GDBBM – Chapter 369

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Chapter 369: “Do you want more? (1)”

He Qiu Sheng’s face was green and his lips had turned purple. He felt as if he had been slapped across the face and felt humiliated beyond words.

The old headmaster turned his eyes back onto Jun Wu Xie, and his expression had turned incredibly warm and passionate towards her, and those eyes only saw a walking and speaking gold ignot in Jun Wu Xie.

“Jun Xie is your name right? You can stay in the East Wing as long as you like and if you happen to find anything unsatisfactory, feel free to let me know.” The old headmaster had suddenly turned servile towards the unbelievably generous and extravagant youth and wished at that moment for Jun Wu Xie to stay in the Phoenix Academy for life.

Jun Wu Xie did not grace him with a reply.

The old headmaster cleared his throat and told He Qiu Sheng off sternly: “The incident with your disciple is a matter of the past and I do not want to hear another word of it. Jun Xie had just come to the Phoenix Academy and is just adapting herself here. Keep a tight rein on your disciples and do not let them stray too far and inconvenience others. If I ever hear that your unruly disciples were to bully him, I will not take it so lightly again.”

Under the lure of the filthy scent of money, and having weighed the situation under its irresistible persuasion, the old headmaster fell heavily under its spell!

He Qiu Sheng was still standing at the side, turned into stone, and he could not utter a single word.

Bullied!? That brat was standing before them alive and well with nary a scratch! His disciple was the one that was still lying in bed!

Who was doing the bullying here!?

Nevertheless, He Qiu Sheng was helpless as he knew all this time that the headmaster only had eyes for money. Whoever had more, would win his favour! The South Wing had dominated the Phoenix Academy all this while because many of the disciples under him were from well to do families, but things had now changed suddenly. The beggars’ den was just admitted a fabulously loaded nouveau riche and snatched the top spot in the academy from him!

All the fees of the disciples in the South Wing would not add up to a hundred thousand even in a couple of years, there was no way they could beat that.

After berating He Qiu Sheng, the old headmaster came over to Jun Wu Xie smiling like a fresh spring breeze again and said: “If you think that Yan Bu Gui is unsuitable in any way, please let me know so I can arrange the Masters from the other wings for you if you like.”

Jun Wu Xie replied curtly: “East Wing is good.”

“Yes yes yes. Yan Bu Gui must have been extremely blessed to be able to recruit such an amazing disciple, he must have done some great deeds in his past life.” The old headmaster was bowing till his head was almost touching the floor.

“If there is nothing else, I would like to leave.” Jun Wu Xie was not interested in the fawning old headmaster.

“Sure, sure. Please go back and rest. Bu Gui, hurry and send your disciple back for his rest. It’s windy here, do not let your disciple catch a cold. He seems a little thin, I’ll get the kitchen to prepare something a little more nutritious for the East Wing tomorrow.” The old headmaster was actually displaying a rare moment of generosity.

Yan Bu Gui’s face was blank as he led Jun Wu Xie out. Even after they had stepped out of the room, his expression was still in shock.

“Kid, where did you get so much money?” Yan Bu Gui had seen Jun Wu Xie pull out a single bank note and it had not only almost blinded He Qiu Sheng and the headmaster, even Yan Bu Gui felt the world was an amazing place filled with bizarre things and people.

His little disciple had been dressed in plain clothes and had looked like he had come from a simple family. But he had pulled out a one hundred thousand taels bank note without blinking an eye…..

Yan Bu Gui had come to the Lower Realm for so many years and he had never seen money more than a hundred taels of silver.

“Much?” Jun Wu Xie looked at Yan Bu Gui, her eyes doubtful.

After her rebirth, she had never bought anything nor needed to pay for anything. Anything and everything that she needed, Jun Xian prepared them for her and she had never handled money before in this world. The bank notes she had with her were just what Jun Xian had stuffed into her hands just before she left. Those notes were as valuable as waste paper in her eyes.

“Do you want more of them? I have them here.” Jun Wu Xie saw that Yan Bu Gui seemed to hold a rather strong interest in the bank notes and she pulled out a wad of them from her sleeve….. A thick wad of bank notes.

The lowest denomination among that thick wad valued at least fifty thousand taels!

After Jun Xian had done it, Mo Qian Yuan had done the same thing and stuffed money into Jun Wu Xie’s hands before he would let her leave.

A Duke, and an Emperor….. They would not have in their possession any bank notes in denominations less than ten thousand anyway…………..



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