GDBBM – Chapter 362

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Chapter 362: “I Did It. So? (4)”

Yan Bu Gui strode quickly over and stood before Qiao Chu, his hand raised.

In the courtyard, Hua Yao and the others lowered their heads unable to watch.

Yan Bui Gui’s raised hand remained in the air and did not lower.

Jun Wu Xie held Yan Bu Gui’s hand back with her eyes. The small faced looked up at Yan Bu Gui, her eyes bitingly cold.

“I did it. It was me.” She said curtly.

Yan Bu Gui hesitated.

“If you seek to punish, it should be me.” Jun Wu Xie said, narrowing her eyes.

Yan Bu Gui looked at Jun Wu Xie, the anger fading from him. He retrieved his raised hand turned to walk away. He took two steps and turned back as if to say something but could not find the right words.

But Jun Wu Xie had something to say instead.

“I take back my words.” Jun Wu Xie said suddenly.

Yan Bu Gui waited silently for her to continue.

“A Master like you doesn’t deserve me to be your disciple.” Jun Wu Xie said coldly. She saw very clearly what Qiao Chu and the rest of them had to put up with. She had never had a master but she knew that as a master, if they could not protect their own disciples and instead expected them to swallow the pride and rage when they suffered under the humiliation countless times and not allowed to fight back…..

That clearly showed the incompetence of the master!

A master like that, however powerful, did not deserve her respect!

Yan Bu Gui remained silent. He stared at Jun Wu Xie and that cold face and that chilly expression. Those eyes were frosty as they stared at him and he felt as though he was sinking in an icy lake, its waters crystal clear.

Qiao Chu and the others were shocked beyond words.

Jun Wu Xie turned to walk away but Yan Bu Gui suddenly spoke: “A master like me? What did that mean?”

Jun Wu Xie stared at Yan Bu Gui with the same frosty eyes and said: “As a master, if they cannot protect their disciples, and allow their disciples to suffer humiliation and endless bullying from others, a master like that, I’ll rather do without.”

Jun Wu Xie’s voice was soft, but every single word of hers struck at the heart.

Yan Bu Gui narrowed his eyes, but his bushy beard hid his expression on his face.

Qiao Chu quickly reacted then and stood before Jun Wu Xie. “Little Xie! You’ve misunderstood! Things are not what they seem to be! Our master….. he is doing all this to protect us!”

Jun Wu Xie turned to Qiao Chu and said coldly: “If I’m constantly oppressed by people like those, and am forced to bear and grin it, even if I were to achieve what I wanted in the end, that would be no victory and I would get no satisfaction from it. To live, you live gloriously. Even if the skies fall, the back must never bend! Arrogance can be done without, but pride must never sway!” Forbearance did not mean to bear up under merciless bullying and character building did not mean getting beaten down all the time.

Jun Wu Xie might have been locked up in a room for more than a decade and had no freedom, constantly bombarded and forced by that demon’s ideals throughout that period, Jun Wu Xie had never bowed down to him and never allowed a moment’s humiliation from it.

Even if her bones crushed, her back would remain straight till the last moment!

Jun Wu Xie’s words drove a shock through Qiao Chu and made Yan Bu Gui seemingly thoughtful.

Living like dogs and subjected to the abuse and humiliation of anyone that wanted to, was that a life worth living?

Maybe, the little lad was right.

Living like this, they were better off dead.

“You’re Jun Xie right?” Yan Bu Gui raised his head at that moment and his eyes seemed different.

Jun Wu Xie looked at him with the same chilly eyes.

“If you think that we can live a properly and proudly, don’t take back your words. Let me see if you can do it your way, and turn the fates of Qiao Chu and the others.” Yan Bu Gui said smilingly.


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