GDBBM – Chapter 425

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Chapter 425: “Trust”

Both Senior Ning and Gu Li Sheng had placed importance on Li Zi Mu and that had made Yin Yan rather jealous. And when he saw how badly Li Zi Mu was clumsily fumbling through his tasks everyday, he could not help but smile in joy.

Li Zi Mu was just thrash and would never amount to anything.

“How did it turn out like that?” Senior Ning asked, her brow furrowed. Things were obviously not moving as she had planned.

Over the past two weeks, she had been rather cordial with Li Zi Mu, as she had intended to rope him in. But if his potential did not meet up to her expectations, she would have wasted all that effort.

“Observe him for another two weeks. If things does not improve, let me know. I had intended to ask my father to put Li Zi Mu under my charge to mentor, but if he turns out to be absolutely useless, then I have no need for such trash.” Senior Ning complained in displeasure. All the seniors can take in up to two junior disciples to be under their charge and she had already given the first spot to Yin Yan. She had thought about taking in Li Zi Mu to fill up the second spot but it seemed that she would have to reconsider it again.

“Rest assured, Senior Ning. I will close a close eye on Li Zi Mu’s progress.” Yin Yan answered with his head lowered, to hide the wicked smile playing across his lips.

Senior Ning waved her hand, feeling slightly annoyed.


Time passed and days went by, Jun Wu Xie had stayed within the quaint little hut within the bamboo grove for a month. Over the past month, the rumours within the Zephyr Academy had not dwindled over time but had instead intensified, but Jun Wu Xie was not aware of it.

After a whole month’s research, Jun Wu Xie had finally been able to understand where the inadequacies in the Spirit Healing technique lay when one’s spiritual power was transformed. Gu Li Sheng’s Spirit Healing merely transforms one’s spiritual power into spirit energy to mend up injured ring spirits. But Jun Wu Xie had discovered that even without going through the transformation of one’s spiritual power, the energy could be directly applied to mend a ring spirit instead. Although the speed of the healing was slower, but it completely removed the major disadvantage of the excessive loss of one’s spiritual power in Gu Li Sheng’s technique.

Jun Wu Xie had experimented it on the Snow Lotus a few times and found that the Snow Lotus’ lifeforce had been getting stronger and stronger over the past few days. Its withered petals had now grown dense and lush just like before, and Jun Wu Xie could distinctly feel the familiar spirit energy flowing out from the Snow Lotus.   

She believed that in another two weeks, the Snow Lotus would be able to achieve a complete recovery.

That day, after Jun Wu Xie had completed her healing of the Snow Lotus, another idea popped into Jun Wu Xie’s head. In the past one month that she had stayed within the bamboo grove, though she had not stepped out of her room much, she had nevertheless silently observed Fan Zhuo’s health condition. It was just as the rumours had said outside, Fan Zhuo’s weak body was near expiration and the amount of elixirs he swallowed were more than the amount of food he ate. Although that might just forcibly sustain his body to keep him alive a little longer, but medicine and elixirs were nevertheless still drugs, and would still in part be poison to the body. The copious amount of elixirs he inhaled daily would cause a certain amount of damage to his body as well.

The negative effects would not be visible in the early stages, but when the effects accumulated over time, it would render Fan Zhuo’s body to become just an empty shell.

Jun Wu Xie walked towards Fan Zhuo’s little hut and stood before the tightly latched door. She was just about to raise her hand to knock when Ah Jing’s voice sounded from inside.

“Young Master, is the Jun Xie mentioned in the rumours outside, the same Young Master Jun staying here with us? You are not aware, but everyone out there is cursing the Elder Young Master viciously all because of him…..”

“Ah Jing, what is exactly the matter with you?” Fan Zhuo’s voice asked right after.

Ah Jing told Fan Zhuo everything he had heard about Jun Xie from the day he was admitted till now, and the tone in his voice was heavily tinged with reproach.

“How would the Elder Young Master be capable of committing favouritism and accepting of cronyism? The Elder Young Master is the nicest and most righteous person under the skies. I had never seen that Young Master Jun would commit such despicable acts. It is no wonder he does not go to the academy at all. It must be because he had stirred up so much controversy and was not able to remain in the academy.”

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