GDBBM – Chapter 231

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Chapter 231: Torture (3)

Qin Yu Yan nodded, satisfied. Bai Yun Xian hurried in retreat to the side as she was relieved from her burden. Qin Yu Yan gestured to another Qing Yun Clan disciple and he walked over to the curled up figure of Mo Qian Yuan who was still upon the floor and pulled his head up by the hair, to let him see Mo Xuan Fei on the wheelchair, motionless in death.

“Your Majesty, your brother is dead. If you do not want to be like him, then tell us what we want to know.” Qin Yu Yan said indifferently to Mo Qian Yuan, who had held his mouth longer than she had expected. The poison that he had been forced to take was no ordinary poison. Its potency was not enough to immediately claim his life, but it would have caused untold damage to his internal organs, and brought enough pain to make him want to end his own life.

Even after having gone through all that, Mo Qian Yuan still refused to spill the beans.

This was what really frustrated Qin Yu Yan.

“It seems Your Majesty still does not understand your predicament.” Qin Yu Yan said softly, as she gestured for the disciple to lift Mo Qian Yuan up. “Perhaps we have been too lenient, and we need to do more to make you talk. Uncle Jiang, can you do us the honour please?”

Jiang Chen Qing walked over and grabbed the limp right hand of Mo Qian Yuan. He then held the tip of Mo Qian Yuan’s little finger and released his spiritual energy…..

“ARGHHHH!!!” A pitiful howl filled the main hall.

Mo Qian Yuan’s little finger was crushed bit by bit starting from the tip by Jiang Chen Qing. More blood splattered on the floor and the palace maids and eunuchs shrank back even further into their corner as the horrible scene played out before them.

“Is that pain enough for you?” Qin Yu Yan laughed aloud, the tinkle of her laughter was filled with malice and cruelty.

Mo Qian Yuan had been utterly decimated, the pain had driven deep into heart as he howled in agony. He did not know how much more of this unrelenting torment he would have to take before the end comes.

If only he had listened to Jun Wu Xie….. If he had gone along with what Jun Wu Xie wanted, all these would not have happened…..

“Carry on.” Qin Yu Yan laughed as she uttered those words of venom.

Jiang Chen Qing readied himself to continue his torture of Mo Qian Yuan when suddenly, the tightly shut doors of the main hall burst open, hit by a powerful force!

A handsome youth with his clothes splattered with blood rode upon a magnificent black beast charged into the main hall!

“ROAARRR!!” The black beast gave out a earth shattering roar!

After the black beast devoured the Golden Lion, he acquired the ability to roar like the Golden Lion. The roar sounded so much more dominating than its meek meows!

“Who are you!” Jiang Chen Qing threw down the hand of Mo Qian Yuan and straightened up to face the intruders, as he stared at the duo of flower and beast.

“That question, should be from me, and directed at all of you.” The cold chilly voice rang out suddenly outside the open doors. The cold expression on her face showed at the door after those words and she stood, her frosty eyes surveying everyone within the main hall, as Jun Wu Yao stood silently behind her, a hint of a curl at the corners of his mouth.

“Who and what kind of people would dare come to the Qi Kingdom to commit such atrocities!?” Jun Wu Xie’s eyes fell upon the crumpled form of Mo Qian Yuan on the floor in the middle of the hall and her brow wrinkled intensely as she frowned deeply.

Before you beat a dog, you have to know who its master is….. She had wanted Mo Qian Yuan to learn his lesson from this, but she had underestimated the cruelty of the most revered Qing Yun Clan, worshipped throughout the lands.

“Wu….. Xie…..” He barely whispered, his face white with weakness. When he saw Jun Wu Xie appear before the doors, the excruciating agony that tormented him had lifted for that moment and he summoned everything he had left within to move his mouth sporadically to form a slight lift at the ends of his mouth in relief.

‘She’s here….. finally…..’

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