GDBBM – Chapter 163

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Chapter 163: “Devour (1)”

The majestic Golden Lion let out a deafening roar as it lunged towards the two Rui Lin soldiers who were pushing the wheelchair. Luckily they both were seasoned veterans and each quickly summoned their own contractual spirits.

Mo Xuan Fei looked viciously at Jun Wu Xie, bloodshot eyes bridled with madness.

Jun Wu Xie had ruined him! She had completely ruined him! His thoughts were filled with intense killing intent, all he wanted was to maul her down and give her a painful death!

The atmosphere in the Imperial Hall suddenly became tense as Mo Qian Yuan quickly materialised his contractual spirit and in his hand was a silver spear. He took a step forward in front of Jun Wu Xie in a protective stance. “That’s the Golden Lion, our kingdom’s most powerful beast type contractual spirit.” He quickly alerted Jun Wu Xie as he narrowed his eyes and locked onto the Golden Lion.

“Kill her! Kill him! Kill them both!!!” Mo Xuan Fei stared deviously at the silhouette that was behind Mo Qian Yuan as he screamed out at the Golden Lion.

By this time, the Emperor was utterly shaken as he stood up, eyes filled with mixed emotions.

He was very clear on the fighting prowess of the Golden Lion, in their entire kingdom, only few could rival it. This was his last card!

The Golden Lion let out another massive roar as in lunged towards Jun Wu Xie, it’s powerful body and sharp claws targeting the frail girl in its sight.

Suddenly, a huge shadow pounced out, although it’s body was not as huge as the Golden Lion, however the pressure it emanated was full of ferocity and killing intent. It’s pupils glimmered a coldness that could not mask its disdain as it glared at the Golden Lion.

With one glance, Mo Qian Yuan recognised this large black beast.

Was this not Jun Wu Xie’s mount?

The two beasts clashed as a series of deafening roars exploded forth as sharp fangs and claws met each other in a brutal manner. Although it was a violent clash, these contractual spirits did not spill a single drop of blood, even mauled body parts did not have the sickening stench of blood.

Everyone in the hall stared agape at the scene as the Rui Lin soldiers that were stationed outside the Imperial Hall quickly rushed in and placed themselves in front of Mo Qian Yuan and Jun Wu Xie as they heavily surrounded them in a protective formation.

The two beasts continued their intense clash as their roars became louder and made the bystanders wince in pain as a shocking pressure was directed to their eardrums.

“Need to call for help?” Mo Qian Yuan spoke in a low tone to Jun Wu Xie as he looked at the two beast in the heated battle.

Jun Wu Xie shook her head, other than Jun Qing’s contractual spirit, she had never met any other beast types contractual spirits. She wanted to know how Little Black measured up in this world system of contractual spirits and how its combat abilities compared to the other beast types contractual spirits.

In the past, it was unrivalled, however Jun Wu Xie needed to determine how it fared in this new world.

She needed to observe a bit more.

The black beast seem to have understood her intentions as it glowered at the Golden Lion and charged towards it in a frenzied attack, ripping off part of the Golden Lion’s shoulder. There was no blood but little golden particles diffused out.

“Rooooooaaar!!!” The Golden Lion who was never defeated in battle before viciously swiped it’s sharp claws at the black beast as it hurled it’s massive body at it.

However the black beast evaded the attack quickly as it leaped into the air just above the Golden Lion. In mid-air, it nimbly twisted its body and dived down towards the Golden Lion, bore its fangs and swiftly bit it’s neck!


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