GDBBM – Chapter 418

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Chapter 418: “The Fan Brothers (2)”

Jun Wu Xie looked at Fan Zhuo sitting before her and immediately realised the identity of the frail boy next to Fan Jin.

The Headmaster of the Zephyr Academy had two sons. The adopted Fan Jin and the other one was the youth looking smilingly at her, Fan Zhuo.

Fan Zhuo was the Headmaster’s biological son but he was born with a weak body constitution compared to others. He was sixteen years old and seldom stepped out through his doors. Because of Fan Zhuo’s weak body, the Headmaster could be said to have spared no efforts and spent endless riches on huge amounts of fortification medicine and elixirs to keep him alive.

To people outside, few knew what Fan Zhuo looked like and only knew he suffered from a weak body constitution.

Jun Wu Xie discreetly observed Fan Zhuo’s countenance.

Under the loose clothes, the emaciated body was barely skin and bones, which made people wince with worry to see. His complexion was deathly pale and under his thin skin, his blood vessels were visible. The torment brought about by that weak body could not be comprehended by an average person but in this instance, even under the agonizing pain, Fan Zhuo had nevertheless maintained a stout heart. His genuine smile was not one that people would usually link to a boy who might lose his life at any minute.

Jun Wu Xie had a good impression of both of the Fan brothers. Fan Jin had defended her repeatedly and that might have contributed to her having easily liked Fan Zhuo, as birds of a feather, flock together.

“Haha, Little Zhuo. You’ve hit it right on the nail this time. To be honest, I brought Little Xie here today to freeload off your scrumptious food here. The food in the academy’s dining hall not edible. I know you have lots of good stuff here, so hurry and ask Ah Jing to whip up something for us to have a taste or two.” Fan Jin said laughing. It dawned on Jun Wu Xie that the place Fan Jin had mentioned that had great food must have been here, and he had intended to exploit his own brother all along.

Fan Zhuo laughed along and seemed used to his brother frequent “exploitation”. He shook a bell on the table with his hand and soon, the youth Ah Jing, came rushing into the room, still holding a broom in his hand.

“Young Master, what do you need?”

“Bring us some food.”


Ah Jing slipped out quickly to go prepare.

Fan Jin laughed out loud in satisfaction and turned to Jun Wu Xie to say: “Little Zhuo’s body is weak and usually has no appetite. Common fare would only further discourage his picky palate and our father has instead arranged for lots of good stuff to be prepared and sent here. Let me tell you this, if you ever want something nice to eat in future, just come find Little Zhuo here and you won’t go wrong.”

Fan Zhuo did not mind but instead gave Jun Wu Xie a smile and said: “Don’t listen to my big brother’s nonsense. The food here is just average but my body is unable to digest normal food properly, so my father has made some special arrangements for me. If in future you find yourself unused to the food in the dining hall, you can just come here. Having another person to eat with would make it livelier and I’ll have some company.”

The smooth delivery of the duet from the two brothers might have been rather impromptu and unplanned, but they truly meant every single word they said.

Being around these two warm people, Jun Wu Xie felt a tiny warmth light within her cold chill heart.  

“Thanks.” Jun Wu Xie replied.

Fan Zhuo was still smiling and his eyes were fixated on the little black cat standing on Jun Wu Xie’s shoulders, and with a questioning look in his eyes, he started to ask: “This cat…..”

“That is Little Xie’s ring spirit.” Fan Jin said.

“Can I have a closer look at it?” Fan Zhuo’s eyes did not move as he looked at the cat longingly.

Fan Jin turned to look at Fan Zhuo and then he turned to look at Jun Wu Xie before he said hesitatingly: “A ring spirit is not just any ordinary animal, it should be alright.”

Jun Wu Xie looked at Fan Jin, not understanding what he had meant, but Fan Jin only smiled.

The little black cat could feel that its mistress had a rather good impression of the two brothers and they had been rather nice to Jun Wu Xie as well. The cat finally gave in and jumped down from Jun Wu Xie’s shoulders to land on the table, before walking slowly to come before Fan Zhuo.   

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