GDBBM – Chapter 1153

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Chapter 1153: “Mob Slap – First Form (2)”

At the forefront of the Fire Country’s army, Jun Wu Xie drove her horse fast as the wind, the Prosper Country’s Chief Commander’s pleas for peace ringing in her ears incessantly. But there wasn’t the tiniest bit of warmth on her face as the broken name tag of a Rui Lin Army soldier struck against her chest continuously in tandem with the speedy charge of the warhorse. The name tag imbued with the spirit of the Rui Lin Army was giving her a clear account of how horrifying this war campaign the enemy waged really was!

“Your Majesty!” Following right behind Jun Xie, Lei Chen could not hold himself back from calling out as he heard the incessant and desperate pleas from the Prosper Country’s Chief Commander.

A small country like the Prosper Country was nothing in the eyes of the Fire Country, but the Prosper Country had always deferred to them and they had never once missed offering up their yearly tribute.

Watching Jun Xie leading the army in a full charge, astonishment soon filled Lei Chen’s heart. Jun Xie completely ignored the Prosper Country’s pleas, their army’s speed not decreasing in the slightest, clearly intending to charge straight into the Prosper Country’s camp!

Lei Chen had thought that Jun Xie was leading the army into the Qi Kingdom to come save the Young Miss of the Lin Palace, but at that moment, he didn’t feel that way anymore. He had never seen Jun Xie like this, emanating such a terrifying murderous aura, looking like he wasn’t here to save a person, but to wash the four country allies forces in blood!

“Kill.” Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed,  her frosty eyes brewing with insatiable murder.

She didn’t want to hear anything, and wasn’t going to say anything more.

There was only one thought in her mind!

To forever bury these bunch of invaders, trampled them deep into the Qi Kingdom’s lands!

Blood for blood! A tooth for a tooth!

Jun Xie’s order to kill had been given, and the Fire Country’s army charged like a unstoppable tidal wave. They were disciplined soldiers who did not need to know the reason, but to only carry out the ruler’s command!

Jun Wu Yao was riding his horse right by Jun Wu Xie’s shoulder as they advanced. He was able to distinctly feel the fiery rage Jun Wu Xie was feeling at that moment. The Prosper Country’s camp was right before their eyes and the corners of his mouth curled up into a chilling smile, his tall slender figure suddenly flying up from the horse!

Like a divine deity descended from the Heavens, he flew straight towards the Prosper Country’s encampment!

The Prosper Country’s Chief Commander stared in astonishment at the handsome looking man flying through the sky towards them, his eyes bulging so wide they looked like they were about to pop out anytime!

The handsome looking man with his flawless countenance flew gracefully to the middle of the Prosper Country’s military camp, and both his clear and beautiful hands swept lightly through the air!

A howling gale suddenly kicked up within the Prosper Country’s camp that tore through the ground!

Within that gale, there was a certain black mist mixed within, that was like the Reaper’s scythe, that dragged all the Prosper Country’s soldiers around the howling gale right into it!

In an instant!

A heavy pungent stench of blood exploded in the air!

From inside the black swirling hurricane, blood shot out everywhere!

Horrifying screams sounded out from within endlessly!

Blades, armour, flesh and bones were twisted and ground, the endless screeches reaching everyone’s ears!

“Under the name of the Fire Country’s Emperor, I shalt send thee on thy way!”

Jun Wu Yao stepped elegantly through the air, standing in midair, two black whirling hurricanes at his sides on the left and right. Blood fell like rain, scattering over every inch of the Prosper Country’s camp!

The warm blood with a smattering shower of grounded flesh fell in tiny splatters onto the bodies of the Prosper Country’s soldiers, their Chief Commander’s face stained red from the rain of blood. His eyes were wide with abject horror, as he stared uncontrollably at the attractive looking man like he was the devil, sending chills up his spine!

In a blink, with just a slight sweep of his palms, within the Prosper Country’s army, almost a thousand soldiers had turned into ground meat in an instant!

And those soldiers had not even noticed what had exactly happened!

Jun Wu Yao stood with the rain of blood, his demonic eyes pulsing with bits of a purple coloured murderous aura. He lifted both his hands slightly, in welcome to the red rain falling onto him, the corners of his mouth curled up in a devilish arc.

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