GDBBM – Chapter 368

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Chapter 368:”Rise of the East Wing (3)”

Yan Bu Gui’s expression grew more helpless as the headmaster’s nagging continued, and He Qiu Sheng stood on one side in glee.

“If I might add headmaster, I think the East Wing should be led by a different person. Look at what Yan Bu Gui had done now? He had only attracted just those few disciples all these years. Besides those little beggars, who would accept his as their Master? And now, the situation in the East Wing is only getting worse. They had suddenly decided to pick up another little beggar from somewhere out there who isn’t going to pay as well, further sponging on the academy. That little beggar had even had the audacity to injure my disciple from the South Wing! If you are to allow this to continue, the academy is sure to be doomed!” He Qiu Sheng incited viciously, his words dripping with venom.

“This…..” The headmaster frowned deeply, exasperated.

Jun Wu Xie observed coldly at all that was going on in the study, and the chill in her eyes intensified.

“Headmaster, you must not hesitate any longer. Do you want to wait till the leeches in the East Wing finally drive out all the South Wing disciples from the academy before you’ll act? Those disciples are all…..” He Qiu Sheng had not finished talking when…..

Jun Wu Xie slapped her hand on the headmaster’s table. Her voice was clear and it made all the other pairs of eyes in the room turn to her. They looked down at the small hand on the table and saw one bank note pressed under it.

“Is this enough?” Jun Wu Xie asked coldly.

In that moment, the study was filled with silence.

The old headmaster’s eyes were dead fixed on that note and he did not move, but his eyes sparkled brightly when he saw it.

A bank note…..

When was the last time he had laid his eyes on a bank note?

He Qiu Sheng who had been pushing vehemently for the headmaster to dismiss Yan Bu Gui and to kick out his freeloading disciples before he was suddenly interrupted turned white as a sheet when he saw the bank note!

His face twitched and he tried to calm himself before he continued: “The East Wing had had their fees outstanding for years. Don’t think you can appease the situation with just a few hundred taels. That disciple of mine comes from a rich family and his family would not think much of the measly few hundred taels. It is not something a little beg…..”

He Qiu Sheng’s voice trailed off as his throat caught.

The old headmaster reached his hand over towards the bank note as He Qiu Sheng was speaking and examined it closely. When he saw the amount stated on the note, he suddenly drew in a deep breath!

He Qiu Sheng snuck a quick peek as he forced a nonchalant look on his face. When his eyes picked up on the figure on the note, his eyes bulged and he stared in disbelief and his knees almost buckled.

On that snowy white bank note, an astounding figure was written clearly in bold…..

One hundred thousand taels!

The old headmaster’s hands trembled as he held the bank note, and his beard bristled.

The Phoenix Academy’s annual income minus expenses totaled only thirty to forty thousand taels, and Jun Wu Xie had just thrown out a hundred thousand taels without even flinching!

That was the Phoenix Academy’s three years’ profit right there in the headmaster’s hands!

No wonder the headmaster was shaking like a willow in the wind.

He Qiu Sheng looked like he just swallowed faeces and he was absolutely speechless.

His disciples might be capable of coming out with a few hundred taels and that brat had easily thrown out a hundred thousand taels!

He Qiu Sheng suspected his eyes must be playing tricks on him.

“That…. that bank note must be fake!” He Qiu Sheng shouted in disbelief. It was impossible that such a decrepit looking brat would have so much money!

Jun Wu Xie raised an eyebrow and stared at the fuming He Qiu Sheng but could not be bothered to even speak to him.

The old headmaster heard He Qiu Sheng and he squinted his eyes as he carefully examined the bank.

After a few moments, he broke into a wide smile: “The bank note is real! This is the seal of the Soul Moon Bank! It’s definitely authentic!”

He Qiu Sheng was completely stumped this time. The Soul Moon Bank was the biggest bank around and their branches were all over the lands and their seals were imprinted with spiritual powers and could not be fully duplicated by others.



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