GDBBM – Chapter 278

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Chapter 278: “Impersonation (4)”

That must be true! The Hidden Cloud Peak would never torment them like this without reason. This must be a test for them! If they can hold out a little longer, they would soon become a true disciple of the Hidden Cloud Peak!

After they told themselves that they would be treated by the Elder himself if they were to fall ill, their earlier complaints of exhaustion seemed to evaporate into the air. Some of them even started to anticipate eagerly for their bodies to succumb to exhaustion and be subjected to the ‘treatment’ from Elder Ke, and pushed their bodies beyond their limits.

The fantasy that enveloped the naive youths gave them renewed strength and their ravaged bodies were suddenly able to move as the youths moved out determined to succeed.

“Dumb pieces of trash.” The Hidden Cloud Peak disciple muttered to himself as he stood at the entrance to the quarters, his eyes fixed on the naive sacrifices who were oblivious to the certain death that awaited them at the end of their disillusioned good fortune, as they trudged out to suffer further torment.

“Do we just send these two to the Elder?” A few Hidden Cloud Peak disciples walked over and kicked at the unmoving pair lying on the ground asked easily.

“Just send them up, I did not expect that there to be such weak ones among the sheep that would succumb to the torture on the very first night. They’re sure out of luck.” Without feeling any pity for the pair, two Hidden Cloud Peak disciples carried Qiao Chu and Jun Wu Xie, moving deeper into the peak.

As they made their way in, the disciples paid no attention to the injured pair and handled them roughly. After some time, they came before the same building that Qiao Chu and Jun Wu Xie had sneaked into last night.

The doors to the building were open and the guards at the doors allowed the disciples in without stopping them when the guards saw them carrying the two injured over their shoulders.

After they entered, Qiao Chu and Jun Wu Xie were thrown like sacks onto the hard floor.

With a boom, the doors to the building were then closed.

Qiao Chu lay flat on the ground, his face stuck to the dirty floor, his pale face in a grimace.

Will somebody tell him what was happening to him?

Why did he suddenly faint? What scared him more was that after he collapsed, he had remained conscious, and heard every single word of the conversation between the senior disciples. And no matter how hard he tried, he could not move a finger.

He had remained conscious, and his half closed eyes had allowed him to see everything that was going on. But he just could not….. move!

What kind of an elixir did Jun Xie give him? Why is he in such a state?

As Qiao Chu was feeling helpless and confused on the hard floor, he suddenly noticed a little shadow that suddenly flashed past before his eyes. The shadow nimbly jumped across the room and finally stopped before a shelf filled with medicinal jars.

It was a graceful little black cat, and its chest was decorated with a brilliant crest of gold!

The little black cat noticed Qiao Chu eyes as it licked its paws slowly and swished its tail lazily, before it jumped up to hide behind the jars of medicine.

Time passed, before the doors to the building were opened again. The sun shone in through the doors and lit the dim room with its light. A crooked figure shuffled to stand before the doors into the room, the light shining behind him.

“Stay alert and watch carefully, I do not want any disturbances.” An evil chilling voice was heard, one that made anyone feel like they were dipped into the icy cold water of a winter lake.

Before the comforting sunlight could warm the cold hard floor, the doors to the room were shut tight once again!

The sharp jingle of bells sounded in the ears of Jun Wu Xie and Qiao Chu, and the sound gradually came closer to the two figures lying motionless upon the ground. The jingles of bells beat at their thumping hearts, its rhythm in tandem with their heartbeats.

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