GDBBM – Chapter 336

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Chapter 336: “Sixth Slap (8)”

“Hey, Brother Hua, if this drags on any further, he is going to die.” Qiao Chu saw that Qin Yue was getting weaker by the minute and time was running out. They had not expected Qin Yue’s refusal to reveal anything even when he was on the verge of death. They did not care if Qin Yue were to die, but with his death, Qin Yue would bring with him their only lead to the whereabouts of the map.

Hua Yao frowned, perplexed. His beautifully featured face creased in consternation.

The Qing Yun Clan was vast. If Qin Yue refused to spill the beans and die, they would have to scour the whole of the Cloudy Peaks and they would need a long time to do that.

“Leave it to me.” Jun Wu Xie said suddenly.

Hua Yao looked quizzically at Jun Wu Xie.

“I’ve said it. We only have one hour.” Jun Wu Xie said slowly. Qin Yue would die as she had said he would, within the hour, and not a moment more than that.

Hua Yao let the double headed bone snake release Qin Yue and put him on the ground. Qin Yue was covered in his own blood and his breaths were getting shallow. He did not look like he could speak as his face contorted involuntarily.

Jun Wu Xie squatted down and looked at the greatly weakened Qin Yue. She drew her silver needles, and pierced them into the twelve main arteries and stopped the bleeding from his wounds temporarily. Next, she pried Qin Yue’s mouth open and threw three elixirs into his mouth and forced him to swallow them before she stood up.

Not understanding what was happening, Hua Yao looked at Jun Wu Xie. He had seen Jun Wu Xie in action before and he had complete trust when he handed Qin Yue over to her, although he was unsure what she would do.

Why did she stop the bleeding, popped the elixirs in him, and ignored him after that?

Qiao Chu craned his neck and looked at the stiffened Qin Yue. He had become very curious with Jun Wu Xie’s myriad of strange elixirs with heaven defying effects. He had seen what horrors “Beauty’s Facade” brought to its victim and he wondered what other elixir was at work here now on Qin Yue?

Time seemed to stop at that moment. The Elders remained trembling and huddled together in a group quietly on the side. They peered intently at the unmoving figure of Qin Yue, lying on the floor.

Jun Wu Xie ignored everything and only whipped out a hanky and wiped at her hands carefully and meticulously.

No one knew what Jun Xie had fed Qin Yue and why there had been no effect.

Moments later, the scene that greeted their wonder made everyone gasp in surprise!

Qin Yue’s body suddenly jumped once. He bent and curled up his limbs at odd angles and a horrifying wail suddenly sounded heartrendingly breaking the silence in the hall! Qin Yue limbs looked like they were being twisted by a great force into impossible angles, and this was just the beginning. His fingers started tearing up and many gaping wounds appeared, and a white powdery looking substance flowed out mixed in with the blood from those wounds. Qin Yue’s body was rocked by spasms and he shook violently as though struck by lightning.

“Bone disintegration?” Qiao Chu’s eyes widened suddenly. Staring at the unidentifiable substance flowing out from the wounds as white powder, Qiao Chu finally reasoned that it could only be from the bone, ground up into powder!

Qin Yue’s finger bones were unexplainably disintegrated into powder and they flowed out with blood, staining the white floor.

All his fingers were bleeding, and one can only imagine at the agony by hearing the incessant wails coming from Qin Yue, who had been too weak to even speak.

Qin Yue’s flushed face and turned grey and his bulging eyes were bloodshot red. Tears and mucus ran uncontrollable down his face and the sound of him grinding teeth heavily showed the unimaginable agony Qin Yue was suffering under.

“First the hands, next the legs. It starts with the four limbs, then the spine and the ribs. Don’t worry, you will be fine. As long as I am here, I will not allow you to die just yet.” Jun Wu Xie finally spoke to him, and the corners of her mouth curled up devilishly once again.


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