GDBBM – Chapter 167

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Chapter 167: “Regime Change (1)”

The five needles were ruthlessly stabbed into the Emperor’s eyes directly, the Emperor let out a horrifying scream as he trashed about the throne.

Jun Wu Xie looked at him expressionlessly, without an ounce of pity.

She would not let the Emperor die so easily, he owes their Jun Family a great deal, nothing he could atone for, not even with his measly life. She wanted him to pay back the interest, bit by bit.

“Throw the three of them into the dungeon.” She scoffed in an icy tone.

The Rui Lin Army were inwardly shocked at Jun Wu Xie’s ruthlessness and were perplexed that she had totally disregarded the Emperor’s identity.

How was this an abdication? It was simply a regicide!

After a short moment, the Emperor, Second Prince and Bai Yun Xian were dragged to the dungeons. The very same three were high and almighty just the night before were now dragged away like dead dogs, pride and dignity were completely crushed by Jun Wu Xie.

Mo Qian Yuan was staring at the empty throne, in a trance.

What just happened?

He had thought of his speech for this moment, however not a word he had prepared for was used. Jun Wu Xie solved everything…in the most simple and crudest method there was!

“The culprits had infiltrated deep into the Palace and poisoned the Emperor and the Second Prince. Unfortunately, the Emperor did not survive the vile poison and has departed us. Our Kingdom cannot move on without a ruler.” Jun Wu Xie held up her handkerchief, wiped her soft hands and swept her expressionless gaze over Mo Qian Yuan.

He looked at her with an incredulous expression, unable to mask his current emotions. This girl! In this short simple sentence, she was able to cover up and give a valid reason for him to ascend the throne.

These words seemed full of loopholes, however they did coincide with all the events that had happened in the Imperial City.

The poison was traced all the way back to the Yu Lin Army, hence if the Emperor and Second Prince were poisoned, it was not so hard to believe.

“What are you going to do with them?” Mo Qian Yuan could not help but ask as he looked at her with a trace of apprehension.

The methods she used against them were ruthless and merciless, leaving them alive certainly did not spell well for them.

“Qing Yun Clan will very soon reach the Imperial City so Bai Yun Xian cannot die, yet.” Jun Wu Xie looked down as she recalled Bai Yun Xian’s threat.

Not knowing what method she used to contact the Qing Yun Clan, for the time being she had to keep her alive.

“You’re going to keep her alive? But what if she’s able to contact them and told them the truth…” Mo Qian Yuan did not dare imagine the aftermath if they were to learn the truth. He was not afraid if the people had learnt the truth but he was afraid of the retaliation by Qing Yun Clan if they were to know. “Qing Yun Clan’s Sovereign was very partial and over protective of its disciples, there was an incident whereby a group of Qing Yun Clan disciples were out travelling and were robbed by a group of bandits. Not only the whole group of bandits were exterminated, even the officials and their entire family were dragged in and were all executed due to their negligence that resulted in their disciples being robbed. Bai Yun Xian was the Sovereign’s direct disciple, if her master found out that she had suffered here, I’m afraid of the consequences…”

Jun Wu Xie gave Mo Qian Yuan a glance, “They won’t know.”


“Bai Yun Xian will not utter a single word.” Jun Wu Xie replied.

Mo Qian Yuan looked at her with mixed emotions, he did not know how much of her abilities had she not revealed, however since she said not to worry, he did not give it any more thought.

“You just need to prepare for the ascension of the throne, there’s no need to worry about anything else.” Jun Wu Xie said before leaving the Imperial Hall.

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