s protection without having suffered a single scratch, and his clothes had not even been creased!

If right from the beginning, Jun Xie had not been here, there wouldn’t have been the farce about the stealing of the position at the Spirit Healing faculty and Fan Jin might just have taken him under his wing instead!

And if Fan Jin was his mentor, he would be safe from any dangers within the Battle Spirits Forest! When he saw Jun Xie and  the several other disciples from the branch division with Fan Jin all looking well rested and still clean, he suddenly felt insanely jealous.

Those thoughts filled Li Zi Mu’s mind completely and his eyes that were staring at Jun Xie suddenly became vicious.

“Senior Fan! This is my first time here at the Battle Spirits Forest and am extremely unfamiliar with the surroundings. Can I follow and walk with you from here on? I might not have strong spiritual powers but my ring spirit and Spirit Healing technique would be a great help to you. Would you allow me to tag along with you?” Li Zi Mu had decided he wanted to cling on to the highly skilled Fan Jin and he could not care any less that he was saying all this before his current teammates. He strongly believed that if he hung around Fan Jin long enough, Fan Jin would undoubtedly realise that a Spirit Healer faculty disciple like him was better than Jun Xie in every way!

After Li Zi Mu said that, Fan Jin did not react. However, the senior who mentored Li Zi Mu suddenly found his rage rise!

“Li Zi Mu! You are such a despicable and ungrateful brat!” He had almost been maimed trying to save Li Zi Mu but Li Zi Mu had cleanly forgotten what he had done for him the moment Fan Jin had appeared. He had never met anyone more self centered than Li Zi Mu!

Li Zi Mu gritted his teeth and did not even turn back to face his mentor but continued to look pleadingly at Fan Jin.

Fan Jin stared at Li Zi Mu with a deep frown on his face and his expression was one of utter disgust. The kind of people he had always hated to the core were ungrateful scoundrels just like this.

Fan Jin had acutely noticed after the attack from the pack of jackals, the whole team was looking to be in bad shape, all bruised and battered and their clothes all tattered and torn. But Li Zi Mu on the other hand, did not have a scratch on him compared to the bloody wounds seen on his teammates. It was fairly obvious that the team had been looking out for his safety and Li Zi Mu had so indifferently turned around and asked to switch teams….. How big of a jerk was he?!

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