GDBBM – Chapter 253

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Chapter 253: “Journey”

Without any alternatives to develop her spiritual powers, Jun Wu Xie had no choice but to divert her attention to other plant life.

Her spiritual powers had been developed through the cultivation of the Snow Lotus, would the cultivation of other plant life bring about the same effects?

To prove the point, Jun Wu Xie had to experiment with planting and cultivating various types of medicinal herbs. After going through ten days of exhaustive experiments, she found that the cultivation of common plants and herbs did not provide her with any spiritual energy, and only the cultivation of rarer plants and herbs was able to give her a little bit of spiritual energy. But the speed of growth and development they provided when compared to the Snow Lotus, was absolutely negligible.

But negligible was better than none…..

There were seventeen more days till the fifteenth next month, when Jun Wu Xie waved goodbye to Jun Xian and Jun Qing and stepped onto the horse drawn carriage heading to the Qing Yun Clan’s peaks. To see her off, the largely recovered Mo Qian Yuan came to the city gates and looked on cheerlessly as the Jun Family members sent Jun Wu Xie on her way out of the city.

With this parting, he did not know when he will see her again. Mo Qian Yuan was solemn as he watched the carriage slowly shrink and finally disappeared from his sight.

Within the carriage, sat a delicate and pretty youth, quietly carrying a docile little black cat in her arms.

Before she had left the Lin Palace, Jun Wu Xie had changed her appearance. She had changed herself to become the youth that had gone into Ghost City. She had only brought the little black cat, Little Lotus, and lugged a few jars of Jade Nectar onto the carriage to allow her to continue to develop her spiritual powers throughout the journey. Before she left, she had wanted to bid Jun Wu Yao goodbye, but there had been no sign of him, and she gave up on it.

[Mistress, you’re really going to that funny clanny place? To become their disciple?]

The little black cat asked as it snuggled deeper to find a comfortable position. Although it was aware of Jun Wu Xie’s purpose for going to the Qing Yun Clan, the thought of its mistress having to pretend to call some quack her teacher made it feel uncomfortable nevertheless.

In this world, a teacher capable to school Jun Wu Xie in medicine had not been born yet!

“Qing Yun Clan.” Jun Wu Xie reminded.

From the intelligence from Bai Yun Xian, Jun Wu Xie had decided to set her target for this trip to the Qing Yun Clan was to be admitted to Mu Chen’s Cloud Treading Peak. The enemy of her enemy would be a friend, and Jun Wu Xie did not mind having an ally.

The horse drawn carriage rumbled on further gradually, and the carriage was no longer visible from the Imperial City.

Outside the city gates, Jun Wu Yao’s eyes stared fixedly at the point where the carriage had disappeared, his jet black eyes thoughtful.

A shadow formed and a man in black knelt by the foot of Jun Wu Yao, his eyes puzzled. His Lord had known that the Miss would depart on her journey today, but he had stayed hidden. Only after the Young Miss had left, he had come to stand outside the city gates for a long time. Having served His Lord till now, he knew His Lord would have wanted to accompany the Young Miss on her journey.

“Ye Sha” Jun Wu Yao called out suddenly.

“Right here.” The man in black, Ye Sha, answered promptly.

“Follow her, and protect her well.” Jun Wu Yao narrowed his eyes. If he did not still have unfinished business here, he wouldn’t have allowed his little darling to leave on her own.

“Your command will be carried out.” Ye Sha acknowledged and had expected as such.

“If she is in no danger, do not reveal your presence.” Jun Wu Yao added, his voice cold as ice.

The tiny Qing Yun Clan was an insignificant speck before his eyes. If it was only the Qing Yun Clan, he believed his little darling would be able to deal with them herself, what caused him concern was the hidden powers behind the Qing Yun Clan.

One of the palaces among the twelve, no matter which palace it was, was not something the present Jun Wu Xie could handle on her own.


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