GDBBM – Chapter 276

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Chapter 276: “Impersonation (2)”

“Kill Ke Cang Ju, and have you take his place.” Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes as she revealed her plan.

Hua Yao and Qiao Chu felt the shock reverberate through their entire beings.

They never would have expected that Jun Wu Xie would even think about killing Ke Cang Ju the very first night she entered the Hidden Cloud Peak!

Jun Wu Xie might have stated her objective for coming to the Qing Yun Clan was to wipe out the whole Qing Yun Clan. But wasn’t the speed the plans were being carried out a tad bit too fast!?

“Can it be done?” Qiao Chu stared at Jun Wu Xie stunned, unable to accept such shocking ideas coming from the petite and refined looking youth before him.

Jun Wu Xie frowned.

Hua Yao replied instead: “How do you intend to do it? I might be able to change my bones’ structure, but I am unable to transform my skin. Even if I am to change my facial bone structure to be exactly like Ke Cang Ju, I won’t be able to replicate that face.”

“I have my ways.” Jun Wu Xie looked at Hua Yao, “You do not have to do anything else, but to wait here.”

Hua Yao stared at Jun Wu Xie a moment, as if guessing at her intentions. He decided not say anything further, and gave his silent consent.

The three young youths made their first pact of agreement in the dark, dank, and wet underground chamber. Their cooperation this time, was the start to the tangles that was destined to bind their lives.

At the earliest break of dawn, Jun Wu Xie and Qiao Chu left the underground chamber. Before they left, Jun Wu Xie witnessed Hua Yao drive the stakes into his body and hung himself back onto the hooks and bound himself to the chains.

He looked just as he had before they found him.

After a night of torment, the newly recruited youths were tired beyond words. Before Jun Wu Xie and Qiao Chu reached their quarters, they saw over twenty of the battered and exhausted youths leaning beside the water urns. At that moment, they seemed to have lost their spirit and energy, lying around like limp rag dolls, listless and limpid. Many of them were soaking wet and the buckets used to carry the water laid beside them, and they had no strength left to go on. Having gone hungry a whole day and night, the stomachs were growling furiously, and the night’s hard labour and resulting exhaustion wringed every ounce of energy out from their bodies, and many of them had fallen asleep where they sat.

Jun Wu Xie’s and Qiao Chu’s arrival had not been noticed by anyone else and they conveniently picked a spot to sit down. Without anyone seeing, Jun Wu Xie pushed an elixir into the hands of Qiao Chu.

“What is this?” Qiao Chu looked at the greyish elixir in his hand, and then looked in puzzlement at Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie glanced at Qiao Chu but did not feel like explaining. She picked up the elixir from Qiao Chu’s hand and slapped her hand onto Qiao Chu’s mouth, sending the elixir down the his throat, and swallowed an elixir herself.

“………” The extremely bitter elixir slipped down his throat and brought tears to Qiao Chu’s eyes. He grimaced in agony as he stared at Jun Wu Xie, and pinched on his own nose.

This kid was simply straightforward and brutal!

When the first rays of light spilled onto the lands, the exhausted youths were stirred back to consciousness by the blinding light. The figures picked themselves up wearily and wobbled unsteadily into their sleeping quarters.

They was nothing else they wanted more than to go back and sink into their beds, and drink a few mouthfuls of water to flush away the hunger pangs.

Not a single one of them was able to complete the task set to them, and according to what the Hidden Cloud Peak senior had said, they would not have any breakfast either.

A pity but the torment had not ended. Just when the new recruits were dragging themselves back into the quarters, they were stopped by the senior disciples of the Hidden Cloud Peak who had just awoken.

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