GDBBM – Chapter 427

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Chapter 427: “Malady or Poison (2)”

“Young Master Jun! Please help find the Elder Young Master and tell him that the Young Master had fallen ill. Please.” Ah Jing pleaded with Jun Wu Xie, tears running down his face.

Jun Wu Xie shook her head and pulled out the silver needles she always carried around with her. She told Ah Jing in a cold voice: “Fetch some hot water and warm wine.”

“What?” Ah Jing was stunned and did not move. He suddenly recovered and saw that Jun Xie was holding silver needles longer than his fingers and was about to administer them on Fan Zhuo. Shock shook him and he immediately jumped onto Jun Xie, pulling back on the hand that was about to administer the needles onto Fan Zhuo.

“What are you doing to my Young Master!”

At times like this, Jun Xie was not running to Fan Jin to get people to help and was going to use those needles on Fan Zhuo! ? All those rumours and gossip that he had heard suddenly came rushing into mind and those eyes that had been looking at Jun Xie suddenly changed.

“If you dare to harm my Young Master in any way, I will not let you off!”

Jun Wu Xie’s brows furrowed as she looked at Ah Jing’s eyes that were filled with hatred, and whispered: “Little black.”

Just as the words came out of Jun Wu Xie’s mouth, the little black cat that had been lying on Jun Wu Xie’s shoulders suddenly jumped at Ah Jing, and the tiny body morphed and grew in midair, turning suddenly into a massive black beast!

“ARGH! !” Ah Jing was pinned to the ground by the black beast and he screamed out in terror.

“Quiet.” Jun Wu Xie said with a frown.

The black beast opened its great jaws and held Ah Jing by the neck. Ah Jing was so terrified that he did not dare utter another sound.

Silence finally fell in the room and Jun Wu Xie worked her needles on Fan Zhuo immediately.

Ah Jing stared wordlessly as he watched Jun Wu Xie stick those long silver needles into Fan Zhuo’s body. When he saw the needles prick the skin and its length disappearing into the body, Ah Jing’s eyes became red. All the gossips and rumours about Jun Xie whispered into his ears repeatedly and suddenly took root in his mind. Fear crept into his heart. Had they allowed a wolf in sheep’s clothing into their midst?

Jun Wu Xie did not have the time to bother with what Ah Jing was thinking. Fan Zhuo’s body was in the worst of conditions. She suspected that his body carried not only a deep rooted malady but that elements of induced poison were also present.

But she was rather puzzled. She had taken Fan Zhuo’s pulse some time earlier and she had not detected any traces of poison in Fan Zhuo’s body. But the poison had hit Fan Zhuo so strongly today. Was it mere coincidence or was this caused by someone’s hand?

Jun Wu Xie worked to stabilise Fan Zhuo’s veins and arteries on one hand and was juggling to extract the poison from his body with the silver needles on the other hand. The colour of the blood that flowed out from Fan Zhuo’s body made Jun Wu Xie raise an eyebrow in query.

The colour of Fan Zhuo’s blood was extremely light, unlike the blood of a normal person. And the smell of the blood was rather faint as it dripped from a silver needle drop by drop. The blood did not look to be tainted by poison and this did not match Jun Wu Xie’s initial diagnosis.

Could it be that poison was not used?

Jun Wu Xie raised an eyebrow in thought and her hands moved endlessly. Fan Zhuo’s body had been very weak all this time and it was already a miracle that he had lasted this long. With this sudden seizure, it had almost depleted everything his weak body had left in the first place. Fan Zhuo’s lifeforce was leaving his body fast and if left alone, he would not live past two hours!

It was not the time to get caught up with the strange signs on Fan Zhuo’s body, but to focus on keeping him alive.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes suddenly glimmered with a frosty light. It was always in situations like this, that she was fighting tooth and nail against Death himself to gain every second she could for her patient, that made Jun Wu Xie’s blood boil and endlessly excited her.

With the twelve silver needles, she set the foundation, to protect Fan Zhuo’s main heart artery. She used another seven silver needles to seal his acupressure points to contain Fan Zhuo’s weakening breaths. Gripping her needles firmly, Jun Wu Xie’s hands flew after stabilising Fan Zhuo’s condition and embarked on her long battle, fighting for the same man, as she stared at Death straight in the eyes.




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